Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 17 Hostility)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 17 Hostility)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 17 Hostility)

hostilityWe will start with a consideration of Dr. Anthony revealing much of his thinking, and which could provide a good starting point for discussion. As we have seen, we may consider everything and anything, at OUR LEISURE. So Anthony may also consider what he wants and about which we will talk. The real question is: what about the consistency with all the rest? And what’s the rest? At least the Principle and especially the Infinite! Two considerations that the Doctor lacks and that will cause problems. An even more general problem is that, contrary to the common idea that coherence is a criterion of truth, it is the other way round: it is the inconsistency that is the criterion of error. The consistency of modern maths is a very clear example, and everyone (who has heard of them) believes in what is only a bunch of nonsense… Think back to the theoretical difficulties about the electrons and the vacuum, and notice that they do not prevent all our electrical and electronic devices of running… Let’s remember that the hard point to start an argument is that the first three elements, namely the two things to be related and the relationship that links them are necessarily irrational because they are the first elements, so not connected to anything that might precede… and contrary to what Anthony believes, the base of rationalism has little to do with Logic, it is even the opposite, since the basis of rationalism is itself irrational !!! But let’s consider one of the bases of Dr. Anthony: it is a question!

How the collective consciousness of others controls your life?

There are several problematic aspects to this consideration: the first is, “What must be understood by the ‘collective consciousness OF OTHERS’?” If it is collective how can we escape it? It sounds the same as the imbecility of Jung’s Collective Unconscious! If this unconscious is really collective, how can anyone become aware of it?

In any case, as regards the part of the “collective consciousness” concerning the hatred of religion and excitement to quantum physics, Anthony is the living proof of his consideration…

He will also focus on the value and utility of emotion (essential according to him) without noticing that it is a veil that prevents the exam. Whether because of his hatred or his enthusiasm, Anthony has not the slightest idea of what is valid in religions and wacky in quantum physics, which I give you a new discovery that I just hit: electrons, once they have “lived” with a partner, even after being separated, each one will react to what happens to the other! Is it fidelity or resentment?

In any case, I was wrong to believe that the sensor particles were equipped with just an ID card dispenser. They are equipped with an updating system of family books, they send to the global worldwide network of quantum physicists, where all the coordinates of the particles are “tagged” as albatrosses or sharks… You cannot imagine the number of identification parameters (recognizable faces or fingerprints) that can be found on a single electron!

Bug # 2: we are all victims of collective and anonymous hostile « others »

So all of us should be paranoid because our enemies are everywhere.

The more surprising is that Anthony sees hostility everywhere except in one thing yet that threatens us all: death. I guess he’s gone into the trip of the New Illuminati who tell us that within a few years or a few decades we will have found a way to become eternal! Therefore Anthony does not need to care! Yet we have seen that it is the death of one that feeds the lives of others. When a fox eats a rabbit, it’s quite nice for the fox, much less so for the rabbit. When you eat a carrot, you do not hear it yelling and yet you’re killing it by cutting it! That is, if you imagine that death disappears from this world subject to the duality, we will have to redefine life itself, and it will be more difficult than to redefine marriage or to say that an abortion is not a murder…

Yet Antony should have remembered that our #1 threat is God, the tyrant who pursues us with His hatred.

For, when Anthony advises us to avoid drugs like alcohol or tobacco, to practice Feng Shui, to have a healthy, balanced, varied diet, to limit our exposure to TV, newspapers and inane music with lyrics at least as foolish, he behaves as a “good father” while when God advises us not to eat the fruit that will make us discover suffering and death, He is only a dirty despotic executioner as also, once we got in this world which He did not recommend, when He suggests that we do not kill each other, He is still playing the slave-driver! For we “must beware of religions based on fear and hatred” Anthony adds… I guess he is simply talking about religions who forgot to declare that God loved the creatures He manifests (made in His image!) with His divine Love, the agapè of the Greeks, or as a mother loves the little ones who came out of her belly (that’s according to the Muslims… a comment of the intros of the suras where Allah is presented as merciful and compassionate) And the proof that He is not cross against us might be that, even after our disobedience, basically to remain free to bullshit, He continues to tell us the rules of the game. Can I point out to Mr. Doctor that I do not know what religion he refers to unless he forgets his own suggestion not to play with newspapers and their tissue of nonsense… not the only sources where Anthony could be fed from…

He also forgets to add a crucial element to his list of banalities: your diet must be customized, i.e. must be specific FOR you. And if you want to know how to, go take a look on Dr. Clark’s regime, the only one I’ve found that does not make what I call the “funny”, i.e. blind, dietary. But perhaps there may be others…

A quantum trick to get rid of hostility!

This will seem strange for Anthony and his followers… but first do the following experiments.

Dance in your living room staying far enough away from the walls. Then lean on a wall with all your weight and continue to dance…

Easier, stir your hand above the table before you. And now try to move your hand by pressing it on the table.

I know you’ve never done that before. That is to say… examine what happens when you do that!

What you have seen, so checked, is that if you oppose something, a wall, a table, you get the characteristic immobility of the wall or table. What I summarizes by saying, “We become what we oppose…” This is the history of the development of philosophy: the attempts to correct bullshit of predecessors…

If someone rots your life be sure that you oppose him, usually without realizing it, but the only way for a battle to be continuous is that both fighters will persist in fighting… Practical Judo’s version of this finding is that if you use the strength of your opponent, he is left alone to fight and becomes his own enemy and gets defeated by himself!

As long as you pose yourself as a victim, you continue to regard the other as the one who imposes his law, and therefore you feel you cannot do anything, which is indeed the case!

If you start to understand that you cannot continue have someone hostile to you without opposing yourself to his hostility, you will be able to regain some of your freedom.

This does not mean that Ai-ki-do is the only way to escape the hostility and you have to spend years to be initiated to it.

Contrary to a hypnotist who will advise you to lock yourself into a new, more comfortable mental prison, I urge you to try a truly quantum thing that will melt the hostility that you have hidden in your mind without you realizing it.

You might only risk to be the first for which it does not work!

Above all, do not search what thoughts led you in that situation, it can only make everything worse: introspection is the worst of habits … You will not get out of your mental prison by seeking the exit.

The trick is this: you sit comfortably in the armchair in your living room or try it when you go to bed to do it lying down. The important thing is to be calm and relaxed.

Here’s what you should do if BigJim rots your life, “Consider a problem of comparable magnitude to BigJim!” Here “consider” means “imagine”! The problem that will jump to your mind is necessarily coming from the automatic response system of your mind that contains your responses to attacks from BigJim. Only this time, you’re aware of this problem and your mind does not need to store it anymore. In other words you just erased a piece of mind that brought you a lot of trouble lately. Repeat it to consider a new problem (or even the same if it’s that one which returns…). If nothing comes to you spontaneously or quickly enough, drop it, have a good night’s sleep. If BigJim does not manifest in some extraordinary way, in the following days, that his hostility disappeared, it is that your process is not complete yet, so repeat it a little each day until its miraculous result: BigJim sends you a kiss, on his own, like a big boy… You can eventually come to consider that a problem of similar magnitude would be to put BigJim in a garbage shredder, which would give you a good idea of the violence of the thoughts you have developed against him. Do not reject such considerations, the quantum domain has nothing to do with the “so-called positive thinking”. If you have such things happening, know that you have had similar considerations and that it is your unique opportunity to get rid of your hostility vis-à-vis BigJim, but not only…

It may be that this process is completed after a few considerations or may take much longer, but nothing can resist it. And it works in extraordinary conditions…

If you allow me a personal story… one day in the office, I learned that a colonel hated us much and was blocking the purchase order of our product. Not one of us had met the colonel, we only knew his name. The same evening, at my instigation, my associates and I, did the process I have just indicated, and the next morning we learned that the colonel had authorized the purchase order!

We have often talked about it, the name of an individual is enough, this time along with his function so that we only referred to him. The quantum field works by identifiers, not by geographical location, so you will reach your “target” anywhere he is on earth or in space…

If you believe to be a sweet angel or a mild lamb and you have trouble with some of your contemporaries it is that you are nothing soft or mild and with this method you will get to know how you delude on yourself.

I will continue to be guided by Anthony processes to offer alternatives…

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