Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 30 Advice)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 30 Advice)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 30 Advice)

So we’ll see how Anthony takes us out of our traps.

Back to the “Flip switch”!

This is his first suggestion so I recall what it is.

“I choose to feel good now!”

As I said, the two useful items are “choose” and “now”.

In contrast, to “feel good” makes me very skeptical. A junkie can feel very well when he’s got his dope and yet be very bad. But I have more and more reasons to think that the shenanigans of “manifestors” do not go farther, seen the number of warnings about failures of their method, or even warnings that the books of “others” do not tell it all! And I think I’m going to tell you about other startling things provided by the John T. of the last episode. For example he suggests as suitable expression of a desire: “I want a million dollars!” Much has been said of the verbs concerning our personal orientations (desire) rather than a tangible result (a million dollars should be one such result), “I desire” may be realized immediately (as a thought) without producing anything else! Moreover, at the end of his little book he points out that we should not be afraid to act! Smart, right? But so, what is miraculous in having a million dollars if you have worked for? That is why I bother you with my weather stories, because there is nothing a human being can do to start or stop a storm and it shows much better something “miraculous” triggered by a simple consideration and human intention…

But back to the positive side!

If you remember the roles of the Trinity, the Verb produces and God directs, but chooses what He commands, which is “easy” for Him because He is omniscient… So, if an “image of God” decides to start with “choose” is quite appropriate. But it would take her to know what to choose. Otherwise it is the most direct path to regrets and nonsense. Now we have a “clearing house” of which I am not sure this is not the one Anthony talks about with his Essential Silent Partner (ESP), and it is the third member of the Trinity: the Holy Spirit, who is responsible for teaching us ALL what we need to know, for example: what to choose! Because of His omniscience, God knows everything He needs, which is not the case of his images that needs to be given a catalog.

So “choose” is better than “decide” because it indicates a preliminary step: to know the options.

But if there is a choice between “feeling good” and “going well”, why would the Holy Spirit have us lean toward the first hedonic option? Because Anthony has not seen the second! And his ESP is probably not the Holy Spirit. In addition he believes that it is us who “do”, and makes a clean sweep of our past as he thinks he did with his own, whereas it is not by ignoring it that one gets rid of its influence, but by assuming it!

Again, with “what” are we going to stop a storm? Let us remember that the Verb is “at our service” and it is fine because it is He who does everything!

In practice, our “use of the Trinity” begins with the Holy Spirit to be informed about our choices, continues by playing God’s role by “ordering” (bringing order and giving the order) by the consideration and intention that we want to forward and let the Verb do its job! The Brahma Sutras tell us to stay focused on the Supreme Brahma, but always invoking the Trinity is not a bad substitute. And even if no one around you understands anything, you are not risking to feel alone!

The last useful word is “now” but we have already spoken of it. All one considers is “now” even if it sticks on it a date or a period marked from the current date. Avoid the blurring of “tomorrow”, because there will be a “tomorrow” all the time, and your consideration points to nothing.

The use of the verb “decide” may suggest the expression of your intent, and not necessarily a mention of your spiritual condition, but the verb “choose” takes into account the need to know what you choose to “decide” from knowingly and evokes that parallel with the Source of the image that we are…

But let’s leave this “flip switch”.

Affirmations or coherent thoughts?

When Anthony talks about using “affirmations” in opposition to what he calls “coherent thought”, I guess he thinks of ratiocinations of which I have already reported their impotence. If your consideration is the result (conclusion) of a reflection, it is embedded in arbitrary conditions and will only be achieved if those conditions are met which is the best way to be dependent on the outside, assuming that these conditions may occur.

Following are a number of indications disappointingly banal.

Drugs are bad!

“Avoid drugs”! How original. But it can induce that your sense of well being should not come from this kind of product, contrary to what I mentioned, which revalidates the idea of “feeling good”, provided that it is not because of drugs…

Pop music too!

Then he comes to songs “that have debilitating music and lyrics”. My regular readers know all the good I think about “La Traviata” and I doubt it is part of what Anthony suggests avoiding. In addition he seems to forget the use of subliminal and “backward masking” used in popular songs moreover apparently optimistic: “Welcome to the Hotel California Such a lovely place!”. If you say so! Again, it is very moralizing, it moves Americans (do not forget the importance of emotion for Anthony!). But it lacks usable precision.


Follows an incentive to do feng shui that would provide a suitable environment! Why not yoga or Autogenic Training (which looks quite forgotten!). In short: avoid stress in case you would not have thought of it already!

Why be squeezed by the press?

More delicate now, Anthony suggests that we limit TV and newspapers. It is VERY ambiguous. Ban the TV to your kids and they will not cease to go see it among friends, not to mention their sense of frustration in the playground where their friends will all speak of the program of yesterday. The other danger is to disconnect from what is happening in society and could serve them in their (future) job. Keep a bit of TV and press so that you can “know your enemy”, which is the first step when facing a conflict. Again the ostrich policy that was so successful for Anthony to believe being freed from everything he has swallowed is not likely to be effective, and is even dangerous. Assuming that your teens read my prose and they get to be convinced that the relativity of Albert is a tissue of nonsense, it would be better that they know the nonsense in question, because their working environment will be based on it! The important, unlike their environment, ecstatic before the Big Bang, is that they know that they are nonsense, and why! Rabelais said that “Nothing human was foreign to him,” and what makes humanity today is part of our environment, and it is a condition of survival to take into account. That does not mean stopping to “focus on his own life” as Anthony states, but we must do both. All we neglect is nevertheless a danger.

The solution is to be realistic and expand our intellectual horizon, and not limiting it, since we will not know why or how to limit it, as it is already quite shriveled! How many parents believed to protect their kids from drugs or porn by not speaking of them? From this point of view silly interludes as “Our dear neighbors” or “Manual for Parents” (assuming there are such programs abroad) have a didactic role to find out what grotesque happens in our social environment. And completely ignoring the reality of the society may end up in apartheid.

Come on, I’m a bit fed up of demolishing your spirits under the pretext that Anthony thinks he can boost them. We will leave the last of the good doctor’s suggestions, more moralizing and lethally banal, for the next time!

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