Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 16 Sleep)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 16 Sleep)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 16 Sleep)

sommeilCome on! We will continue our exploration of intricacies of the human being to provide the means to compare it with Dr. Robert Anthony´designs. And first, let’s review the strange ideas he has about time, and ultimately, also of space…

How can we speak of the “space of a moment”!

Because we can apply to space his devastating demonstration about the illusion of time. With the same kind of reasoning (I recall that for him rationalism coincides with logic!).

So let’s play with the assumed relationships between California and Australia, regarding the consequences of their respective locations. Given the rotation of the earth on itself, its orbit around the sun, the path of the sun in the galaxy, the traveling of the galaxy to some unclear target, the relative location of kangaroos and jackals have no reality either, no more than their respective dates!

What seems to bug is that our good doctor needs to have an absolute origin against which we could measure time, and therefore, also space, what physicists have long sought and which they finished by dropping the very idea. Because even with their hypothesis of the expanding universe, they have not found its center, since some galaxies refuse to play their assigned game and go in all directions. Einstein himself eventually ended up concluding that “All is relative”.

Except … If a Californian goes in Australia, he will realize that his watch is running at the same rate as those of the locals, and once returned to Los Angeles, and calling his buddies out there, if their time are different, the seconds pass the same way from one end to the other of the phone line!

It seems that the confusion is between conditions of life and what they manifest. We have no way of knowing where any point is located, since we have no mark. The geocentric or heliocentric points of view are only arbitrary choices, since neither the earth nor the sun are fixed. Simply, planetary motions have simpler equations relating them to the sun, which does not mean that we cannot calculate their equations in relation to the earth. However the rod that you have before you is indeed of the same size in all its positions, like the seconds which follow your watch as it travels.

There are things that exist without being able to measure them, but if something can be measured, that means it is real!

It is not space or time themselves that “exist”, it is the dimensions in them: lengths for space, and durations for time.

A tall tale!

Let’s go back to our stories of connection between body, soul and mind…

As we saw it, the soul is not any more than the spirit, concerned with issues of space and time, which are specific of the physical realm. However we can notice that every night, or so, the spirit loses interest in its extensions during deep sleep. Now this unconsciousness, that psychologist find so difficult to understand; has nothing to do with unconsciousness from negligence or distraction in the waking or dreaming state, which is the cause of all our troubles. During these periods of deep sleep, the spirit returns to its potential state to remanifest itself when we awake. It is even a gift of the Principle for us to help us to consider the “reality” of pure possibilities, potentials, or principles… because when waking up, it is as if life had continued, it is the same body, the same planet with the same hecklers… So the same consciousness, the same spirit! This also proves that the combination of the soul and the body can go on without the spirit, which is not so crucial as regards the survival of the body, which seems to so preoccupy this spirit, given its obsessive behavior, and so its location near this body does not matter much.

It is not the same for the soul, because even during deep sleep, it must animate her piece of meat, guaranteeing blood circulation, and digestion in the gut of what he ate and drank, and that of the air for breathing. In other words, although it is not concerned by space and time, it must still remain “in touch” with the body that it “animates” (hence its name) otherwise: squeak!

How can we consider a contact between something in space and something without space? A point is from the spatial order but something that does not need any space. And this point, necessarily unique, if not the soul would need space, is an excellent candidate for the identification of the “here and now” which Anthony seems to be sure of the physical existence… Without any need (and any means) to know where it is exactly located in the body. Anyway, if we do not know this, the spirit knows it, since it is using it so that he can choose a reference that is attached to the body!

Well, you have now a better idea of how the OBEs work?

Perceiving and being aware of?

Returning to our computer which knows that you typed on a function key. The effect which is going to happen depends on the software in use at that time. In other words, the hardware has been informed of the keyboarding, and it is the software that will “interpret” what it means in the context in question. Respectively the perception regarding the arrival of a message and some awareness of its understanding. The soul (mental) collects information from outside and inside the body and it may give her the opportunity to respond to what we will interpret as an understanding. Except that in the case of the computer, it is also just a reaction driven by the software based on a program which, for its part, does not need to be “aware” of anything, only the programmer knows what are the meaning of the values with which he plays and what he intends to do with. Moreover, it is to that extent that “artificial intelligence” can be invoked and assigned to the computer, the way we attribute our “intelligence” to our spirit while that only comes from Buddhi (the Holy Spirit), the intellect, our true programmer!

To recap: the soul perceives, the spirit is aware and the intellect makes this spirit “understand” what He knows. That is, if on one hand the Verb tells us that “Without Him we can do nothing” without the Holy Spirit, we can know nothing… Now what do we usually do with what we do not understand? We store it as a mental recording; because this piece of “hardware” has also a memory, but its addressing is not done like that of a computer: it is addressable by “content”, not by an “address” which would be to give it a kind of space, as we do to locate houses in the streets. This is also the big difference between a spatial universe and a universe without space and eternal: there is no other cue that the “content”, the “identifiers” (the IP addresses of the Internet)! In other words it is equipped with a search Engine. Sorcerers know that well when they in-voke (call) their demons by name. Exorcists too. And healers need only the name of their patients along with their date of birth to avoid accessing all namesakes at once.

Without the knowledge of these mechanisms, psychologists or quantum therapists will quite struggle to tell intelligent things…

Now, if you remember, we did remark on the occasion of Anthony’s “flip switch”: “I choose to feel good now”, that his therapy was much like the hypnosis of Doctor Coué.

In fact, and that is what is frustrating about quantum stories is that it is, whether for Anthony or a whole bunch of others such as Kinslow, just an opportunity to try to justify hypnosis giving it a new look, up to date with a new “scientific” theory.

We take the same and start again…

So, before attending the presentation Anthony makes of his “art” we’ll have to revisit the history of hypnosis…

Its aficionados make it back to the Sumerian shamans, but we’ll settle for Mesmer and his “magnetism”, since it was the first attempt to explain it with modern “scientific” gibberish, which gave it a period of hysteria conferred by the “seriousness” of the discourses that accompanied it.

Alas, it was already quite silly. If you’ve ever used a magnet you may have noticed that its area of influence does not go very far. But “hypnotists” (the name they took with Mesmer) treated their long distance customers without worrying about that distance or the time difference it implied.

After a gentle madness period (1882-1892) when the most dramatic results were the huge warts cures, patients who had had the bad taste not to die less than thirty years after their “healing” saw their warts reappear… and hypnosis broke into disenchantment…

But the idea continued to tickle. Except they had to change such a cursed name: it is what Caycedo did in 1967 and renaming it “relaxation therapy” (sophrology) that combined a bunch of techniques developed throughout the years and making it a “complete and effective discipline”.

But modern quantum therapists revived it to my surprise…

As we have seen, quantum physics deal a lot with “probabilities of presence”. It is true that when a particle “disappears”, it resurfaces at up to 30,000 different locations as indicated in a book from an optometrist who repented, when we spoke about it… Actually it resurfaces everywhere where sensors were placed, i.e. to catch with my “experiment” of the Y-shaped tube, its probability of presence is 100% wherever we put a sensor, and 0% where we do not put any! I guess to announce such troubling results, physicists must have equipped their sensors with identity card distributors for particles, because otherwise it will be difficult to know whether their electron under evaporation is the one they had spotted!

The new vocabulary of hypnosis speaks of “creation”, of “manifestation of our ideas” and their quantum pretext that set me up so that I started in this study has the benefit of asserting, without giving particular evidence of it, that the area in question is the source of the “reality” which would contain the “probabilities” of the physical one.

The example I give for the treatment of hangovers is much more usable and informative than hypnosis since it does not involve any suggestions. As if believing the myth given by someone could affect our health. But it seems that for a hypnotist, healing is not so much to erase the disease than to erase the trouble we have to think about it…

Indeed, the drop of gin that you will take to clear your hangover will simply reproduce the effect pulling the spirit off the body that you wanted to get unknowingly by stuffing your face first. Now that you are doing it on purpose, and the amount of gin does not matter (it’s a bit like homeopathy, but we will see the differences…), it is not so much that you will not make more effort to retrieve your usual “internal” point-of-view, which will stop hurting your head, than the fact that this event will be canceled by this new decision. Remember there are only two possible states: potential or actual. And the transition from one to the other is just a transition, no matter which way. So your drunkenness was decided to remove you from your body and its sordid present (not very consciously, I suppose), manifested the release from your body, and your new decision brought this manifestation back to its potential state.

I mentioned homeopathy because it uses some of the same “mechanisms” except that it is no longer here the result of a decision from the spirit, but the more general functioning of the universe, which means that if you use something to cause a symptom already triggered by a similar cause, the symptom will return to its potential state. This design is not so surprising if we think Hanneman was inspired by spagyrie, the alchemical medicine! Alchemy knew far more about the quantum world that our modern scientists and did not need to break the bank for huge particle accelerators.

Except that here we are talking only of approximations of possibilities, and the body will have to do its share of the job, once the most garish symptoms will be calmed, making the result much less instant…

Now that cat is out of the bag, let´s see what we can recover from our dear Doctor…


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