Will the 21st century therapy be quantum metaphysical or simply logic? (N°26 Action)

Will the 21st century therapy be quantum metaphysical or simply logic? (N°26 Action)

Will the 21st century therapy be quantum metaphysical or simply logic? (N°26 Action)

A small detail… but crucial: How do we know when it is time to act? I fear that we should again review what is meant by “acting” as far as a human being is concerned. You can see that for once, I quite agree with Anthony, which hides deep down, that I do not agree at all!

Let’s start with the nuances between action and decisions or thoughts…

Here, clearly we see that Anthony is using the mundane rationalist paradigm in his way of opposing acting and thinking! We already talked about it, but I repeat for readers who are not diligent… Shame on them!

As spirits (i.e. THAT we are!), we can only “consider”, which is not a curse in itself, since it gives us access to the stars… while our body has trouble breathing at all only over 20 miles, and sometimes much lower…

A “decision” as Anthony invokes, is only a “doubled” consideration: a first consideration of whatever you want (remember: that is TOTALLY free!!!) attached to the other consideration that “it” is manifested. Whatever this “it” is! Now it seems that Anthony’s decisions are limited to the use of our body since he differentiates thought and action. Your consideration, as a spirit of “considering it done”, is ALREADY your action. If you do not see the result you’ll be forced to use your body, if it is within its capabilities. It just implies one more consideration, prisoner of the underlying consideration within your paradigm as what you consider is not possible without using your body. Or the body of another one, for example by asking your neighbor to “pass the salt” for the salt shaker. Except that you’ll have to use your body to get it back anyway.

The considerations of a CEO are much more spiritual, most of the time his body will not be put to work outside of expressing the order orally or in writing. But Boeing’s CEO will rarely deliver his planes himself!

So why limit our possibilities within the use of our body? I have already told you how I have acted, and saw others act on the weather (and traffic jams). And I pointed out that it’s a part of the games suggested by Kinslow, so I’m not the only one to play with it on the planet.

All the remarks I will go over here and in the following episodes must apply to ALL of our “decisions” whether they involve bodily action or not. And manufacturing or stopping a storm has little to do with any bodily or psychic (mental) capabilities.

It will remain to examine in our conclusion (and later) why it may not work … which seems frequent, especially without our body acting…

A good point to start … “Suffering is an awkward creation”?!

Suffering is not a criterion of merit, contrary to what priests say, who forget a few words from the quote “Happy those who suffer BECAUSE OF ME”, Christ speaking, and capital letters are the forgotten part. And the choice of martyrdom is not the most common among our suffering contemporaries. I note, or I remind, that a martyr is a “witness”, therefore, not necessarily someone who suffers pain, yet someone who looks happy to suffer “because of Him” can bear a good testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospels…

What is wrong with Anthony’s remark is that he does not report that the suffering is the sign of a “creation” as he says, usually much older. My regular readers will have replaced the word “creation” by “manifestation” and I’m almost ashamed to have to recall that to my distracted fans… We can actually only manifest what is possible, and “nothing” is not a “manifestable” possibility, not even a possibility as such, so the idea of “creation” is an absolute nonsense…

If you have a cancer, you know that you have accumulated nonsense for years, if only because you’ve listened to people talking about it and you believe them! Because there is no need to smoke like a chimney to have a cancer of the sponges or hoses!

And if you were to review all your unfortunate ideas of “awkward creating” about your body and its suffering, you will have to devote quite a long time to it, unless you’re given a quantum and comprehensive trick… We will see…

Second good point to continue … “The pain and effort are useless”

I’ll add: reflections. We just mentioned the pain by examining suffering and trying to convince Christians that this is not by slapping their fingers with a hammer that they will be sanctified, so let’s turn to efforts! Quickly explain to me how a spirit can make an effort?…

Too late! Time out!

It’s your body or your mind (mental) that can make efforts. For a spirit, just considering the failure (or even just the possibility) of the proposed event, and its tangible and psychic appendages must make efforts. And all efforts are not necessarily, not even just “positive”. For example anger makes you break with rage batteries of plates because you are unable to uncork a bottle of Chianti! In practice, you can make all the effort that you want, it will not prevent the rain from falling!

I add “reflection” because when you do so, suddenly your consideration concerns only your mind (mental), and nothing visible will happen to manifest it, to paraphrase Anthony. Besides all his recommendations about “want” or “need” are just special cases of reflection. But if your consideration depends on reasoning, it will require that you notice this initial condition happening to deduce what you really want to consider, and you may indeed have a chance that your event takes place, but the universe does not care about your initial consideration any more than of its first Big Bang!

And be careful, when you think in the conditional: it is a reflection, and it will not work but as providing another opportunity to succeed to fail. What you probably do not need to check again.

Third good point to end off today… “If you do not know what to do, do nothing!”

It could be a corollary of the famous precautionary principle, but it furiously reminds me of a leitmotif of my mentor on dietary issues and hygiene in general, André Passebecq, founder and host of the Vie (Life) & Action Association until his recent death “Do nothing… BUT SMARTLY!” This supplement is obviously the most important part of this good advice. When following Passebecq I had the opportunity to meet hordes of cancer patients cured by a mere fasting of thirty days, a method useful in many other illnesses too.

But Anthony forgets here that there are many ways to believe being doing nothing, and that it is also impossible: as soon as you think, “you” acted! What he seems to ignore. When a cancer patient was talking to Passebecq, the later did not ask him to do NOTHING which is to say nothing to change his habits, but rather to simply stop eating, which avoided to make assumptions about the responsibility of a particular food, of which we indeed do know nothing about… Plus fasting is not really doing nothing but allowing the “natural medicating strengths” as Passebecq called it, to do their job. He saw it in a very “organic” form, but it is its full (physical, mental and spiritual) form that will serve us when the time comes …

Returning to the possibility for the mind to do NOTHING: just “simply” do not think … that which few are capable of, although some give the impression to not think more than a chamber pot…

Except that everything that comes into your head may be manifestable considerations. The Americans have realized that to hear a medical discourse or read an article can trigger the same disease among listeners, and I would say even more, also if it does not interest you … because your disinterest is experienced as a threat and registers in your mind, this combination giving it the opportunity to react to a yes or a no. As long as you have not had the opportunity to experience for yourself how a fleeting thought can impact your whole life or much of it, I know you will not believe me! Well, that’s not what you do best. And when I speak of “fleeting” thoughts, they do not even need to be expressed!

A little reminder of the quantum/metaphysical vision of human actions

But there’s something that goes for 46 lines, then this will be for the No. 27! Sorry!

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