Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 49 Apotheosis)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 49 Apotheosis)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 49 Apotheosis)

The episode of the Jubilee! In fact it will be the 50th, the one that does not exist and that you will write yourself, because if God rested on the seventh day, that’s 7 times 7 episodes during which I serine you my nonsense… so far. I finally rest and I end with an:

Ode of Praise to the most extraordinary civilization that this planet has ever known…

Watch the words: “extra-ordinary” only means that this civilization is not ordinary, it has no positive connotation, as we shall see.

It seems that, as far back as we can go in the history of human beings, there can be considered four sufficiently distinct types corresponding to the four colors (varna) of the Hindus, namely Brahmins, Kshatryias, Vaishas, and Shudras, that is to say, respectively, men (and women) involved in the search for knowledge of the truth and reaching Wisdom, those concerned with Power (on others and the universe), those interested in trade and communication, and finally those who want to be close to nature.

These four are also the four varna (castes) of India, and correspond to the four “continents” of the Eden, and to the social structure of the Middle Ages: clergy, nobility, Third Estate and serfs.

In an ordinary or normal social organization, the Nobles (Kshatryias) let themselves be advised by the Brahmins for a chance to ensure justice for their decisions and their actions. From time to time there were some frictions, like in Babylon, but the real breakthrough was what is known in the Vedas as the “Revolt of the Kshatryias” 25 centuries ago. The “Noble” decided they had had enough advice from Brahmins that interfered with their thirst for power and decided to get rid of them.

Small trip around the world of the passage from wisdom to stupidity…

And it was a global phenomenon, and for Hindus it represents the arrival of the Buddha, a prince, so a Kshatryia, who claimed to be a Brahmin and took care of “spirituality”. In fact, in India, Buddhists were fired as soon as in the century that followed the Buddha and emigrated to Tibet where they were welcomed by Tantra, by Confucians in China and by the Shin Tao in Japan. It was only at the time of colonization that the English brought them back to India, the same English contributing eventually to screw up the Hindu tradition with the work of Madame Blavatsky and her manipulation to convince Hindus that they were nonviolent contradicting their basic popular holy book: the Bhagavad Gita. A feat since the book was precisely the one who taught their duty to Kshatryias!

But back to the 5th century BC! In the West (in Greece), the wisest Brahmin of the world, according to the Pythia of Delphi, was Socrates. His teaching, written down by Plato is somehow the will of Western Brahmins. Plato had founded an academy reserved to those who were “geometricians” and made the mistake of accepting a disciple named Aristotle (an aristocrat as the name suggests, so a “noble”, a Kshatryia) who understood nothing of the teaching of Plato and rebelled against his mentor by reversing the basics of his teaching. I have already given the details in my books and I will not repeat here.

At the other end of the world, the Chinese Brahman Lao Tzu took care of the Kshatryia Kingzi (Confucius) while noting that he was not “born to knowledge”, which did not prevent him to rebel softly and be at the initiative of the so-called Confucianism, slightly oblique to Taoism.

So, from one end to the other of the Eurasian continent, men of power have taken over men of knowledge, and the “noble” have become “notable” and therefore people seeking to be known instead of people who wanted to know.

Similarly to the fact that there had been some early fruits before the revolt, there has been some residues of the old order, especially with the kings’ “Jesters”, authentic Brahmins, as the clergy of the time was being more made up of revolted notables than true saints.

The downside to refuse wisdom when we want power, is that we will be condemned to be stupid! And the disadvantage (among others) to be idiots in power is that they will be required to make people even more stupid to keep their power!

From their contempt, they did not pay attention to the last two castes, who had not necessarily decided to deny wisdom or even just to become silly.

If Shudras (farmers) do not have a phenomenal appetite for power, Vaishas, (the industrial and financial traders) would go for it to develop their trade and wealth and have taken advantage that the Nobles were idiots enough for pushing them into debts for ruinous squabbles, feeding their trade advantage, of course.

Up to when Brahmins residues, from the bottom of their bloodless religions, along with those trisomic Nobles, let themselves be fooled by a new political ideology invented by the Vaishas: democracy. This idea that the government was bound to appeal to a people of Shudras subject to the extravagances of their assholes lords and nobles made them think it would assure them a power that seemed to begin to escape the nobles. Those revolted and stupid noble residues have also been many to take up the cause of the French Revolution.

Just as we have said, the Vaishas had never decided to be idiots, and they knew, on one hand the people (of Shudras) cannot rule, on the other that the nobles could not do it anymore. And finally that the pitiful religious were powerless, and so they would be the winners, provided that they remain discreet and hidden so that the people still think it was holding the reins.

The people in question among his flocks and his fields continued to interpret the religious discourse as conforming to their daily life and was ultimately the only real support left for religious.

But there was a fringe of Kshatryias who understood the new Christian revelation as an opportunity, and were quick to be self-elected in a self-church and to snatch it from the Brahmins and take control, so that revolted Kshatryias should become the western religion.

Of course, Christ knew all this since He Himself announced this revolt in the Vedas and that it had already lasted for 5 centuries when He accepted His incarnation, and He knew as well He would be tortured and killed by the Jews Kshatryias of the time. He also knew that the rebels would steel His church and warned us by saying that His true Church would resist the Gates of Hell, which was not the case of the terrestrial church, which has been divided as soon as the return of Christ to His Father. And even more clearly by successive schisms. The divisions are the job of Devil, so this wise guy won, as Christ had warned, yet many people continue to believe that human churches are those that Christ came to establish…

Which resulted in the replacement of a Doctrine to be understood, by dogmas to be respected, and replacing the liberating wisdom by legal (and silly!) binding. And this herd was not the most tender with authentic Brahmin. From the beginning the “Gnostics” were frowned upon and persecuted, but the outbreak really started after the Schism probably because this separation was seen as a threat to the monopoly of the Church (sic). In the West the few remaining groups of true Brahmins were the targets of “crusades”, a modestly noble word, to avoid speaking of “massacres”, a terminology that would be reserved for the Protestants competitors a few centuries later.

I was talking about Albigensian in the early 13th, a “crusade” which will be extended and renamed “against the Cathars”. It seems that the 20,000 dead in Beziers were all Brahmins, like the 200 volunteers of the Montségur barbecue a few decades later. Another group of typical Brahmins (soldier-monks), the Templars was also the object of the attention of kings and Popes obsessed with their barbecues.

But the Catholic Church was not the only faction of the “noble” to kill the Brahmins, and more recently, the salafists leaders of Saudi Arabia eliminated the Sufis out of their country, but without cooking: they had other methods to cut short these time wasters.

But, as the Gospel tells us, our true enemies are not men but “powers”, clearly “fallen angels”, and when they managed to arouse revolted Kshatryias, they were quick to sweep the planet.

Their nest is apparently Central Europe, a region which was recently famous for its vampires, as well as Freud and Marx, but who provided already in the first century after Christ, the people of the Angles. But if you remember, the word “angle” is the same as the word “angel” in Latin, indicating that they had not even the desire to hide particularly by declaring themselves openly incarnations of fallen angels (since they fell to earth…).

Their mission was, during those 20 centuries, to screw up everything traditional we had on our small pebble. And they began with the Celts across Germany until they arrive in their country, the Eng(l)-land! From their island they could later trigger the world colonization and wipe out successively, with their allies, the African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and in the end, North and South American Traditions. They were, of course, the promised land of Protestantism which they then implanted in their American colony, and there are some elements which suggest that it is always London that controls the United States and the Vatican as well.

Long after the Angles, Central Europe has provided the Huns, this time without special spiritual connotation, and the Khazars in the 7th century, coming it seems from Caspian.

One king of these good people was very disappointed at the time by the manners of his army and wanted to find a religion that would allow him to restore the order among his generals and mostly to control the world.

He organized a competition between Christians, Jews and Moslems, and it is the Rabbi who won, as having the best religion to achieve this goal of domination! So Judaism has become the state religion of the Khazars, and soon set was given for scattering to the four corners of the world, to control the various jurisdictions not so much as judges than as legislators and lawyers, the latter in particular having nothing to do with justice, as they are only concerned with the interests of their clients.

Since the late 19th we can say that their goal is reached.

It is also they who quietly spread anti-Semitism, as these Yiddish speaking Jewish Caucasians have no interest that their competitors, the Semitic speaking Hebrew, would survive, which led them initially to encourage the others to move to Israel after two World Wars, so that a Third World War (also announced by Albert Pike in 1871) could rid the planet of the Hebrews and Arabs gathered together, by “vitrifying” the Middle East.

Except that this war is in his third missed attempt! Unless Isis is the final version! And obviously it is the goyim who are accused of the “crime” of anti-Semitism!

The missing religion!

Meanwhile, diehard Vaishas had ruined kings and left false Brahmins complicate their religious discourse by developing a collection of nonsense sufficient to let them establish their own anthropocentric church: secularism, much easier to assimilate by the people of Shudras, even if they had not decided to become stupid. But lack of true wisdom for 20 centuries would weaken the most stubborn peasant.

They obviously let proliferate more and more absurd religions (cults) in the 19th as long as they were continuing to speak of a God; because their ridicule would be reflected upon the “old” religions in general (not only Christian).

The Vaishas, although smarter than the degenerate noble, have then developed their technologies and industries, except that their rationalism, deprived of wisdom, has not necessarily made them foresee the consequences, such as pollution by intensive agriculture and farming which is now in the process of removing the pantry from oceans, disrupting the climate, polluting the water and the air.

But their most interesting technology relates to psychological manipulation, which the nobility, from the bottom of its sewers, had not really mastered. Wundt and Pavlov offered them their global school system, and their manual, the: “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” allowed them to lock it in, inciting the illustration of textbooks (and others, as long as it is moronizing the user…)

That did not prevent the CIA to try to improve these techniques with experiments like Montauk, MK Ultra and others, but which are now relegated to the prehistory of manipulation with the appearance of messages broadcast by EMPs (Electro Magnetic Pulses) directly modulated to induce sickness remotely or to suggest consciences of imaginary events or actions to be taken.

I will not risk be accused of being a false prophet and I will not give you my predictions, especially as I do not have any: how far will imbecility go and whether the planet will survive it, or for how long.

The manipulators who obviously knew the famous “end of the world” prophecy from the Maya had no serious basis for calculating it, nevertheless broadcast it, still to emphasize the awareness of this Apocalypse, because funk is always good to take, and whether the Apocalypse takes place or not, they do not care: in all cases they’ll have won … AND lost!

Modern notables: a bunch of disabled politicos and “assisted”!


What remains of the Brahmins, not much, after the massacres: they lost the paths to their Divine Sophia, and at best, they hope to catch up by becoming philo-sophers… of just human wisdom! And so pitifully, which can only make wriggle other ignorant of true wisdom and who do not need much to rave about, like Descartes with his method that begins by destroying the object under study… or the slave merchant Voltaire, so candid!

The Shudras, many of them emigrated in offices where they live mostly a boring life and play utilities.

The Vaishas are now Bankers, Captains of Industry or Commerce, and which international elites gather in “discrete” societies such as the Bilderberg, the Round Table or the Bohemian Club.

The Khsatryias whose vocation is Love, look to get excited about loving their Fatherland, or something else, and we know how the warriors rest… By nature, they cannot be independent because they need an object or a complement to their love, but also because discernment is not their main character trait. In a “normal” society, they must be advised by Brahmins. Since their revolt, and after a while left to themselves, they finally have accepted being advised by the Vaishas, or rather let’s say that the Vaishas took them by the tail to tell them where to cum! In other words, they became “politicians”, just allowed to pee where Vaishas have decided, without their being able to notice: the price to pay to have decided to be stupid over centuries! And it lasts since the revolution of 1789 across the whole globe. Crowned heads that have remained in place did so because they understood the rules of the game. Vaishas protect themselves by all sorts of organizations such as the NWO’s intelligence agency, intelligence worldwide including MI5, MI6, CIA, NSA, FBI, NZSIS, the RCMP, SIS, ASIO, GCHQ, NRO, DIA and SASB which are only departments, having together at least 300,000 people employed full time, and they make believe that they are controlled by governments in case their unpopularity would be worth retaliation. Most of these organizations are private businesses like all central banks. In the US even the taxes (the IRS) are private, and we’re not talking about the famous FED, which served as a model to our ECB.

That’s briefly our current environment! Appetizing, no?

Anyway even one of the first Rothschild said: “As long as I control the money, I do not care who rules the country!!!” When lucidity joins contempt.

End of the comic interlude!

A humanity of senile teens

In the current situation, facing threats increasingly uncontrollable, people who have understood that they could not do anything more, spend time playing with small balls through the proxy of their sport teams, or enjoy to be safely afraid jumping hooked by an elastic from a bridge or a cable car cabin…

But above all, they spend their time fucking, on behalf of a love, which is drummed into their ears from religious to popular songs.

One unfortunate champion of this Love, the former bishop of Évreux, Jacques Gaillot (dismissed in 1995, which Pope Francis ignored!) Stated that: “The whores and gays will precede us into the Kingdom of Heaven”…

Since they “Only live for Love!”

Even assuming that physical love is a distant incarnation of the Greek “agapè” (their Divine Love, that of -agapes- the Banquets of Plato and Dante), the gymnastics reduced to mutual masturbation, or even solitaire, or with some “prosthesis”, is quite far from the original objective of giving life.

On the other hand, legislating for the “marriage for all” when the fashion is to divorce when we need to “change meat”, regardless of the effect it can have on kids who see that two “adults”, who promised each other many things, are forgetting their promises when their gonads fire up; and what they may feel of their importance to their beloved parents! What extra-ordinary example of so-called adults!… How can our youth trust anyone or even believe that the word “trust” has any meaning left?

But as we know, the crap is not immune to logic, and since twin jerking is no longer used to make kids, we can count on biologists to finally realize their dream of eugenics: a sperm and an ovule selected for their genetic qualities, set to mature in a synthetic uterus will do, and the kid will be “standard”. Especially since, as suggested to us from all sides, men must soon become immortal, while there are no plans to delay the menopause yet! You’d better get used to the centuries long of female sterility from birth, not to have any regrets. Of course, our immortality will solve the pension problem, even if we do not see how yet.

Meanwhile, maybe the average goy will be immortal, but Alzheimer’s patients are getting into it more and more young! Will they be immortal themselves, too, so the hobby of healthy immortals can then be volunteering to care for Alzheimer’s endless immortality.

Meanwhile the top of imbecility will be to take the risk of killing ourselves, when we’re immortal, which still will not prevent farsighted governments to organize euthanasia to fill the landfills!

But by then, we will have sent entire populations to other planets. Other “exoplanets” of course, because on Mars and further we’ll feel our “things of life” getting frozen, and on Venus we’ll miss the mild sun of the Riviera!

But for an immortal, what problems could be in spending a century or two in total freedom, sitting loose in a 2 square meter capsule, away from these hecklers of government?

How will the teens become adults without models…?

It is little known the word “adult” comes from the Latin ad ultima, not “fetch the nuggets”, but “go through things to their end”!

If we only have sport (stadium, outdoor or bedroom) to show them or video games to ban them to feel good, how can we expect them to be less stupid than us and more responsible? They do not even have any example of what responsibility is, neither in their re-de-rere-de-composed families, nor especially among the “highest levels” that, too, show how they do not care of the world and their kids…

Shortly before his death, my grandmother had pitied me for having to stay on that drifting space ship… and this was more than 50 years ago. I did not notice that things have much improved since, even if our president has become “normal,” as the advert goes: “Such a small thing, it is really gigantic! »

When I told you that I had no predictions! Bon voyage to the fascinating future!


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