Will the therapy of the 21st century be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 1)

Will the therapy of the 21st century be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 1)

Will the therapy of the 21st century be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 1)

What drew my attention to Dr. Robert Anthony, is that, to the opposite of most quantum physicists (at least of those that I met), he does not consider the quantum domain as an extension of the physical universe, but rather as its source, or its « cause. » But my ecstasy stopped soon…

Olivier Costa de Beauregard (1951); « Reverse causality »

This collaborator of Louis De Broglie noticed as early as 1951 that the quantum field behaved as if it was reversing causality.

That is a typical physicist reflex! It cannot be him who sees things upside down, but the universe who cheats!!! And the proof is that he was not much followed by his colleagues.

An unnecessary passing French remark, if the name of Beauregard may indicate a certain acuity of observation, the relationship between De Broglie and the word imbroglio evokes rather a mess! But he is much better known than our Olivier…

The ecstasy I was talking about Dr. Anthony has evaporated in the face of the avalanche of his inconsistencies! In fact, he does not know much more than a regular physician, but for someone who inspires us to release our old ideas and experience, he gives a little taste of « Do as I say, not as I do!

The principle of Quantum « science » is uncertainty!

It seems that Anthony has not heard (or has forgotten) Werner Heisenberg!

His uncertainty principle is often evoked but never told precisely which I’m about to do.

« In the universe the only things that we can know exactly have the dimensions of an action »!

You did not expect that? Especially because the dimensions of an action sounds Hebrew! Well let’s talk about it!

It’s plain: it’s worth ML2T-1, eg location and momentum of a particle! Is this any clearer? So I’ll explain.

Physicists have identified seven independent variables they consider: lengths (L), masses (M), time (T), electrical intensity (I), temperature (Θ), light intensity (J) and the amount of matter (N). As for me, I want to know what is the dimension of an angle in terms of their basic dimensions? But blah!

So an « action » is a mass multiplied by the square of a length (a surface) and divided by a duration…

I do not tell you all that to brag, but to show that it takes a little more than a piecemeal culture recovered from popular magazines to talk about this stuff.

The ancient (Greek and other Hindu or Chinese) did not need Heisenberg to know that if we used the universe to understand the universe, we would only know about the actions of the universe on itself.

The starting (and startling…) point is that the certainties of Dr. Anthony are based on a field whose principle is precisely the uncertainty, so just the opposite!

But our good doctor does not seem well aware of what a principle is…

And as he is very concerned by the fact that we have a « free will » and that we can make choices, unlike the hypnosis he attributes to us and from which we are suffering, his hypnosis was « chosen », whereas ours depends on the circumstances of our lives, and that is why we must liberate from it with his help…

« I choose to feel good now »

That’s one of the basics of how he can help us. Whenever we are not enthusiastic we must tell ourselves this « flip switch » for about fifteen seconds.

Emile Coué suggested to his followers to wake up thinking « I am getting better every day and at all points of view »! This brave inventor of the method of the same name died in 1926, probably well before Doctor Anthony was thinking of his « flip switch », so it is not he who invented self-hypnosis, and Coué did not need to be inspired by quantum physics to give some substance to the placebo effect!

Note that I do not say that « It’s not working! » I’m just saying we do not know WHY it works, which is what gives the scientific smell: it is based on uncertainty!

« Metaphysical nonsense » vs the alleged certainties of « quantum science »

Anthony speaks at least twice of the nonsenses of metaphysics, indicating he does not know any more about metaphysics than about physics or principles, which also indicates that he has not understood the logic, which he identifies with rationalism! While it is easy (?) to see that this is almost the opposite!

Again I do not mean that his advice will not work, I just point out that their potential effectiveness does not come from what he claims.

I has spoken in my « Agnostic Heresy » (forthcoming) about Frank Kinslow and his Quantum Entrainment to say the relative good that I thought of it, Frank is another « quantum therapist » which multiplies bestsellers and has no need to resort to the alibi of quantum physics (which he barely mentions) to claim to have results (quite relative).

If physicists themselves do not understand the quantum domain, do not rely on comics for any light.

So why do I plan to talk to you about Anthony for pages and pages? Because some of his suggestions may be helpful, but it is necessary to forget his quantum nonsense, since his « discoveries » like his « flip switch » have nothing really new or original, except for he is a little more accurate than his predecessors, particularly for not falling into the traps of so called « positive » thought!

It will mainly be my scapegoat to illustrate all the good things about quantum physics whose real understanding could be the solution to our woes and provide the true foundation for real quantum therapy, in fact, metaphysics, and therefore, just logic. That would free us especially from allopathy, which, absurd as it may be, has nevertheless also results, in the middle of its side effects!

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