Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 4 Descartes)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 4 Descartes)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 4 Descartes)

We have discovered two difficulties with our Dr. Robert Anthony. He is confused, as when he speaks of probabilities rather than possibilities, and forgets some important things, such as the possibility that some things could just be possible. His probabilities are in fact only the probability that a possibility can be manifested, which ultimately relates more to the universe than to his quantum physics! As for his forgetfulness of an initial possibility that anything may be possible, it implies that for him, nothing can exist, whether as being manifested or in the form of a mere possibility. As this is not the only thing he has forgotten, we will leave him for a moment to take care of some of the things he should have spoken of, then we will examine some of his confusions occasionally.

Anthony has had famous precursors, let’s talk about the « I think, therefore I am! » of René Descartes!

You will not believe me, but I’m neither the only nor the first to have noticed what I’m going to say.

Some noted the need to already be before we can think, so the declaration and « demonstration » are backwards.

Others proposed to replace his questionable deduction by « I think, therefore there is something out there! » Without necessarily saying what.

I want to elaborate from this formula…

« If I can say I think, it is that I am aware, I am even aware of being aware, and even more: I know I am aware! »

« I am a being who knows he is conscious! »

If you have the impression that I am going in circles, it’s that we need to examine some of the words I use. And there are not many: one, be, conscious, know!

Aware is not so interesting as conscious, a funny word indeed! It consists of « con- » (with) and « -scious » (cut, separated).

So it would mean to bring together what is separated, which is precisely the official function of a Master of Freemasonry! That is his function is simply to be what he is!

But let’s drop Descartes that has many other disadvantages and remember Socrates’ intervention told by his friend Plato in his « Banquet », a meeting of friends to talk about philosophical stuff about love.

After allowing their Descartes and Anthonys to vent, they turn to Socrates who simpers, « I’m not as expert as you! ». « But I have a question, » he adds, « Is love simply love, or love-of-something? ». The Descartes and Anthonys remain stupid: they had not thought of that!

While the word « conscious » induces much more directly the question? Does not consciousness imply an object of which it is aware? And even three elements like love: someone who loves, love itself and that which is loved?

In other words, we are also using without saying the words « one, » « two » and « three »!

Now apparently the first thing which conscience is aware of, is itself! And in this case three things are but one!

Let us now examine what it means to know!

The French word “savoir” comes from the Latin Sapere meaning taste. Putting something in our mouth, is it not another way to combine two separate things? It is even the beginning of a deeper process: digestion or assimilation of what is ingested by the eater.

So this is the problem of Life itself!

When a rabbit is eating a carrot, the meeting of the two results in the carrot becoming rabbit and rabbit droppings. Now, if a fox eats the rabbit, the rabbit will die so its flesh can become the flesh of the fox and the fox droppings! If it is a human being who eats the rabbit, the flesh of the killed rabbit will become human flesh and human excrement!

The carrot also was killed, but no one cares, it’s only cellulose…

But the flesh of the carrot itself comes from the digestion of a little ground, rain, air and sunshine.

And the universe itself will be rebuilt from the waste of this universal process of assimilation.

Our body is only the appearance taken by what it has assimilated in solid, liquid, gas and energy. The proof is that it usually dies if deprived of food for more than a few weeks, drink more than a few days, air for more than a few minutes, and instantly with a lack of energy, if its temperature turns to absolute zero!

So those bodies that seem obvious, are only the appearance taken locally by a gigantic assimilation process throughout the universe! The bodies of living beings are just the result of what they assimilate…

And what we know as beings is that we assimilate as concepts.

So we have a little idea of what it means to “be”! Based on our example: being aware, or being a consciousness. It is the appearance taken by what we know! But this assimilation of what one is conscious of carries a number of names: knowledge, understanding, consideration, discernment! « Comprehending » is a word made up like consciousness means it is hanging with you. « Consider, » the basic operation of consciousness is even more staggering: it means to contemplate (to be in the temple with) the stars (sidereal!), i.e. to assimilate the light that comes from the confines of the universe! Finally, discernment is needed to view things in particular. The lack of discernment is confusion.

In other words we are ONE being, discernible as we see it and our « definition, » our « species of being » is being aware, conscious, capable of knowledge, of understanding, all of which are just synonyms for what we are.

See you in No. 5 for what to do with our considerations…


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