Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 29 Dreams)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 29 Dreams)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 29 Dreams)

Le-reve-de-KushGood! We will address what Anthony calls “excuses” and that I prefer to call “justifications”, because excuses seem to concern someone else while justifications are rather for “internal use”! Moreover the source of a justification is clearly a rational argument (which we know what we can think of) while an excuse could come from external and “objective” circumstances!

It does not report much to that except that I just came across a statement by one of his colleagues (one John T, i.e. anonymous …) saying that we don’t care who is our Essential Silent Partner(ESP) or our source: will anyone dying wonder if he is given the right medication? As they say: “comparison is not reason!” I did not know that our situation was so desperate that we had to be ready to follow anything without knowing what we do. Once more the Kaa of the jungle, “Trust me…”. I’m not ready to follow, and Anthony will tell us soon to stop listening to others…

Excuses are why you cannot manifest your dreams

You will notice our dive into the dream world of Anthony: excuses and dreams…

A small detail: if what you want to manifest is but a dream, it is already manifested in this form and you do not have to expect a more concrete manifestation! For my part, I do not speak of “dreams” but of “considerations” that can be manifested because of their own nature if they include an “intention” of realization.

And for me, it could be anything. I emphasize the stories of weather more than those money issues like Anthony, because I’ve seen them working many times and with a wide variety of people while I’m still waiting to see the lottery winner that has applied the tricks of our doctor or one of his buddies!

Anyway, whether we call them “excuses” or “justifications”, everything which seems to “explain” your failures are precisely the considerations that you made before, or just before, or even at the same time that the consideration which has failed!

If you have made a consideration that you’re not talented, not rich, not clever, you never have any luck, your brother is better, or all the blunders that have fueled our childhood, or have shown any interest for them, you’re better off acknowledging them to erase them, because you won’t get anywhere as long as they are active…

It is better to realize that we are the dumbest than taking it for a justification for our failures. Realizing it means to remember that those thoughts went “through our head” at one or more times, it will make you take responsibility and help you avoid blaming others or circumstances for what you did manifest by yourself since you thought that!

On the other hand, it can take time, and it is easier to do it with an individual trained to help you find the considerations buried in your paradigm, as this is what it is all about!

A paradigm is by definition a “world view” i.e. “a way to see the world”. And where does it come from, your paradigm? In the end it just comes from you, because it’s YOU who have agreed to cram in it everything you have been told. In addition, often without realizing it. Why do you think my blog was originally called the “paradigm inducer”? Because all the unexamined ideas we packed into our worldview are so many limitations of our ability and what we use today as “excuses” to “justify” our failures.

I’m not going to treat you as a victim of your environment, your parents, your teachers, your readings, but as one who is RESPONSIBLE for having believed all those. Stop accusing the world: it is you who have accepted what you were told. Of course that does not excuse the coercive measures used by your parents or your teachers, especially the abuse of their “altitude”, “arrogance” from “I am older, I know everything, you suck”! Sometimes, like while you studied, it was backed by hypnotic practices from Wundt and Pavlov technologies, difficult to counter if (or because) no one warned you.

The downside is that, like all that was recorded subconsciously it is not easy to trace. One can notice some inconsistencies today (the story of the 2 tides a day with a single moon, the photons that evaporate in interference fringes, the electric current which electrons pass through a vacuum but not the current itself, freedom promised by a government that is just providing the opposite by its very nature regardless of political ideologies). So you still have to examine everything and you’ll find in your stuff, little by little, a lot of considerations that have fueled it. It is neither simple nor quick, but it’s your only way to get away, and thank the chance that made you avoid making studies, unless you have developed a feeling of lacking which has thrown you in reading Science or Nature magazines or other brain-washers!

But I do not know much, listen rather to Anthony!

If you live your dreams and give up your excuses, you will earn more than 10 years!

So simple!

Except you must see what he means by “live your dreams”! And “abandon your apologies”!

We just gave an overview, but listen to the Master:

Solutions for excuses.

“Dream !”

Good! We’re making circles…

A little more technical:

“Be ready to give up the advantages and disadvantages”

That is also easy since it has nothing to do with what makes us consider (sorry: dream!). And our fundamental dream (= The ‘true desire of our heart’) has nothing to do with the one who would provide the most benefits? Like being fabulously wealthy so that we can pay more taxes… Or be in perfect health so that we can give our organs to those who need them…

But Anthony also recommends “Reprogram your map of reality”… or the “map of your reality”, who knows? It’s very similar to correcting your paradigm, but it does not give the formula or the way to do it, particularly to get rid of your dross…

Following we find moralizing and disturbing incentives; “Stop talking to others and listening to them.” I am quite ready to follow this indication and no longer listen to Anthony, but is that really what he means or would he be the only “other” that we should listen to? It is also an authorization to reject the desperate solution of his colleague that we saw at the beginning of this episode … As for “Silent Partners” I know a bunch of them which I do not want to follow the advice of…

In the same vein, “Do not hate and judge”! Have we heard enough yet about avoiding judging? I offer a tip: cross the road avoiding judging if what comes on you is a mosquito or a bus. Obviously this is not that kind of judgment he’s talking of: it is instead not to judge whether the speaker you’re listening to is a fool or a genius, like in school, where the teacher was always right !!! It will soon be difficult not to have a little hate in front of such chatter, luckily we should not judge Anthony: he has definitely planned everything!

What follows is a manual about “How do you attract bad things?” We hope this is a roundabout way to tell us that we will know how to avoid that… But it’s so maudlin that I prefer you just avoiding it for now: we’ll meet again in N° 30!


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