Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 14 Ghazali)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 14 Ghazali)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 14 Ghazali)

Imam_GhazaliNow there are two sets of considerations that we will have to do some kind of synthesis with, not in the sense of a “gathering” as philosophers do, but the integration of one into the other. And also we’ll take the opportunity to consider something that we have almost forgotten by pretending to take care of considering EVERYTHING… This should lead us to use still other indications from our small Principe.

The consideration of Ghazali: « Before, above and with »!

It’s fine to simply focus on the Principle, but we have somewhat neglected the rest… Because there is something more? Of course, even what we did not stop talking about: Its productions!

So let’s consider It now WITH ALL Its productions, remembering that at Its level there is neither time nor space and therefore to have ALL Its products we must not be confined to a particular place or time.

To maintain our mania using our ‘physical’ vocabulary and our space and time considerations, relatively to Its products, we will say that The Principle is “above”, and since It also produces the time itself that is “before” Its production. So we come to the snide remark of Ghazali in the intro of his “Niche of Lights”: this is the “Tabernacle” which is “Before, above AND with!” And it is none other than Allah!

This time as we really considered ALL, we have another name for “that” which is “the Infinite” (understood within the clean meaning = not any limit, not the one that mathematicians have given their revised version). But other messages from The Principle speak of it with other names, such as Brahma for Hindus or El for Hebrews. There are so many nuances to consider in the different words or names attached to divinity. But as we can see, the only thing absolutely necessary is the consideration offered by the Verb and transmitted by St. John about this Principle from which all the rest can be seen…

Let us remember that our considerations do not imply that things we considered must have a “formal” reality as our mm2 on our floor. And in fact what we have considered in terms of “horizontal planes” should rather be seen as spaces stacked in continuity, without precise delimitation from each other.

There is a compelling reason to consider Ahankara as in the spiritual space although it is characterized as the first individual element. This is because it partakes of the universality of this domain, as we had the opportunity to see when talking about how Ahankara was made IN THE IMAGE of God. For like God, we can ask the Verb to achieve our considerations.

God has yet one true image, that is to say with the characteristic inversion of reflections in a mirror: it is the Universe itself. In the latter the trees have their branches towards the sky and earthen roots, whereas in God, the roots are in Heaven. Just an intermission!

The human language traps us again! Speaking of “asking” seems to imply using a “language”… while there is no “sound” or any writing or reading support for “exchanges” between the functions of the Trinity and the conscience of our small human beings. There is at best the considerations of each other, which are manifested in the form of thoughts. But there is a pirouette we have to do to get by, it is to consider “silence”, as a “language”. And at the level of The Principle, it is not so silly, because the “silence” may be the promise of a sound or a language. And it is also the mistake that Protestants are making, translating the Verb by the Word. This amounts to materializing God, a very bad idea, let alone a possible blasphemy against the Spirit! I plead guilty for having done so until this episode, but I didn’t want to be puzzling by using a not so common word. And I imagine that from now on, you will know that when I speak of the Verb I mean the principle of the Word. The word “Verb” implies an action while “Word” just means a noise… But if it were the only bad linguistic habit: the word “mind” in English is also very foggy as it can mean the spirit or an aspect of the soul. It is hard to speak of metaphysics in English…

So our silent language will bathe the functions of the Trinity, the ideas of God and us, poor people, the most curious is that our Doctor Anthony goes about something like it, but apparently without having identified what it is, so stuck he is in the depth of his contempt against what is “religious”.

To talk about the blurred boundaries between our different fields, I’ll use a computer term passed into everyday language: an interface. Ahankara plays the role of an interface between the spiritual and the psychic. As for the psychic/body interface, I let you choose where you want to locate your distinction between “faculties” and “organs”. Knowing that two organs forgotten by the Sankhya are good candidates for this role: blood and nerve impulses. We saw that blood, a liquid organ, is already assimilated to the soul of the Verb, and as we can consider that this influx is rather a kind of energy, it could be the link with manas, and even more or less directly with Ahankara. Besides, for the Hindus, these two organs are put in touch with both aspects of the psychic world, namely, heat for blood, and light for nerves, two characteristics of Tejas, the fiery element.

This is also the reason why blood transfusions are nothing trivial, because in addition to blood being transfused there are a bunch of psychic elements that could pass through as well. It must be said that at this time of Unique Thinking, the damage has already been done and there are very few transfused psychic elements that are not already in the fortunate receiver…

The important point, relevant to our study is that only Ahankara is in the image of God and therefore it is the only component of human beings to be able to put requests to the Verb that He may perform. And we cannot use any intermediary without abdicating our divine privilege. What Anthony should consider if they knew about…

Art for Art’s sake, or art against Art’s death?

Let’s talk about five minutes about this language of silence. We have two examples, if we want to consider divine ideas. The first is the decision of “let there be light”! That His Verb will perform. The other is His mathematical ideas He has given us access to in parallel with its use of them to produce the rest.

The language He uses to speak to us directly is obviously the Silence, He has no other, and His accomplice is our “teaching function”: the Holy Spirit. Who is not any noisier. Yet these divine ideas can cause the birth of human ideas that can translate to images, in terms of geometry. And we know it because we have suffered from them, these ideas can give birth to spoken phrases, written or drawn.

Did you know that it is the universal and Traditional definition of Art: to contemplate the divine ideas to express their signification so that spectators can go back from that expression back up to the divine idea which is its source!

All that remains of sacred Art in the West seems to be limited to icon painting, although being used to attend iconographers, I can testify that few have the slightest notion of what they should be doing. Besides they mostly just copy the old masters’ icons, which a photocopy would do more quickly, more precisely and for much less money. It is not by simply copying old icons that they have the slightest possibility to know whether they are the expression of the prototype that serves as a pretext, since the viewers of art must also have certain qualifications… and most comments that are usually made (kind: “it is so beautiful!”) do not really indicate much of these qualifications…

But modern art is a demarcation of this sacred Art. The amateur of art today is going up from the drawing, sculpture, music, dance, poem, from his neuroses that correspond to those in the mind of the artist who thus plays the role of God. Not only teenagers have idols… The contemplation of divine ideas is replaced by drowning into diseased souls. What a progress! If you would have noticed that modern art fans are a little disturbed, now you know the reason. The art market is worth (in dollars) the sports industry…

And it probably never came to your mind that Maths were the most natural form of Art, especially since in this area too, neurotics have replaced the divine ideas!

“When a ball of a few centimeters comes at you at 200 km / h, you better not think” Yannick Noah

To serve as a transition, let’s end up with a strange idea of our Doctor about a capacity he attributes to the mental…

We saw in detail that the psyche can only perceive (not be conscious of), either directly through its faculties or through his body organs. It has no more conscience than a computer, which does not prevent the latter to respond to pressing a function key or a mouse button … thanks to an intangible software

However, according to Anthony, the mind is half a second ahead of physical time!

How practical that must be to synchronize our driving in a jalopy race…

Roughly, a half-second is the time it takes for a ball served, to go from one end of the court to the other. Only: when is the consciousness aware of that early perception? And more generally which one is the true time: that of the body, that of the mind, that of the consciousness or that of the court’s clock. Which brings us to another curiosity.

For Anthony, time does not exist! Proof: the time is not the same in California and in Australia. Curious method it is to use the exact thing which we want to refute!

Especially since this is not very decisive. Two places on the same meridian will be at the same date even if they are distant by 5000 kms, unless one of the points is at the pole (north or south) because for it the date is a sliding window of indeterminacy of 24 hours…

Einstein was very interested in synchronizing watches moving at relative speeds without being able to come to a clear conclusion. But not realizing that using the rotary motion of the earth marked by the direction of the sun and that our time zones are precisely the indication of the reality of time, is quite disappointing. More generally, Anthony made a whole speech about the importance of the concept of “here and now” which he must have grabbed during his long studies of spirituality with western or westernized oriental guides, which are no better.

So let’s try to help. And try this perilous experience yourself. Close your eyes alternately assuming of course that you have two of them, if not, ask a friend to do the experiment and to tell you about it. The images received by each eye; are they the same? Would it be because your eyes are about ten centimeters from each other? Then which eye do you use as “here”? Given the speed of light and the fact that the eyes are also about one third of a nanosecond from each other, which is the eye that you use for “now”? And after how long does your mind take to fiddle the received mages from your two eyes into a 3D image that your consciousness will be aware of, and when? And even, how long does your eye take to make the image it receives.

And from where is your consciousness aware?

So many questions that Anthony does not answer.

And it would be much worse with ears, more distant from each other, and with a sound that is lagging behind the light. And how do we manage to get away with so much information at so many different times?

Noah is not an intellectual prototype but his tennis career showed that he had a fairly good control of his body, mind and conscience. And he knew it was not his mind in advance which was catching his balls. Especially experiments where guinea pigs are equipped with electro cardiograms and electro encephalograms show that it is the ECG that first reacts to the event (the appearance of an image on a computer screen), which the body will see a split second later. The EEG too will react before the appearance of the image but after the ECG did. But still according to our Source and the expressions that It has entrusted to various traditions, consciousness is located in the heart of our body, mental is in the head. And this “intelligence of the heart” is not simply a poetic form, it reflects a verifiable reality… But to go further, we have to talk about the relations between our ahankaras and our physical universe.

See you…

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