All references to the Socratic midwifery (birth of the spirits) is appropriate…

You have a paradigm: everyone has one! This is your “world view”.

But which “world” are you speaking of?

Take the short test below:

Is your paradigm aware of the existence of two daily tides with only one moon to attract them?

Does your paradigm take into account that the electrons move in a vacuum (as in cathode ray tubes of the first TVs) while the vacuum is an insulator to the electric current, however, considered to be a flow of electrons?

Does your paradigm take into account the experimental evidence that the speed of light is neither constant, nor a limit, contrary to Einstein’s dreams?

Does your paradigm take into account the stubborn lack of missing links after the discovery of hundreds of thousands of fossils and strong genetic indications disabling the possibility of evolution (whether Darwinian or biblical)?

Does your paradigm take into account the use of “fire cutters” (healers) by some hospitals to treat their burns at a distance? (And therefore does it includes the possibility of psycho kinesis or consequently the action of the “spirit” on the “matter”…)

Does your paradigm take into account the fact that dogs know when their master or mistress decides to return home?

Does your paradigm take into account the fact that the heart and brain of experimental subjects react to the appearance of an image before their eyes see it?

Does your paradigm take seriously testimonies of “out of body” or “near death” experiences?

Does your paradigm include how humanity has lost its successive paradigms?

Does your paradigm realize the more and more profound aggravation and global universality of bullshit?

If you have once answered “no” to any of the above questions, your “world” lacks something.

If you answered negatively to all questions, your paradigm resembles that of contemporary humanity, and it is widely too shriveled to help you understand anything… except maybe video games!

Most people who realized the limits of the current paradigm seek to modify or change it. But few think to reconsider the vision of “their” world from scratch because they believe they already have a vision of the world itself. However, the current paradigm is unable to produce a solution, because it considers only a small part of the “world” or “reality” (call it what you want). Therefore wanting to consider changing it is hopeless.

If you get any limited idea of what the “world” is, it will be the idea of “your own world”, not the World itself, and you are only dealing with psychology.

And limiting your vision of the world to what you think of it, is properly called paranoia, and psychologists know it very well because it is their affliction…

Now, I’m not talking about finding a “new” paradigm, but to reconsider the subject in its entirety.

How not to limit the World you want to see?

It is “sufficient” to consider it as unlimited! In other words, to be able to consider the Infinite!

But not an infinite as those dear to mathematicians, a truly unlimited Infinite!

For the simple fact that mathematicians have many infinite shows that none of them is really infinite, because it lacks at least all that is in others! Including the existence of truly smart mathematicians!

We must understand that it is their vision which is the primary cause of our inability to have an unlimited vision of the World, what no recent philosopher has identified, to my knowledge…

The problem is not so much to deliver any paradigm whatsoever, but to deliver THE Infinite paradigm, because there will be only one, otherwise it would not be complete…

And consequently, it is immediately obvious that the very expression “Infinite paradigm” is a misnomer because the “Infinite” itself cannot be a “paradigm”, which is only its vision!

In other words, to distance from mathematicians (and scientists and philosophers in general) will not suffice, we must also distance ourselves from language. Because even if the word “Infinite” exists, the language is basically limited to identify words with things having more or less precise definitions.

If you think the above is highbrow, consider that it comes from the inevitable reference to a rationalist and materialist paradigm, terribly highbrow itself, and do not be discouraged: I do not intend to embark you on concepts like curved spaces or imaginary numbers, but just to help you see for yourself what you have (and had) in front of “you” and that your “authorities” or other intellectual prevented you to see, starting with your teachers and your parents! Which is reported with great zeal by your newspapers, magazines, TVs and reading of all kinds.

One of the slogans of the French “revolution” of May ‘68 was: “We stop everything and start anew”. I offer you another one: “We stop everything and start” because it is not worth remodeling the world from what we have inherited from these sick.

But the delivery will not be simple, because the baby is already obese, and it will be difficult to bring it out. The good news is that you will not need to take into account everything they wanted you to believe, especially what you did not understand, since you will have to abandon your entire culture, except perhaps to continue to be able to speak English and to count on your fingers.

It will still take a little courage, but if you have it, you will not regret the ride…

And do not consider me a teacher: I’m only your guide to show you the landscape, and you only have to look at it… and not to believe me!

So see you soon…

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