Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 27 Effort)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 27 Effort)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 27 Effort)

As promised, for once!!!

Little reminder of quantum/metaphysical vision of human actions

Imagine you consider (this is a consideration of a consideration…) crossing a river by walking on water! Since you have just done it, there is evidence that this consideration is possible… considering. Will the Factor that allowed you to turn this possibility into a pure thought (a consideration) be able to make this possibility a material reality as well? Why not since He has managed to manifest a mere possibility as a thought. So why can you not walk on water? Because when you put one foot in the water, it sinks and you saw lots of people use boats to cross on dry land! These are only two other considerations, but the EXISTENCE of the boats has CONVINCED you that you are unable to do without them to cross rivers when there is no bridge… But the Factor boosting possibilities to the stage of their realization takes into account ALL of your considerations together, otherwise you would not be free in making them… Indeed, if He were adding His own or erasing some of yours, you would be dependent upon Its good Will! You may remember we talked about Him: everyone knows what this Factor is: Ogmios for the Celts, the Logos for the Greeks, Vishnu for the Hindus, and Log or Tao for the Chinese, i.e. the Divine Verb. It is none other than THAT which accomplishes our human actions, or which carries out the considerations of human minds to turn them into reality (another way to speak). How do you think you can move mountains simply because you tell them to do so? Or how can you stop a storm like the sailors of Christ failed to do and had to ask Him? You generally restrict your considerations to actions that your body can “do”, but even in this case, it is the Verb that accomplishes your “orders” since He is at your service as He pointed out to Peter, and that He has warned that “Without Me you can do NOTHING!”. You cannot walk on water because your paradigm includes the consideration that the boats are indispensable or something equivalent. No! It is not enough to change your mind to never drown, and we will examine that later.

But let’s take another example: you probably consider that some flying machine is necessary for your body to float in the air for more than a split second when you jump (if you start from the top of the Eiffel Tower, your “floating” will be a little longer, but you will probably not be able to attest it later!). Because, unfortunately, such devices (planes…) exist today, which confirms you in your consideration that they are essential to levitate. And that is why levitation testimonies have become so rare since the invention of aviation. But there are PROVEN AND FAMOUS examples, like the levitation of Teresa of Avila for years, Marthe Robin, closer to us, or some “exorcism accidents” where the “patient” took off his bed carrying to the ceiling the exorcist´s helpers.

All the “considerations” that fill your paradigm are just THAT: considerations! Since it’s all what a spirit can “do”, and the fact of considering them as “absolute truths” defines, so limits in fact your possibilities of “action”. And I have seen it: one of my friends was levitating objects without difficulty. When I told her that in my case I could easily act on moving objects (such as flipper balls, gliders or cars…) but I had never managed to initialize one, she replied, “It’s because you believe too much what they told you in school!” And how did I know that was true? Because I have never doubted the reality of the so-called “principle of inertia” while I’d be angry with the Coriolis acceleration that would be required to change a trajectory (which inertia prohibits too, but I regard inertia more as a property of still objects, so that once in motion, the object is clearly no longer inert, at least for my consideration!)

Casually looking at what I have just said, you should have an early solution to overcome what you consider not possible… Without recourse to hypnosis (self or not): Because if you can “conquer” a difficulty through hypnosis, it is only one more layer on your handicapping considerations and it strengthens them. Once your patch is exhausted, your disability will return with a vengeance and will be even more difficult to overcome again. At its heyday, it took twenty years for warts carriers “cured” through hypnosis to see their “buds” return. Which greatly hindered the development of this technology of which it highlighted the fragility of the results. While the kind of treatment of blocking considerations that I mentioned would free you from it definitively. That does not prevent hypnosis to free you temporarily, but know that this is allopathy: it does not cure (clear) the cause.

Come on, let’s return to Anthony!

You are ready when things seem effortless

The notion of effort is particularly foggy. I will take a personal anecdote. One evening I had to go up a mountain road to join friends after leaving my car skidding on a curve. As I wanted to arrive before they go to bed, I considered I was already at their home. And my body sped like mad. When I arrived they did not want to believe I could have gone so quickly from so far. But when we got to the car they had to accept that reality. But during the climb, I had the impression of being followed by a steam locomotive which, of course, did not exist! In fact, it was my breathing I heard. So of course I have not made any effort considering that I arrived and I did not feel to make any effort either by letting my bag of meat and bones run, but it must have suspected something, because for two days I have not felt my pulse!

This leaves me to believe that we must restrict the declaration of Anthony to not feel forced to take certain decisions… Which brings us back in emotionalism. Especially we have to indeed do the thing to find out if it “seems effortless!” Which does not make the execution of this Directive very practical…

A little more emotion:

The way you feel determines what you attract!

So it is not wrong, although it is usually ignored by negative minded people who never stop to grumble, not making the connection between their mental attitude and the troubles of their life… because in their paradigm, the spirit cannot influence events. They spend their lives demonstrating the contrary!

As soon as you consider any difficulty, you just manifest it and you will soon notice you did: you know the “I told you so you” warning of lecturing and moralizing adults. With the explosion of extreme sports (cycling, skateboarding, skiing, paragliding, surfing, etc.), where we see a lot of young people do incredible pirouettes, one can believe that this breed of negative creatures is dying out. But most of the time you do not need a sidekick to undermine your spirits: the newspapers, or science that tells you need drugs to heal your body and a doctor around to administer them, but we’ll return precisely to that later…

Remainder on Anthoniesque guidelines:

The time to act is when you feel positive emotion

For me the most positive emotion is serenity, except it’s not an emotion! It is much beyond. In practice, doing something as a “game” is a bit lower, but still higher than emotions like enthusiasm and much more efficient.

Caution, do not confuse enthusiasm of football or rugby players winning a game with the one of spectators who believe they´ve helped with their cheering: The prevailing emotion in a crowd is apathy. But it should not be confused with depression. Basically the APATHETIC IS A SPECTATOR, and he can take all aspects: he can be seen crying if the show is sad, have compassion if there is some hope, look angry if he sees an injustice, pretend to be interested if we tell him about what he believes, exult before a fireworks, being indignant while watching a demonstration. As a good spectator he is manipulated and he loves it, so he can tell you that in this state he feels a “positive emotion” and that he is even in ecstasy or that there is something he ADORES (While my brother would remind him “that we may adore only God,” from the bottom of his own apathy!)

Anthony’s directive presupposes a sufficient knowledge of emotional states to know whether it is time to act. A knowledge that he does not provide and which may also explain many failures when following his instructions.

Next time we will review indications a little more relevant to quantum than emotional aspects: so keep posted!


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