Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 39 Magic)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 39 Magic)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 39 Magic)

Reminder of the context for those who come to take the series on the fly.

We are in the study of the doctrine of some “manifesters (of miracles)” raging around Dr. Robert Anthony, in particular some John T. who did not bother to manifest more than his initial! I do not care about everything they say regarding hypnosis (and I will eventually explain why), but I will remind shortly the principle of their “method”!

Identify what we really DESIRE, based on what excites us most! Decide to have it (money), or to do (astronautics) or to be (president of the state), as appropriate. And, we are told at the beginning, to “wait for it to happen”, that is that “your desire is manifested”. Sounds magical! But it may be that it does not happen right away, then the John T. tells us our consideration should be backed by ACTION! In case you did not understand all by yourself because it’s not what you are usually doing! So there is nothing really magical, except if it does happen, apparently a miracle unexpected by our “manifesters”!

In other words, Anthony and his friends have no way to disable what prevents you from getting your “miracles” manifested or, in any case they do not manifest them if they know…

I narrated, some episodes ago, how a 5 year old girl had cleared a traffic jam on the Paris ring. Simply, by deciding it! It is true that it should be enough … in principle, but you’re not a little girl living in the countryside and you were five some time ago already. So you can try to do the same, but it is likely that it will not work! I’ll explain later the solution I have suggested to colleagues and which has rather well functioned.

But in the immediate I propose to give you a method to eliminate more crucial problems than traffic jams…

The crowd howling: the method! the method !

Are they pressed and greedy!

Good! I came across this process invented by another about 35 years ago, and that I have been using for myself and used by the people I met from that time who had the same kind of problem. So far to the satisfaction of everyone!

I plan to expose it first, and then tell you the example that struck me the most, and finally give you my considerations on the reasons of its efficiency.

Here we go, and it is EXTREMELY simple.

“Do you have something that rots your life?”

Tell me … yes. !!! Please…

In case it comes to repeating earthquakes or tornadoes, the easiest way is probably to move!

So I rephrase the question: “Have you SOMEONE rotting your life?”

Tell me yes !!! Don’t let me down!

And tell me that it’s not me!… It would indeed not alter the process anyway.

So let’s call Gus your “putrefyer”.

Here is the process: “Imagine a problem of equivalent size for Gus!”

And once it’s done, with or without details, as you want, imagine another one…

Then another, and another … ad lib.

I do this preferably before going to sleep until I find nothing more to imagine or that I’m asleep.

After this considerable effort… wait a few days and, if nothing happens (I will tell you what to expect in a moment), start again one week apart. And repeat it every week until your putrefyer GIVES YOU A PRESENT. Note that I do not mean the fact that he just leaves you in peace, but has ACTED doing something positive!

The longer I waited, was when dealing with a guy who was pounded by his stepfather, who also happened to be his boss! The ideal situation! No? It took three weeks for the stepfather to offer his son his country house for the holiday of the family of the son!

But that is such a banal, ordinary, result of the process, this is not the story I intended to tell you…

The crowd: the anecdote! the anecdote!

You see that it’s me who rotten your life making you wait one more…

Well, as you asked for it!

Some time ago with my two associates, we learned that a ranking officer refused to sign an order form we expected from the army. And who knows why, we did not like it at all! When I became aware of that, I suggested to my friends to do the process I just indicated. What we did that evening, each one in his small bed, but it so happened that the next morning we were informed that our putrefyer had signed the infamous order.

As far as I knew it, neither I nor my associates, have spent more than 10 minutes on the process! So why did the result hit me so much?

Because, for the first time, I had the opportunity to use the process on a complete stranger: no one in the company had ever met this guy, which was known only by his rank and name. And since we had never been really “connected”, I was very confident that it was going to screw up! Especially as at the time I was in Florida and I was not following too closely what was happening in France.

Another element had struck me! The first thing I had imagined, was to swing our (unknown) putrefyer through the window out of the third floor of a building of the army which I visited, having no reason to believe that it could be where his office was, but I found that this “problem” might be excessive or disproportionate in comparison with a simple refusal to sign a paper, because, basically, the guy was just supposed to be killed by his somersault…

The crowd: the why! The why!

Ah, it’s true I promised you, and for once I intend to do it in this episode … even if it may lengthen it.

Much has been said in previous episodes about our spirit and our body, it is time to look at our soul, which animates (anima = soul) this body, and which I carefully left aside. You do not need to know how it makes your piece of meat breathe and digest: she does it very well on her own. And she saved the life of a whole bunch of animals through her automation. But humans being are so made that they apparently like to complicate things, and that, under the pretext that the soul knows how to react, he (the spirit) has her record everything he does not care for, i.e. what he decides to be unconscious of…

And what it would not become aware composes the famous “mythic unconscious” of psychologists, which has no other existence than our own manufacturing by the records we feed our soul.

Take that as a memory or a computer disc that awaits a hit at a key of a keyboard to know what to do depending on the activated software. If you hit the wrong key, the machine will do what is expected even if it is absurd or catastrophic because it perceives the strike well but does not know why you typed it: it is the difference between the perception and the consciousness that we have talked about breaking the etymology (per-ception, con-sciousness), but you’ll notice that the prefixes alone give you the answer … “Per”- means “through” … a bunch of stuff, distances, and “con”- is “with” thus no distance!

The hostility of our contemporaries is well perceived by our spirits, like future random images in the video thelivingmatix that we talked about, but we are much too busy developing our reflections on topics which we do not know much about indeed, or chewing thoughts like “I should have done…” or “I have to think…”, to take care of things that concern us as directly as receiving thoughts of an enemy.

In other words we decided (unknowingly generally) to be unaware of the thoughts of others as well as thoughts generated by us in response to the “attack”!

Both are unconscious stuff stored in our soul that will react, as it is her job, to everything that concerns our putrefyer since she was programmed for. The downside is that our putrefyer also will unconsciously perceive our defenses, which will strengthen him in his need to attack us, so that our unconscious reaction has “crystallized” or made his antagonism solid. “We become what we oppose”! Move your hand above the table and you can freely move it. Press it on the table and you cannot move it any more: your hand has become the table that does not move (usually)!

What happens when we “imagine” a problem. Well, at the risk of puzzling you, you don’t “imagine” anything, it is your subconscious that brings you one of the tricks you’ve filled it with before, and with more or less accuracy, as you cannot know anything accurately precisely because of your decision not to know…

Except that now, you know one of the things you had concocted to fight the enemy, and since you became aware of it, it will be erased from the soul that no longer has to take care of this… If you clear enough similar considerations, the putrefyer will be destabilized, will notice that he no longer knows why he wants to bother you, and will try to compensate for it by offering you something.

And you will notice in passing that it is a quantum process that only involves “fresh” thoughts generated by your spirit itself, not the replication of a thought suggested by some hypnotist!

Sweet violence…

I spoke of earthquakes and tornadoes, because violence is part of our world of duality. And they are not the consequences of any ideology meant to seed violence. Critters eat each other nonstop, and vegetarians are persuaded to escape it because they do not hear the shouting of the carrot they’re cutting, and life in general is about killing live forms to feed others. It takes a great big sentimental and Western rationalist not to understand that life and death depend on each other and are simply two sides of the same coin. And you can only eliminate violence by taking it to the base, assuming it! If you let an opponent fall on his face because you have become “transparent” to him, having exhausted your antagonism and not able to be an opponent anymore, you have not settled the issue: there was a loser, and your “non-violence” of which you’re so proud could not avoid it. And the process that I have told you is the only one I know who elegantly and effectively solves the supposed “problem” of violence … Since everyone wins!

But speaking of it why not as well enjoy it to tear you a smile… If you have enough humor! Because it takes some!

Foundation of the sects of the nineteenth century is generally attributed to some kind of spontaneous creation while they are, for most, emanations of “leftist doctrines” and organizations. And in fact, Madame Blavatski, the founder of Theosophy was encouraged and even funded by the English Home Office with two clear objectives: to provide Hindus with a ridiculous vision of Christianity (that was easy, Christians had already provided it), and an equally grotesque version of Hinduism to Westerners… and to Hindus themselves, with the goal concerning the latter, to persuade them their Vedic tradition was “non-violent” in order to convince them to let themselves be killed without a fight by British troops. What the convinced Hindus did by lying down in front of the soldiers who shot them.

Yet to convince the Hindus of their non-violence, was indeed an uncanny idea to the Anglo-Saxon fashion! The basic book that all Hindus kids recite by going to bed is the “Bhagavad Gita”, “The Song of the Lord”, a manual for Kshatriyas, i.e. warriors. And in the Gita, the warrior is told the story of Arjuna, the chief of the Army, who moods to fight the enemies of his village. He is advised by Krishna, the incarnation of the Verb, just before that of Christ, explaining to him, over a good ten chapters or so, with a dozen points of view, that his villagers expect him to defend them and that he must do his duty, no matter what! Basically the opposite of Nonviolence! And a Kshatriya should be noble, not a coward! Yet the English have done the impossible, and US manifesters should remember to use them as an example of a miracle. In the wake, Western also purchased the idea that Orientals were non-violent in nature, for while they are very proud of their Western traditions, of which they do not understand anything anymore, they are also irresistibly attracted by the mysterious Orient of India and China and are willing to gobble all exoticism…

I will show you soon a few other quantum processes before I indicate how to implement in a “quantum way” what I found in the lecture from “The Association for Health and Anti-Aging.”

See you again…

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