Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N°11 Reincarnation)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N°11 Reincarnation)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N°11 Reincarnation)

BlavaskyЕлена Петровна Блаватская, i.e. Helena Blavatsky, or HPB for short, founded the Theosophical Society in the end of 1875! She was probably commissioned by the British government to broadcast a distorted version of the Christian Tradition in India and a disfigured version of the Hindu Tradition in the West. Both objectives were achieved quite well. The Hindus, whose Tradition says that when you have to fight, you must (go to) fight (that is the leitmotif of their Bhaghavad Gita), were convinced that they were non-violent, to conformto the image that West had received of them, and their soldiers kept lying before the English soldiers to be killed without a fight.

In fact Helena would have loved that all religious of any religion allow themselves to be killed without reacting, probably on the basis of what Christ had said: “To turn the other cheek when we received a slap”. The punchline of anti-clericals who do not want Christians to grumble. Except that all of the experts miss the episode where Jesus wips merchants out of the Temple with whips made from ropes hanging there. Or even order not to waste time and fly away from people who do not want to speak of God when they´re spoken of God! Not to mention the often misunderstood information: “The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the violent”. So Helena will have hard time finding other idiots who accept to be as sweet lambs as her Hindu …

The dance of the new spirituality: « The KARMA gnole » (a silly reminder of the carmagnole of the 1789 revolutionaries…

The West on his side started talking at random of good and bad Karma presented as arising from the impact of our actions in our “previous existences”. What Blavatsky interpreted as the fact that we had many lives in the special form of an incarnation, thus validating the hypothesis of a socialist and Belgian journalist who was trying to explain social inequalities by this reincarnation…

The Hindu Vedas make it clear that through our successive existences we never go through the same universe so that we are not stuck in a repetitive and endless cycle that would be a limitation or a part of the Infinite. We shall examine these notions later.

In other words, not only is this the only time we live as human beings in this universe, but we will never have the opportunity to come back here in this human form or any other! I do not intend to detail the question now, I simply note that Buddhists, considered heirs of the Vedas, so for whom reincarnation should be an impossibility, thought it was that which happens to their tulkus, monks presented as reincarnations of other former monks, while this seems to be rather what Plato called metempsychosis, the transmission of a psychic content from one generation to another for the purpose of spiritual education, the relay taker being identified by a particular physical characteristic that reflects his common destiny with the previous team.

However, what is quite clear is that the reincarnation mania absolutely does not explain social inequalities, the fundamental enemy of leftist politicians and their frustrated parishioners who hope that the quantity of moaners can defeat the quality (often questionable those days) of the minority in power. The idea is that in the former first life (of which we do not know at what time obviously), everyone was “equal”!!! This means that the whole population was a series of clones of Madeleine Albright. Then some became guys (not much of an achievement) and thereby, by this departure the equal became uneven. And the ex-equal played their new difference to start behaving stupidly. And in their next life they were born tramps, QED! We will leave this world of lamentation to come back to our doctor Anthony. And while his quantum hypothesis is a little more elaborate, he is obviously influenced by the reincarnationist propaganda of Blavatsky, later taken on by the founder of another cult, L. Ron Hubbard and his Scientology. Hubbard copied verbatim the arguments of Helena, but while the first had never been able to demonstrate past lifes, those became the trade mark of the second with a “technology” that allowed millions of followers to “relive past lives”! At the time (1951) when Hubbard began to send his disciples into their past lives, other psychoanalysts were suddenly doing the same, which suggests that some condition had changed in our world, to be able to travel so easily, because until then no one came forward to this result, achieved without any process change that could explain the novelty.

But this involves considerations that we have not yet explored, so just take it for information or assumptions, because anyway we do not need to consider this immediately…

The popes have hidden the truth of reincarnation from fools who could not understand it!

This is the thesis of Helena echoed by Ron! From the 3rd century, they say, the Christian councils no longer spoke of reincarnation! This is mildly surprising, because they are unable to name a council which had spoken of it before! We only lend to the rich! Christians must have something special to be hated so much. Notice that their Founder had warned them: “You will be hated as I was!”. Well, they have already managed to be hated, what is now expected, is that they show that they have understood, whether so little, the doctrine of their Lord…

Needless to emphasize that if the Buddhists have swallowed this mythology, Americans have followed for most. There is much in common between the Buddhists and Westerners, particularly their passion for power: the Buddha was a prince who could not stand to be advised by his brahmins, and rebellious rulers are the prototype of the characteristic of our Iron Age: the obsession with power at the expense of wisdom. An episode that the Vedas call “The revolt of the Kshatryias”, or rebellion of the temporal power against the spiritual authority, including the Trinity we just examined. And Anthony who insists that we get rid of our old ideas, seems completely controlled by the characteristic mentality of the Iron Age in question!

Do whatever you will first, you will have plenty of time to understand later on!

And when Anthony claims that we define ourselves before arriving in this world, because the idea of a destiny driven by a not so clean Bearded one prevents him from breathing, and since his physicists have made him swallow their nonsense about chance and necessity, I tend to see it as a common effect of the US belief in reincarnation we just touched.

But from the outset, how can a consciousness decide what she will do in a world she does not know at all, but which God does know since He even advises us not to come there. An advice Anthony considers as a bust-up, one of the manifestations of a prison-guard-God, an obsession that he bought through his “religious” connections. But why would God want to trap us? And sabotage the production of possibilities He has chosen so carefully, as evidenced enough by all the different living forms. He has not thrown us in this world of duality, but left us free to go there if we are curious, and He simply told us to be careful there, because we would know disease, death and a lot of things we did not have the opportunity to experiment before, when in Paradise.

And once we are there, if we don’t want to jeopardize our freedom, we should avoid a number of things, such as murder, which is not simply to kill, like Life does continuously to maintain itself, but to kill by whim or malice. For their part, our bodies should avoid eating strychnine even if He does not speak of it in His 10 commandments.

Because this world has nothing in common with the domain where the Word dropped us in.

Down here, everything is nuanced, it is the reign of duality: the area where one must have the knowledge of good and evil. Nothing is completely good or completely bad. Neither hot nor cold, neither perfectly bright nor perfectly dark… This is the ideal place for those who want to complicate their life, or complicate others’…

But the field of quantum physics is already around. And with our considerations of “functions” in order to consider the links between the Principle and its productions, we have not yet entered!

But I see that we put our fingers in the hierarchy of manifesting levels, and to continue, we will have to change our basic considerations, which we are free to do if you remember, always with the objective to better understand and know our situation.


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