Will the 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 3 Creation)

Will the 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 3 Creation)

Will the 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 3 Creation)

We are still with the dear Dr. Robert Anthony. And since we have mentioned his use of the word « manifestation », typical of metaphysics, we could take care of a word which use is enough to know that one is not dealing with a metaphysician, it is that of « creation. »

His first mp3 is entitled The Secret of Deliberate Creation!

Based on his strange ideas about the nature of quantum physics, he then engages on « Quantum Physics: The Key to Creating Your Future ».

The scheme he proposes is that we might live by « design » instead of living by « default »!

It is a fact that most people live based on what they have accumulated in their mind, a word that Anthony uses very little. So all the usual references we use, are references to our personal and individual history, preventing us to « think outside the box of our mind. »

Not to the point to avoid visiting places where we have never set foot!

But Anthony imagines that we have more opportunities (sorry! Probabilities …). This is not revolutionary, think back to my example where you might be in the next room: a possibility we do not use (do not manifest) for the time being.

But if you go in that room, the possibility you demonstrate is not really yours? Although, for Anthony, only possibilities that come to our minds are manifestable!

He even says that subatomic particles (one does not leave his science, his quantum and his jargon) are manifested in this form of particles just because human beings consider them!

Otherwise, of course, they are only “waves”, the all-purpose concept which was long used by physicists to get out of trouble. It is replaced today by the extra dimensions in addition to the 3 or 4 that we know.

As a good student, Anthony is no exception: to him we are, « Multidimensional spiritual elements of an infinite energy field »!

I had also forgotten the field mania, still hypothetical and an old habit that nobody gives demonstration of the existence, like for others.

And Anthony probably does not know that string theories were abandoned when physicists realized that they were “not only wrong” but that they had blocked progresses of physics for decades…

Anthony must be missing some experiences of live miraculous events, I will illustrate with a personal anecdote.

With a friend, we played a lot at « manifesting, » as Anthony would say, weather. A beautiful weekend, we decided to decide the weather of day each at our turn.

Everything went well until Saturday morning. As a            good urban citizen, I had decided that the weekend would be sunny. This happened when I decided it around 9 am, except a half hour later, it started to rain. I renewed my decision and the sun did return. These alternations lasted until noon, when the boyfriend broke into the store where I was working, « Our thing doesn’t work anymore! ». « What thing? ». The weather! I wanted the rain to water my salads and the sun keeps coming back! ». That’s how we knew we were better in the manufacture of the weather than in our synchronization…

However, none of us were concerned or considering the clouds that had yet existed outside our considerations all morning long as we could notice it by the sun and rain alternations.

If you want to experience your impact on weather, follow Anthony’s advice (who is also mine): Do this for fun! And without complicating your life thinking about how it can be done.

It works usually very well, since no one in your area can imagine working on the weather, and so you will not have any opponent or competitor. But depending on the density of the population in your area, you will interfere with the life of a more or less large number of your contemporaries.

This is what brought my boyfriend to limit its power and potential damage! One day coming home 20 kms from the city, he was stuck by two cars driving too slowly for his taste. He decided they were going to turn right at the next few crossroads of his way. This is what happened. But after crossing the intersection in question, he looked in his mirror and saw the two cars backing down to resume their journey on his road. It gave him a pause.

An Anglo-Saxon is often simplistic and a scientific is pretty mechanistic. Doctor Anthony is both. And one of his remarks about criminals succeeding to manifest murders suggests that ethics has not much space in his considerations, so delighted to be able to « demonstrate » what comes into his mind and that he feels he « creates ». That makes a lot to think about Aleister Crowley: « Do what you want is the whole of the Law. » Nothing new again!

We saw the possibilities to be somewhere other than where we are, are almost limitless, it just depends on the accuracy you will give to your location, and none of them are your doing. You will only manifest existing opportunities by moving.

Besides his delusions, our Doctor misses a starting point, for: if we follow what he says, the universe has existed only once we could be there as human beings. But all the possibilities that we enjoy are not ours and these opportunities themselves must be possible to merely be as possibilities. This thing stops when one possibility is to itself its own possibility which is the case of the Universal Possibility of metaphysics!

That means we will need an « over-quantum » area that draws reap the opportunities that we use. St. John’s calls it The Principle, but the hatred Anthony speaks about when he criticizes religions is exactly the one he shows against them, and I guess the invocation of St. John is not likely to please him.

We were talking of oversimplification, but the Doctor tells us that he has extensively studied spirituality before realizing that it had nothing to do with religion. This poses the issue of his sources of study…

Meanwhile if we need possibilities for something to be manifested, his illusion of being a « creator » is good for the trash! He can only « manifests » as he says, existing possibilities, the assertions of that metaphysics which he does not want.

It’s only been 20 centuries since we speak of « creation ex nihilo » (out of nothing) and our mentor also fell into this trap. So we appreciate his seeking to help us get out of our own, but we would like him to give an example… and it seems very far away!

Since he thinks he can manifest everything, ask him to manifest a square circle! The only thing he can manifest is to speak about it. Unless one of his buddies mathematicians can invent I do not know which space, « curve AND mutidimensionnal » where a circle can be a square at the same time, but there will be no garden varieties of circle and square, that is to say the two planar figures of which one is the locus of points « equidistant » from a center, and the other a quadrilateral with equal sides and a right angle. The distances of the points of a square of side c to its center are between c/2 and c√2/2 To make it a circle just make this difference vanish, and this equation has a solution! : It is c = 0. And it solves everything! Including the circle and the square which are now only two points, so more a circle or a square.

For Plato, these geometric figures are « ideas of God » and it is their mutual definitions that tell what possibilities can match.

In other words, Anthony will only demonstrate ideas he will snatch from God, to whom he gives a whole lot of names that do not correspond to the reality indicated by the word God in question, he also seems to ignore. It’s easy to despise what one does not understand!

And there are things impossible to manifest even by a doctor because their possibility are not in The Principle of John!

I’ll let you ponder the curiosities on which sails the good Doctor and I give you an appointment at number 4!


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