Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 21 Feedback)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 21 Feedback)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 21 Feedback)

Boucle circuitWe will examine the mental implications of feedback phenomenon; but it concerns many other areas. And most obscurantist “morons” of civilizations that preceded ours all had a way of expressing them: it is the Ouroboros of the Greeks, the Paradise of the Hindus or the Persians, the Yurlungur of the Australians … In short, it is the snake biting its tail. Technically, it’s an automation, a servo, the result is fed back into its input! But yes! You know them! You are sweaty when it’s too hot because its evaporation produces some cooling. More generally, in a world characterized by change and motion, this is the only way to guarantee something could look stable. Conversely, if something is stable, that means that there is a servo behind. The body temperature, its bio-electronic values, the adaptation of the iris to light conditions, the fact of staying standing, etc. When you drive a car you are constantly reacting to the influence of storms or road inequalities, turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the disturbance because the “feedback” of a servo is “negative”. But one of the most important aspects is its form of “loop” well represented by the Ouroboros! And that clearly highlights the imbecility of the point of view of allopathic medicine: our body is clearly a stack of feedback loops and so it is utterly naive to imagine more than a half second, to be able to act locally as in a test tube: so, forget the drugs that “target” the pain! In addition, we have seen that Life itself is a gigantic servo which covers all the living creatures, and the view of environmentalists is far from taking all that into consideration. In fact, Life is A SINGLE entity, so indivisible, and therefore had to be manifested in its entirety at once (again something that must seem impossible to you! Of course, for you!) But God operates from EVEYTHING (The Principle), while Man insists on starting from NOTHING! Yet you know that bees need flowers and flowers need bees, and before you have imagined “missing links” to connect the flowers and the bees, everyone will have had time to die… If you can, imagine the possibilities that God had to choose from to manifest the biological life, so that all plants and animals are compatible without too much inconvenience, and all this, despite the pterodactyls who have the grace and lightness of a jumbo jet and platypus that hunt with their eyes closed. The silly simplicity of scientists is often bewildering …

The mastering of the mind and its feedback

In order for the soul to have consistent results, it has to adjust its reactions so that they produce what is intended. Now, remember it has only perceptions, as an autopilot, and that’s why we love to have a human pilot in airliners, and even drones also require drivers. When an athlete or a military trains, the most difficult is less to teach him what to do (muscles will get stronger by training) than what to avoid, because there, what is needed is to “deprogram the mental”. In other words, our spirit must understand that his mental should not react to inappropriate things. Which is achieved by convincing the spirit of not caring at all to react to situations that pose no problems, which is obtained in fine, by re-creating such situations again and again until the spirit mind does not pass out any more the reactions to the mental.

When a spirit gets embodied in this universe, he must quickly learn how to understand the “good and evil”, new to him. The Greeks speak of this passage as crossing the Lethe, to which is assigned the forgetting of what was known before the incarnation. But it is very unlikely! Remember again: the spirit has no “memory” because he “assimilates” what he understands, so what he understood became HIM, as carrots become rabbits. And having no memory, he cannot forget anything. But he can refocus his attention elsewhere, for example on all these new unknown stuff of the universe in which he just landed! And it is by “looking” back toward The Principle that he may have reminiscence of his prior knowledge. But with his newborn body, he has not yet many decisions to make, and it leaves him enough time to find out that his soul is doing quite well. And usually, that gives him the idea to resign his conscience to let his soul solve problems. The mechanism is as follows: first he took the habit of recording everything in his mind because he has not yet found the trick of reminiscence or of the Akashic memory which he did not need before. Then, on the occasion of any problem he also records that it is the mind who has to get by! This happens automatically, especially if the threat is followed by a blow or injury since the spirit takes this opportunity to steer this body that poses so many problems, and he does not want to know about that: so it is this choice of unconsciousness which will turn against him later. If the body survives this threat, this recording is the SOLUTION! He will make that choice again whenever we bother him as a baby or a child by telling him stuff he has nothing to do with, which is the hypnotic unconsciousness from lessons given by adults or teachers in school. In fact at that time, the threat comes from not understanding what he hears, and he is rarely allowed enough time to examine these streams of words sent to him. For, when a spirit does not understand, it is a spiritual death, and he is suggested to pile up what he does not understand in his mind and spring on the occasion of playing it back when asked. And everyone deduces he understands that, since everyone has cheated the same way before…

Now as the spirit does not want to know the details of the threat, the mind records EVERYTHING, and remember again that it is only able to perceive, not to understand! So as soon as any perception corresponds to an item classified as a threat, the mind plays the scenario that it recorded. But in this recording, it’s not just the bus that rushes over you, there is also your grandmother calling you and the sun shining. So you might get scared anytime when Grandma calls and the sun shows up! And if the bus has hit your knee, you may feel pain in the knee if you spend your vacation in a sunny country! Absurd? Not that much! Remember that your recording contains all the elements that can serve as a trigger, and also those of the solution. Without the mind being able to “know” which is which, since it has only perceptions and it is only by understanding those perceptions that the spirit could understand the said package, which he refuses! You see, you believe again that it’s impossible! Yet we can confirm this by returning to the memory of the bus to a guy whose knee hurts while on holiday, and the knee will be healed because the automation will be disconnected: the spirit coming to understand that he does not need this automation any more. In practice, the mind cannot make the sun shine if it lacks in the restimulation nor can it resurrect granny, but it can recreate the pain in the knee as arthritis or joint effusion if restimulations are quite repetitive. These restimulations are most effective when emotion is heavier, i.e. most disabling for the consciousness of the spirit, which may explain one of my preventions vis-à-vis Anthony’s methods.

Things get complicated when automations are linked. For example, you get a new glitch one day of good weather, so, your mind woke up because of the sun and your elbow pain will be added to that of the knee. Or, more commonly, a word that you misunderstood is constantly uttered by your surroundings, which restimulates your cowardice and adds to this misunderstood word all those you hear now.

So that the records in your mental, supposed to be lifesavers, will form an inextricable network of stuff that can be awakened by anything. And the worst is that you’re going to cling to these, otherwise it would mean that you were wrong to resign as a consciousness and rely on your recordings. But being wrong for a spirit is to give the evidence that we are not aware of something, and therefore we are dead, and we do not like if it stands out…

“Cognitive processes for helping feedback in distress.”

What’s that skid: are we no longer quantum? Question: find something in this universe that is beyond the quantum! Or something that escapes metaphysics! Or something that the Principle has not planned!

Good! So let’s say what we´re going to address is often regarded by his followers as something cognitive, but as it is fairly outside the physical domain, and the points of cognitive/quantum view can get confused. In fact the beginning seems cognitive, but the action, it is quantum…

I mentioned EMDR by saying that I will return to it. To have the official details, I refer you to the internet, and you may be taxing me a bungler, but I’ll give what I have seen. It is a therapeutic system that asks you retrieve a traumatic memory to examine the conditions looking in every corner. It’s where the “Eye Movement” » come. But a spirit has no eyes and it is unnecessary to move these nonexistent eyes in all directions to examine the scene … Though the idea is excellent because if you look at a moment of trauma which has caused a record in your mind, being aware of its environment, you will “deflate” it, even up to healing.

There are, however, two difficulties. The first is to find a moment of trauma. If you, or one of your friends, can testify to have been cured of hypertension or diabetes by EMDR, please tell me, I’m ready to publish an erratum! Because these “diseases” are rarely associated with a detectable trauma, apart from the announcement by your doctor: “You’ll laugh, you have diabetes!”. The other is that the moment of trauma you’ve recovered may not be the first on a chain and even if your desensitization rids you of your troubles, these are going to come back, as if, like with hypnosis, you live long enough to see them return, i.e. if you’re not lucky enough to die in the twenty years following your treatment…

There are other techniques to move up and back to that root, incident by incident, that could Desensitize and Reprogram (the DR of EMDR) your mind, but they are very strange, especially because if you do not find this basic trauma in your early childhood, looking further may cause you to go in the Akashic memories, which you will interpret as your “past lives” without any evidence of continuity other than the coincidence between incidents. In practice, whether the starting point is in these “memories” or “normal” memories, the fact of finding it guarantees that your recovery is permanent. But it’s much too twisted to let you handle it alone.

And what if you went to the quantum process?

Good idea! I realize that this episode is much longer than expected but I will stop keep you waiting, so too bad for that river of words…

Sit back at your table or your desk with some paper and writing devices.

List quickly some PLEASANT MEMORIES, for example:

  • The time your Dad announced the purchase of a nuclear aircraft carrier for the summer vacation in the Caribbean,
  • The time your mom announced she was hired in a circus for the flying trapeze with her bike,
  • The time your big brother invented the wasabi/mustard sandwich on gingerbread slices for aperitif,
  • The time you were appointed “tightrope walker of the year” after you crossed the Niagara Falls on a barb wire,
  • Most amazing even, the time you heard a politician make a smart and useful speech,


Do not try to remember them now, simply review them “conceptually” so to speak. Note on one of your pieces of paper a list of features words of the memories that you came up with and name it “Memories”. For example, for the memories that I have just mentioned:

  • aircraft carrier
  • trapeze
  • wasabi
  • falls
  • speech

But your list should be MUCH longer!

In case you’d be surprised that this list must involve only having great time, it’s because I do not want to put you in a spin of glaucous stuff, and that anyway ALL memories will come back to you from your mental records, hanging from strings with less pleasant starting points, and reactivated anyway on any occasion, remember that it works on a reflex basis or automatic reactions. If, by chance, you were leaving to the Akashic field, because your mind finds nothing to send to you, take the opportunity to walk there, but not for too long, it’s not very useful outside of giving you the opportunity to make the experience…

Now on another paper, make a second list titled PERCEPTIONS, where you put the following things:

  • Color (view)
  • Vision (view)
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Movements (around)
  • Movements (personal)
  • Body Position
  • Emotion
  • Tone (sound)
  • Noise (sound)
  • Volume (sound)
  • Weight

Place your list of perceptions along the one of the memories. The rule of the game is:

Remember the item referred to by the first list, close your eyes if it’s easier, and put your attention on the perception of the list that faces the word of your memory list. In our example, think of the dad just announcing his aircraft carrier and take care of the colors you see. Then go to the next memory (mom) and perception (what is visible). And so on. When you are at the end of the list of perceptions, drag it to start along on the next memory with the first perception (color).

You will probably notice it brings into play more than just sight and eye movements.

Especially keep it simple, do not complicate by reasoning or trying to interpret your memories: just go for the event, find the requested perception, and that’s it!

And what is this for?

First, to have a good time! But especially to convince your mind to drop these “switches” to call your mental help. It obviously does not aim to cure you of anything, and if such a thing happens, be happy but know that it is only a coincidence. However if you do this game for, say, half an hour (that’s why your list should be quite long!), It is quite possible that you exit with an impression of lightness and light like you have never known. Because you are now (your spirit is …) disconnected from your mind. And it can stay a while, even a few weeks. But do not hesitate to repeat the experience with other memories, of course!

What I find fascinating about this process is that, unlike orthodox psychologists who want everything relating only to injuries, we have the opportunity to verify that the mind contains many other things.

In any case, it showed you that your mind never stops running and that if you simply examine what you get (without analyzing…), you can discourage your spirit to constantly refer to it!

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