Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 23 Interlude)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 23 Interlude)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 23 Interlude)

Good! Contrary to what was announced, we’ll have to wait a bit to talk about our “Creative Magnetic Energy” and the “Critical Mass’s Law”, which I cannot find a trace of any more. So let’s go to “The elimination of sabotage and mental blocks”.

The first three ages

To address the issue of the responses to the threats, Anthony wants to relate them to a search of safety or familiarity, he interprets as coming from the residues of what happened before adulthood. Curiously he divides the first 21 years into 3 packets of 7, probably a reminiscence, not really examined, of the traditional consideration of the 10 periods of 7 years which are distributed in the ratios of 1, 2, 3 and 4 (this is 10 in all), namely: childhood up to 7 years, teens up to 21, adulthood (etymologically people who go to the end) to 42 and old age to death. Today, while we feel we can live well over 70 years, we nevertheless lowered the age of adulthood at 18, though maturity does not mean much in a civilization running backward to teens.

The massacre of the innocents

Going back to Anthony, he considers that we are, up to 6 years, in a storage phase, and I’m inclined to agree with him, except that what is important and that he does not examine, is what is stored! And Anthony seems not to have considered what he has stored on his side.

Today it is during these ages that we learn that we are a race of social animals whose trade is based on aesthetics and regulated by the loot, and that our future depends on the quality of our compliance with the fashions of the moment.

It is at this point that the aesthetic codes, mainly for music, are inculcated to us. Music is just aesthetic, i.e. non-verbal and non-figurative, so its impregnation passes easily unnoticed. Moreover, it is extremely rare that anyone could seriously explain why he prefers a particular type of music except for the critical intellectuals who are just able to talk about it rather than compose or play.

But the graphic codes that were, not so long ago, conveyed by cartoons, are now given by TV and video games. These aim to record reflexes that can be used when the kids will have to use drones to defend themselves without asking moral questions, since they are only counting points, except that then, they are more likely not to see their enemies killed coming back for a new challenge.

This is also the time where patronized adults offer them books supposed to bring the younger generation what has failed them, they believe, during their own childhood…

We must also get used to comply with the stratospheric altitude of the “authorities” before leaving and “revolt” by following other “authorities” (remember the rock “culture” – initiated by the “music”, once more) and it is on these pitiful bases that our “small ones” will have to build up, their progress being sanctioned by the ecstasy of adults, surprised to have made kids as stupid as themselves, and ready to walk on line, but on their head.

At no time do we show them they are not simply improved monkeys, and they are spirits incarnated in bodies fitted with a mind. They are never told that they can think of anything, consider what they want, without respect to that anything being “true” or even “real”. Never told that Truth alone will set them free, and it is better that they know how to know this truth, as anyway nobody knows it anymore. Not any more are they told our bodies are only appearances of a universal digestion process involving all other living forms and much of the mineral sector, and must be managed as such and not as an end in itself…

The next seven years are devoted to a period of “modeling”. Where, with the wonderful bases which he has assimilated, he will “define” or “design” himself, usually in opposing the absurdity he finally sees. In any case the damage has already been done before. And the teenager has only to get by, forced to believe in that famous vaunted progress adults have told him. On which basis he is sentenced to rush headlong to catch up with the innovations that come from all sides.

Then from 14 to 21 years, Anthony considers that he calms down and cares for socializing by changing or updating, his “reality map” (or the map of his reality?) Though, apparently, the ego is meant to have horror of change.

How can we hope an ego can become an adult (= ad ultima in Latin)

As we see, all this has the cute little systematic side of bistro psychology, and it does not tell us much, except that we are all the same (!), and must comply with these stereotypical patterns of behavior. Which does not take into account the many nuances from individual emotions, feelings or intellectual capacity, or even the more or less appealing appearance of our bodies.

However since it has been rehashed to him, the ego is sure that he is right, basing himself on the past, what I tend to admit also. But it is just a conditioning factor from school, not a fatality due to human nature.

So the ego must, it seems, make a “psychological reversal” because even “positive thoughts” can be reversed. And how? By focusing on what we want!

In other words we will make a thing that does not want to change agree to put his ass over his head! Good luck!

However Anthony’s remark stating that “trying to avoid what we do not want, we lock in it” probably does not surprise you, since I’ve even shown you how to get out, in some cases.

Anthony suggests asking your “Essential and Silent Partner” what is wrong with your plans, and I have nothing against that, assuming I could understand who (or what) he speaks of. When Anthony points out that if you use the word “but” it is that you will introduce a stumbling block (it’s pretty obvious), you should take care of it appropriately, that is to say, as an obstacle or an opponent, it brings us back to the previous problem.

Yet asking yourself, or asking “him” (the ESP) if what we think is true is strictly the domain of the Holy Spirit and I doubt that Anthony’s silent partner be the Holy Spirit in light of the confusions to which he clings. As for the fact to cover blocks with affirmations, I prefer to leave him the responsibility of it because it is not by hiding them that one makes them disappear, or then only simply from our view…

But perhaps this is all he wants to take care of, we already had indications of that rather limited goal! Just to hide the shit under the carpet!

Overall this speech is very philosophical and rather not turned to practical aspects and efficiency, which is surprising from an American. In addition he reveals many of his cultural influences that he did not examine any more than when passing through his “spiritual education”.

But let us remember that his reference to quantum physics is more about marketing than from any understanding, and the fact that physicists have clearly so impressed him that he thinks by repeating their speeches he will do the same for the common people, avoiding to stress that he only sell us hypnosis in one form or another.

This display of generalities is another worrying aspect in that it shows how little he cares about the observation of his contemporaries and their specific problems.

Our next post will examine his injunction to “let go and let happen”, which seems to bring some helpful news… while we can be puzzled by his statement “The will of God is our will” which seems to be a catastrophic reversal, and we’ll try to find the reason why he was able to understand something so wacky, because it is a feeling that can often comes when we have fun playing with this kind of game. But nothing is further from the truth and I am afraid that we will have to expose some items before we can get by. Anyway, once again Anthony’s mistakes will help us see more clearly, is not that the whole purpose of our game?


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