Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 33 Miracles)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 33 Miracles)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 33 Miracles)

Having the opportunity to say goodbye to Anthony, let’s note his comment on the opposition between “metaphysical nonsense” and “scientific genius”. So it is also necessary to note that the idea Americans have of metaphysics is far from making them experts. On the occasion of visiting Portland OR, the “metaphysical department” of the largest bookstore of the west coast was dedicated to … New Age!

We can also jump over his remark: “Trying and hoping is synonymous with failure,” since each of the two verbs is enough to guarantee the said failure. Yet we must remember that we should “Be detached from the outcome”, and therefore whether he failed to remark it or not, this invalidates his previous remark.

But I said we would take care of his friend John T. and we will see that their philosophies are perfectly consistent, and that John goes even further in the banalities and that his self confidence is constantly denied by his prose…

His book is entitled “Mind Dynamics”, confirming that when he speaks of the Mind, it means indeed the Spirit. I do not know where it can be found … try ThePrimoAdvantage.com. Fortunately, I did not have to pay for it…

The subtitle is appetizing:

Manifest Your Dreams in 3 easy steps!

But one of the chapters is even more exciting:

Welcome to the « 101 » of the Law of Attraction!

For the US talking of 101 is indicating the fastest way to get from one traffic jam to the other of the neighboring city using Highway 101!

And it goes fast indeed!

Basically: “your thoughts attract their realization”, like with Anthony since it is the same Law of Attraction which they speak of.

This can be noticed by “trusting our emotions.”

“The more we think about something and the faster it happens”! (sic!)

And finally “the nature of the world is abundance!”

So pollution is in the nature of the world. Ah! I was afraid it was coming from one of our inventions.

You now know everything about the 101 of the Law of Attraction, even the 10201 of it, the 101 squared.

Okay, it is not original! Except that:


And I quote!:

“What is a belief? A belief is something you feel absolutely certain about. It’s something that you have confidence in”.

Good! And what is a certainty? And what are these “limitless beliefs”? John indicates as an example that we must ask, “I desire $1 million”. Not really unlimited? Such a small player! It is not with this that we will bail out Greece! In addition he has not Anthony’s caution: he uses the verb desire! It’ll insure him some time … before seeing his million!

There is then a whole passage on the fact that the mind is a “Transmitter” of cervical vibrations? Obviously connected to our emotions…

And as if the 101 left him remorse, there is:


Which are:

Step 1. You Ask For Your Desire.

Step 2. You Listen For The Universe’s Answer.

Step 3. Open Yourself Up To Possibility.

Oh yes ! Because I have not told you, but John T. works with the Universe! We’re done with the ESP of Anthony. Besides John rehashes that he does not care from what we owe our ability to manifest miracles…

Meanwhile this small player is betrayed again when we have an idea of what he calls opening to “all possibilities” and we can say that he copiously lacks imagination!

But it is in chapter 10 that the slippage doesn’t offer any more doubt:


Back on earth, ended the magic and supernatural events: we will have to make schedules, check month after month and even day after day, as anyone! In fact you’ll have to work as you probably already do, except that you never make the connection between what happens to you and what you would have dreamed of, one day or another…

Here’s the Manual:

  1. Determine Your Long Term Goals.
  2. Set Your Monthly Goals.

Then: Every Day Set Daily Goals.

And it gets even worse…

He managed to find the meaning of spelling the word SMART.

And it is the total!

* S is for Specific.

* M is for Measurable.

* A is for Attainable.

* R is for Relevant.

* T is for Timely.

But he already warned that being “relevant” is to believe in miracles: “I am realistic – I expect miracles”. – Wayne Dyer !!

And ultimately if you expected that a miracle happens just by snapping your fingers you are going to be disappointed: you have to work to make miracles!

And as you will owe your results to the Universe, you have to return it by smiling to people or by volunteering at the soup kitchen or the animal shelter???

But the God of manifesters is Bill Gates! You know, the guy who spent his life polluting the computers with its collections of bugs that he sold under the name of “Operating Systems” and spends his retirement to use his loot to infest the kids of the planet by vaccinating them instead of giving them to eat!

John is pathetic! Any magician or sorcerer beginner knows more about miracles than him and knows very well whom he asks! John asks “the Universe” as if this universe could “do” anything… As all that exists, this universe is just the manifestation of a possibility, of a principle, and it is this principle who can “act”, not its product!

In addition, that princeps is well known! This Prince is the duality, the opposition, the conflicts, the division, in a word, the Devil! There are still less expensive banks to sell his soul to!

So, not only is it unnecessary to invoke the Universe, but it is especially devastating and we will have to pay heavily at the end of the day. Because of luck (or of the Universe?!) I just received an email from that John in which he says he just “came” to discover that the Egyptians knew his “Mind Dynamics”! So our expert had not even heard of the collapse of Egypt because of their abuse of magical practices! The “culture” of Americans in this area is really pathetic, as they themselves would say. But it’s touching: John admits he was wrong, that he made a mistake. Maybe now he knows the difference between believing and knowing. But still, knowing so little about the history of making miracles may not be a miracle by itself!!!

Yet he avoids talking about hypnosis. It seems.

This is hardly suggested: “Every morning awake and immediately say aloud, “I create my own reality. I am in tune with the universe’s laws”. Repeat this, while looking in a mirror, around lunch time”.

Any resemblance to the dear Doctor Coué’s method would obviously not be accidental, although Coué does not invoke any demon, does not express he creates anything: he simply states what he wants. John’s self-hypnotic trick has the double advantage of believing that it is he who makes things exist and assign this execution to the Prince of This World at the same time!!! Belt and suspenders…

He therefore has it twice wrong. This is probably why his requests for miracles are so shyly miraculous.

Let us remember the prototype of such miracles: Jesus and his cronies are caught in a storm by a beautiful night onboard their boat. Terrified, they wake up Jesus. He calms the storm and scolds them for not having stopped it on their own! There is nothing to be invoked for that miracle… Anyway it is the Verb that will manifest any achievement, whether explicitly invoked or not. And accompanying your consideration with the intention to see it realized, is an implicit invocation to the Verb and enough for Him to do His job!

And it is not by hypnotic efforts that you will succeed, even quite the opposite. The more you emphasize, stress on, your thoughts, and the more the Verb knows that you do not trust Him and do not even ask Him for his help because you want to work on your own, as if it were possible! John does not know: “Without Him we can do nothing”!

I have often spoken of the “miracles” of monitoring weather which are within the reach of everyone, stressing to do it “for fun”, even to the limit of not believing it at all: just as a game! Whether it will work or not, there will be no drama: rain and sunshine may happen as they use to anyway. Like for the others “miracles” I’ve seen “fulfill”.

And to end on a funny note, imagine the following anecdote! I’m in a car, along with the driver, his 5 year old daughter is sitting in the back. We are on the Paris ring road, one morning, of course in a traffic jam. I ask the driver if it is really useful that we remain blocked as, if we are on this boulevard it is because we intend to go somewhere… He replied: “Of course we could unlock the jam, but we know that we can do it, and it would be more fun if my daughter took care of that!” The little girl jumped up in her seat and leaned on the back of our seats, saying, “Yeah, what should I do?” Dad, very learnedly, like a teacher: “You decide we advance!” The girl: “This, I can do!” At this point, the brake lights started to extinguish in the distance and a wave of extinction of those lights came up to us and 30 seconds later, everyone was traveling at 40 mph! No monthly schedule, and no supernatural helicopter was needed to remove a hypothetical truck that closed the boulevard!

But if John is polarized on issues like money like an average honest American, I prefer to deal with health problems, and that is what we’ll talk next time… Sweet dreams…

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