Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 48 Size)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 48 Size)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 48 Size)

A quick state of affairs: we managed to find a shoehorn to cram a host of possibilities in a dimensionless principle, and we will have to also squeeze in it a complete universe with its cafés and mopeds… Would this kind of tour de force be a job for God and his Word?

I had already posted this text when for the second time one of my relationships had raised the subject of expansions and compressions of our dear universe, and I concluded that this subject was interesting for my contemporaries so that it might make sense to deal with it.

Not without some great sadness … How could we forget what the Greeks, the Hebrews and others KNEW 2500 years ago?

As my familiar readers can expect, I will use my darling jingle after the Book of Wisdom: “Prove (examine) all things,” and we will therefore consider this: I can already tell you that you will have some surprises…

How do we measure the universe?

Like anything else: by choosing a reference size (a unit) and assessing the proportion between what we want to measure and this reference.

So whether the universe has an erection or shrivels, we will have to find a reference length that has the good taste to remain constant when everything else changes! Could we imagine that our reference length will undergo the same variations in size than the rest, or would you prefer that I wait until you miraculously find that fixed and absolute length?

In other words, whatever the size of the universe and its variations, the proportion between it and our base will stay the same, and we have NO way of knowing whether this size varies as the measure, the only thing we can know about it, does not vary!

The Greeks knew it, I said! “If you want to use the universe to understand the universe, you only have information on the interactions in this universe!…”.

But what are the interactions between these lengths? Their proportions!

The Hebrews also knew it! (Again the Book of Wisdom): “Everything was done according to weight, measure and number!”

What are weights and measures? Proportions!

Ah, some of you are following…

Concerning numbers I loosely refer you to my books… that’s another story…

But all that has been found again for some time by some Heisenberg with his “Uncertainty Principle”! Note that basing knowledge of the universe on uncertainty was pretty swollen! But at least we know what we can expect of this science!

What did Mr. Heisenberg tell? That: “In this world we can only know quantities that have the dimension of an action”! And what is that thing? Without going into details, you have physics teachers for that, the size of an action is a combination of a mass, a length, and a duration. So you cannot get a separate knowledge of any of its components.

Although we cannot know precisely the masses, the proton is estimated at 1,672 × 10-27 kg (great accuracy!); nor sizes, but the proton is 0.84184 fm (a femto is 10-15)! Strange principle that everyone seems to mock.

Note, however, that the most accurate known mass is that of the photon with .00000000000000000000000000… kg (put there as many significant digits you want as long as it’s zeros!), Except that the photon energy, which characterizes it, depends on the observer and his travelling for its frequency or its wavelength, a feature used by cops and doctors, the first for granting you a ticket and the other to know if you are still living without asking the question, and we like it a lot: it is the Doppler effect… a joke that will not be easy to translate into English (Doppler, de plaire, to be pleasing…!).

Surprise !!!

But I announced surprises. So let’s go! Consider a circle of radius R and be vicious enough to state that R is a “pure number”, a “scalar” or a “dimensionless” number, as they say… let’s say that the extent of this radius is R×Lr the “dimension” of the length being supported by a “reference length” Lr to which we will report our measurements. If you want to consider it as a stallion, nobody prevents you to consider it as a unit (of length)… Finally!

The circumference of the circle will be 2×π×R×Lr and you will notice that 2, π and R are plain “dimensionless” numbers thanks to the use of our magic length. Now let’s seek the ratio between the circumference and its radius 2×π×R×Lr/R×Lr. We see that our Lr evaporates, which leaves us only with dimensionless numbers, and that’s good because a proportion itself is a dimensionless number! There is perhaps no need to have been to MIT to see that it is 2×π×R/R, and even simply 2×π. Thus this proportion does not depend on the radius R! And it is as well, it just means that this proportion will not tell us anything about the size of the circle, as we have seen about the universe!

And what if R was null?

The 2×π×R/R formula becomes 0/0, what mathematicians call an “indeterminate form” Remember, a division of A by B is to find which number multiplied by B makes A. Now we can multiply by 0, anything we want (well, if it’s really a number), the result will always be 0. So: we do not know what is 0/0!

Uncertainty is ok, but ignorance is intolerable for a scientist, be he a math.

Then they found the trick: if a ratio of two functions (continuous, but let’s be modest, I pass, lengths are such…) becomes indeterminate, the “true value” is that of the ratio of the derivatives. Still not enough having to have been to MIT, but if you do not know what a derivative is, trust me… The derivative of 2×π×R is 2×π, and that of R is 1. So the “true value” when the radius is zero is 2×π. Funny, right? It is the same!

Let get vicious.

It resurfaces…

Let us now compute the proportion between the surface of a circle and that of a square of side R, because we compared the perimeter of our circle with a straight length. These are π×R×R and R×R, respectively, again our reference lengths were evacuated, and the result is π. What will happen if the radius is zero? It falls on 0/0, but we have the ultimate weapon, the derivatives: i.e. 2×π×R and 2×R. Proportion: 0/0 again! Gasp!! Well, we derivate again: 2×π/2, π remains, as when the radius was not zero!!!

I hear nothing, turn up the volume!

Come on, once more and then I’ll stop. The proportion between the volume of a sphere and a cube of edge R? 4/3×π×R×R×R and R×R×R. Would not it be 4/3×π? Obviously if R is zero we get our 0/0. Go, go on derivating! 4×π×R×R and 3R×R. No surprise it is 0/0! Do it again: 8×π×R and 6×R! Still no surprise, and in the end: 8×π/6, just in case, it is also equal to 4×π/3, the same proportion as when the radius was not zero!

So that ALL the proportions are retained even if the dimensions are zero… whatever the stuff, straight or curved, to which they are compared.

A shape is geometrically defined by the envelope of its tangents or a volume by its tangent planes. So by directions. So by angular variations or sequences of ratios. And straight lines, planes and cubes are characterized by their linear nature while circles and spheres are characterized by constant changes in direction. The consistency of the relationships between these two types of geometric beings leads to the constancy of all forms that can only be mixtures of straight lines and curves.

So why would not the size of the universe be zero? Since seen “from the inside”, it would not change anything? We would see the SAME FORMS than assuming a non-zero size, so we may even have a zero size universe seen from the “outside” giving the impression of an “infinite” size from an inside view!

Oulah, oulah! I know very well that it is not zero, since I am in it!

So some do not follow yet!!!


It’s been a very big arsenal for such a poor result. Unless…

In fact, considering hyper-volumes of N geometric dimensions … Such a “thing” will have a hyper measure like A×RN, and another one will be kind of B×RN, so their ratio will be A/B as long as R is not zero, A and B may depend on N provided that it is the same way. The “variable” part of the ratio therefore concerns the relationship of the two RN who is 1 whatever N, and all the derivatives of the two RN are the same and obviously zero when R is zero until the Nth worth of N! (N factorial), and R has disappeared. So, when R is zero the initial ratio remains equal to A/B in all cases. And our demonstration does not apply only to lines, surfaces, and volumes! Whatever the outlandish and imaginary dimensions as mathematicians would add to our observable trio, hyper-forms would be kept even with a zero size for all hypothetical added dimensions. This is another way to announce that the hyper dimensions do not solve much, despite the scam of the string theories.

In fact physicists would do much better to deal with the “space” of 0 dimension! Obviously such a “space” has nothing “geometric” anymore which prevents making measurements but allows conventionally identifications it as long as we can distinguish a kind of progression. Such as the “emotional space” where we can find, between death of one side and serenity on the other, grief, fear, anger, antagonism, boredom, interest more or less strong, enthusiasm, among others. The emotions I have mentioned being in an observable sequence. But the distance from sorrow to fear obviously has no sense…

So the use of derivatives may have given the impression of stating the obvious, but it had the merit of showing that even relatively modern math, coming from Arabic algebra rather than Greek arithmetic, can support our considerations on the dimensions and the possibility that they are zero without changing the appearance of forms in it, views from inside …

It’s magic!

Readers of my “Let us be logical” that have had the patience to go that far perhaps remember my sensational experience, of the mirror placed on the ground outside a cloudless night where you could contemplate in the mirror the reflection of the “half” of the universe situated above it. You see I am already senile!!!

Well, you do see this reflection? And in relief? Yet there is no volume in the plane of the mirror, and since you put it down it did not botch tar or grass if you are in the countryside, so that this volume is visible and yet it DOES NOT EXIST.

But you can do worse. Go get a computer from some of your friends and ask him to make you a video game imitating a game of bowls. He will have to “make” spheres, but he knows how to create and display them as circles on a screen. However, there is a constraint to be respected: the distance between the centers of any two spheres cannot be less than the sum of their radii, and that goes for the jack as well! Once he has programmed them, your spheres have become solid! That is to say, they behave like solid spheres, the way of your real bowling balls. While there is nothing solid in your hand but your video game with its screen. There are but ideas “crystallized” in the software that can produce nothing without a compatible material!

Are you still sure you believe what exist is more “real” than reflections or “virtual” video games? We can only know the interactions of the universe with itself, and in fact we can only know the apparent behavior of objects thereon…

Incidentally, this illustration of reflection also applies to the “intellectual” thinking known as “mental”. While fresh thoughts coming from a spirit can produce material results, reflections byproducts are powerless to manifest anything… It is no longer but an illusion of thought. We lost a dimension… But that’s irrelevant! In fact we have already discussed it…

On the other hand you could say that if the volumes are zero, the masses cannot be such since we would not be able to measure their gravitational pull. But nobody prevents your computer programmer to program gravitation with his balls behaving as if they had a massive “body”: he just has to give them a parabolic trajectory of vertical axis with the top up! Seen from me, these games are the gift of Lucifer, who has been had by God for us to learn something fundamental! It is in the chapter that we will get everything revealed at the end of time… As in the Book of Job, where Satan is forced to obey God! And it is probably God who inspired to Lucifer video games used by his puppets to die with his gadgets for teens, while “others” see them as a clear symbol of the Hindu maya

For wikipedia maya is “The creating power of God, perpetuating the illusion of duality in the phenomenal universe; it is also the illusory nature of the world.” Forget the word “create” which is not Hindu! So what the Hindus knew from the Vedas, we have its indication clearly expressed at the end of Kali Yuga.

And so is life, we think we see plants and critters, because we do not see that they are only digestion process (assimilation) extremely slow and they are only appearances taken by the phenomenon of Life…

Let’s be senile again! On the other hand, if the size of the universe is zero, it suits many things. Because it makes it compatible with its possibility. Indeed, if the universe exists it means that it is possible! That’s the only reason for its existence … But a possibility does not take up space or volume since it does not exist (yet!). In other words, the very real possibility of the existence of the universe is invisible whereas the depth of the image in the mirror is quite visible but corresponds to nothing existing! So a zero size universe can easily enter in a possible “same size” stuff! Like the Verb which St. John tells us that He is IN the Principle. The Verb is what changes the universe from its mere possibility to the universe itself and this Principle is the “possibility” of ALL, not just of this universe… or is it ALL the possibilities, up to you…

And if it reminds you why some explain our vision of reality is reversed because the tree of reality has its roots in heaven, is it just relentlessness?

Don’t you still believe that we’re done already?

As for the intermediate world, the psychic or mental, its space is only an appearance like that in a mirror. So it does not have a volume either (review what has been said at the time of the composition of our “Infinity”!)

Okay, well, I enjoyed myself a lot, and I promise this is the last time I’m wasting my time evaluating my space… And I suggest you drop the issues you will never have the answer of, because an “examination” (= digging to extract the light of what we study) will result in well-conducted intelligence (= the ability to read in the depths of things) and it is not so stupid to know that something is absolutely useless!

If it reminds you the cry of Socrates: “All I know is that I know nothing!” You can return it to your account if you come to understand the paradigm in which you are locked (with your ancestors since the beginning of this civilization, i.e. since the revolt of Kshatryias, 25 centuries ago).

Another quick balance: what you take for an infinite universe is ultimately a tiny residue of a “more” “infinite” principle, to use maths’s gibberish. All being “in” the real and unique infinite!

But now at least we’re getting back to therapeutic considerations, as you are equipped with a paradigm that your body (and your mind) “understand”, I mean as they were scheduled to play, and as they may react to what you will tell them to settle your small or big health problems without having to hypnotize you on hypothetical visualizations.

I remind you that the trick was to go through all that “justify” your bad health, which makes it “normal” that you are sick, from your old (hopefully) paradigm. I know that it may take time since I practiced it or a little over a month, and while many things have normalized, there are still some consequences of my stroke 5 years ago which is playing game stops… so to speak!

Whether it’s sad or not, this is where I almost leave you because I stand up well to an annex to detail all the good things about this retarded teenagers civilization but that seems so pleasing to you, when the moment a single ray of sunshine is enough to make you forget the crisis, the pervasive pollution, the disappearance of 40% of marine fauna in forty years (source WWF), climate change bringing tropical tornadoes to the north pole and the EMP threats that Isis does not seem to know how to enjoy…

As town criers announced: it is too late, good people, sleep well, gays (guet!) are watching!

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