It’s true that it’s ugly to kill Christians (and French?) We are no longer in 1789!

It’s true that it’s ugly to kill Christians (and French?) We are no longer in 1789!

It’s true that it’s ugly to kill Christians (and French?) We are no longer in 1789!

Aren´t they thrilling, our Republicans rising against the intentions of the jihadists to massacre the Christians! Have they forgotten that this is where began the revolution of which they are the heirs and, at the time, it was to get rid of nuns, monks and priest whose only crime was to threaten their psychotic and paranoid ideals. Because the microscopic width of their intellectual horizon should have asserted their stay in specialized institutions. And while they were there, they also got rid of many of the French of the time while the FN so cursed today was not even founded!

It is to the sacrifice of thousands of Christians that Republicans owe their jobs today…

… which they perform so badly, indeed! That Christians today are mobilizing against the threats they are subject to, seems to have to go without saying, but when it is the Republicans who do so, it makes me want to vomit! If the massacres to come are despicable, why those of 250 years ago would not, and how can the descendants of the executioners have the indecency to pretend (or not even?) not to remember that? It is certainly not the sense of responsibility that stifles Republicans leftists (and rightists alike…), they prove it day long!

In 1789 Guillotin’s machine was chopping heads in public in front of cheering crowds…

You have probably noticed that TVs carefully avoid projecting the images of heads being chopped off by jihadists, as we might not be so excited by seeing blood flow from gushing necks cut by swords.

Guillotin invented his machine to end the butchery of sabers, making that less a pretty sight, so the TVs are right to protect us…

It might be too that the Republican leaders do not regret their past conduct, while Republican people no longer want to see these horrors even if they should no longer be committed by their coreligionists.

Obviously some video games remind us of this beautiful time, but now you kill people with bombs, which is less arousing. When you think that for two centuries we only had Fun Fairs or sports matches to get the adrenalin … Fortunately we’re coming back to healthier pleasures!

The secular religion is the only one where Racism is part of the constitution!

Fools from “old religions” who did not understand that the Source of all Everything can have different names – according to language, in particular – they fight in the name of Allah, the Trinity or Brahma, simply proving they did not understand the doctrine of their founder, none of which did criticize the earlier traditions. But it only concerns a few, not very smart, individuals! And if one is to judge an “ideology” on the grounds of what the morons understood of it, we have to rake a little wider.

The famous mention of the Trinity in the Qur’an simply says “Since you don´t understand anything about it now…”, which is a fact since the clerical authorities imposed the definition of “three equal persons” a few centuries earlier… (more in my “Let’s be logical! … in God’s name!”

However the republican religion officially “tolerates” competing ones, another way to say that they are all wrong, but we are forced to endure them because their supporters are too many to risk riots. Can anyone tolerate anything but errors? And yet they are tolerated provided they remain discrete, or only wearing yarmulkes…

Would there be areas of selective amnesia in the “duty of memory” of Republicans?

Paranoia again! Yet it is from the Republican books of history, – relayed by the slaves of the republican education which repeat like asses what they were told to tell, that we know that, until July 28 1794, the republic was installed in the TERROR period, but, since they won fault of surviving fighters, the 2015 terrorist are really bad and naughty boys!

Today’s Republicans have also been to their school and know everything. Maybe they did not notice that terror was committed by terrorists, and that is why they are also outraged today to discover it. Except that if they did not understand this, what about their intelligence and discernment? It allows them to forget their past, not any more glorious than the present of modern terrorism? And being jealous that other radicals or fundamentalists are threatening to kill what they thought was their turf?

The Republic itself is born out of a jihad!

For revolution’s terrorism has all the characteristics of what the media call today a “jihad” to ensure the marketing of the Islamic State. The jihad of today is no more a “holy” war than the one of 1789! And perhaps it would be good to stop talking of it as if it was recommended by the Koran … but journalists who are promoting it well keep avoiding to read the book.

However fundamentalists of the two eras are both integral morons, and if those of today claim to terrorize in the name of a religion, people of the time did not even realize that they were making the propaganda for another, which had no name yet, but was well characterized by a visceral anti-Christianity! Were we not just at the end of the “Enlightenment Century” at that time? Miserable!

Could our leaders (who are leading us straight into the wall) at least have the decency to stop honoring anyone suitable for their agenda with their penetrated look, unable to shed any tears, not even crocodile’s; and remember all the dead, Christian or not, which allow them today to display their shame and stupidity, perhaps we could start to believe in their sense of responsibility?


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