Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 41 Appetizers)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 41 Appetizers)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 41 Appetizers)

You’ll tell me that it was time to talk about therapy. As if I had not already spoken of it! Even of quantum therapy! As in episode 16!

But my intermediary or preparatory goal was to make real the possibility of acting on the universe by the spirit alone avoiding hypnotic methods of which I will say two words as promised.

Yet I cannot resist to convey the confession of my “copy editor” who, for years would consider having parking places at the address where he goes and found out that it works very well when he does so with his daughter alone in his car and not so much when there is someone else! The simplest way to be sure of not having a place to park is to talk about your consideration to your passengers, which will provide them an additional opportunity to not believe all this crap!

What can I do when I’ve been hit?

Just keep quiet, little guy!

Good! Then you just hurt yourself. Maybe even very badly! So do not waste time: revisit the time of the accident and focus on your pain.

In your recalling the incident, you will reach the context of what you thought to not feel pain, and resuming your communication with what hurts, you will feel again the pain of the moment of impact, but now you are able to control its violence. If you have the courage to let it come, it will be shorter than if you force it to vanish. Anyway, when this pain is not felt any more, you have finished your thing.

I had the opportunity to play it on a day when an evil folding ladder had ruined my fingertip with its nail becoming all black. The family and a surgeon of my friends were unanimous to predict the fall of my fingernail, and I assured them otherwise. Actually a few days after my nail had become pink again, and I resisted the pleasure of explaining to these bumpkins what I had done!

But I also had the opportunity to have a kid doing it who broke his collarbone after falling from a tree. He did the process while continuing to watch TV, that is not being too focused! And yet! He too had received as a prognosis of his doctors: 3 months in plaster! A radio control made a fortnight after, showed that the collarbone was fully repaired and “without any cal” unlike a fracture repaired by ordinary medicine: one of the characteristics of this kind of practice. What has enabled this brat to return to school instead of annoying his mother at home…

In the episode 16 mentioned above, I indicated how to “undrunk” someone by having him returning “back in his head”. As for me, this process requires a wizard that is not always on hand, so I do otherwise!

Being all alone, on your own: “Look at the alcohol in your body!”. Only one among all those to whom I spoke about this stuff, asked me how he was to “see the alcohol”, and he remained drunk! There is no “how”. The verb is “look”, not “see”. I do not think you can “see” molecules of alcohol within an opaque material (!), and without an unlikely hyper microscope, but that does not prevent to ask a spirit to put his attention on something that pollutes his body. We can “look” at a fog without “seeing” what’s in there! In any case all those who “did it” without asking any question, were sobered. And like with the process of internalizing, the cops will not detect anything with their breathalyzer. Which is still not an invitation to become an alcoholic! This method should work for all drugs, although I have not had an opportunity to test it… but I use it to clear the crises of drop caused by a drug taken inadvertently. Looking at “Uric acid in my body”. Not only is this instantaneous, whereas colchicine takes two hours or so, but now it works even when I only think about doing it! And that is “pure” quantum (that is to say spiritual) as even the mind (soul) is not concerned! So if the faculty indicates the molecule that makes you suffer: watch it in your body. And if it does not work, it is the faculty that is wrong!

For it seems that what physicists call “quantum” is simply what is not physical! And we will come back to this at the very end…

And you’ll notice that I did not suggest that “there is no more alcohol in your body” or even simply to believe it, like a hypnotist would, but to “look”…

Does hypnosis means to put your “nose” on your “hip” or the opposite?

It’s not that this “technique” cannot have any effect, but as guinea pigs, whose warts were gone and returned after twenty years, have verified, it does not solve anything, because unconscious thoughts causing the problems were not made conscious, thus erased, from the mind (soul).

Hypnosis is just psychic allopathy: we try to cure you by causing you a more worrisome disease for your body… and less for you! And once drugs are digested, the problem will resurface…

I had the opportunity to “cure” patients handled with hypnosis, persuaded of the disappearance of their symptoms.

And about a wholly different practice, I have also had the opportunity to erase the damage of two psychoanalysis, one of seven years, which convinced me that “psychoanalysis” was indeed meaning “destruction of the soul”! But I do not want to talk any more of it, it is too far from the quantum field. And if patients processed by such turned into happy vegetables, and are happy to be so, I let them (loosely) to their apathetic happiness!

Do you see that?

Let’s move to another practice dear to our manifesters: visualization! Here we will have to sort it a bit! The individual (again anonymously) who inspired me to talk about it, is considering two very different processes. The fight of WBC against villains bacilli, and the light in which your body could swim or be drowned.

The first is without doubt hypnotic, since such a “fight” never existed, and what you will imagine will not delete anything.

I transposed the second at the quantum level when I realized that everything in our civilization is done to convince us that our body is an inert piece of meat, and stupid, unable to defend itself, since it needs the Medicine and doctors.

Forgetting that God had chosen to request His Verb to manifest it, because it was possible, and could also survive in an environment also chosen by Him and manifested by the other!

In fact, from our conception, our mother has been worried about her health and thinking she needed medicine to protect her body. So we enjoyed these suggestions even before birth. The corresponding concern of our parents followed us during our early years. And though the human race has survived a long time without modern doctors, we have no trouble being convinced of the need of the opposite. Animals also have been able to survive without modern veterinary for a very long time. But all that is forgotten! The bodies are badly pesky stuff condemned to remain sick!

I was faced with a dramatic state of fatigue, without any other symptoms or traumatic triggers, which allowed me not to be able to use my magic tricks that require either a specific symptom or a trigger.

After 5 years in gently following the advice of “those-who-know-all-but-who-can-do-nothing”, so I tested what I had understood in the scope of which I speak…

And I raked off: I tried the Pleiadean “Reconnection” of Eric Pearl, and the alchemical “Frame” of Burensteinas after an unnecessary detour through the HFC of Dr. Haddad and seemingly effective chakras tricksters, but which I have not felt the effects of. And a bunch of “magnetizers” as one of their colleagues was very efficient to me 40 years or so ago. But nothing helped!

Because, obviously, believing in it or not does not matter!

Throughout this time a friend of mine has benefited from the talents of a “fire cutter” to relieve her chemo sessions and others have used the talents of my magnetizers with much happiness!

In other words, the problem lays with me alone!!!

But Russians also do experiments on visualization with their sports teams and the results are bluffing! Significantly more effective than regular workouts! As what has been shown by Americans in thelivingmatrix video!

And the processes which inspired me were tested in US hospitals successfully.

So it remained for me to make a personal version of them, strictly quantum, and test to it. What I will tell you next time…


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