It’s fast but it’s not moving!!!

It’s fast but it’s not moving!!!

It’s fast but it’s not moving!!!

Afficher l'image d'origineIt comes from Santé Nature Innovation! So from Jean-Marc Dupuis, and it is entitled “The incredible force of fasting

All this to tell us of a program on ARTE (a French/German TV station) in March 2012, reissued in September 2013 and entitled: “Fasting, a new therapy”!

Which leaves me a bit puzzled! That ARTE just comes to discover fasting can be explained because I never expected them to be aware of anything useful, but I wonder what’s behind Dupuis’s mind to speak of it now!

A record audience!

The director, Thierry de Lestrade, also published on ARTE editions a book of the same name, with additional stories and new perspectives,” says Dupuis!

How cute! One wonders what’s the use of Shelton, Geoffroy or Passebecq (these two in France) more than 50 years ago?

Because the audience expects scoops and Lestrade chooses its titles on teasing?

Is it more encouraging to know that fasting has just been discovered and offers no more guarantees than any new drug, or has been successfully practiced for a long time by countless people, in spite of what our “medical authorities” may think, who have definitely no sense of the ridiculous! Except that we’re dying from it!

Most people I’ve encouraged to fast had nothing to do with spirituality, except a few who synched it with Lent… but in fact, primarily, because there are a few indications that fasting is more effective in the springtime, and those I met who had been healed of so-called serious diseases like cancer had done it knowingly after having read the “good writers”. If a cancer can be cured in 25 days of fasting why do you call it a “serious” illness? Could it be because doctors need it serious?

Fortunately in his newsletter, Dupuis gives a history of the modern fast by going back in the early nineteenth and giving great detail of historical anecdotes.

Yet I wonder why Dupuis speaks so much of “religious” fasts, if not for ridiculing them and announcing that modern therapists have improved it.

It also looks like he reserves fast to the pathologies he calls “too-much”, which suggests he does not have much experience of the subject. The underweight people reflect a failure of assimilation a fast can fix. Leave a body at rest for a month and its assimilation will perk up, and it will find its normal weight at the end of the fast.

In addition, he seems rather shy, since he advertises for clinics that make false fasts with a crazy diet instead of no food at all, which necessarily respects the proportions of a balanced diet (zero of everything!). Since he speaks of Germany and Switzerland, why doesn´t he speak of Steiner and his anthroposophy medicine? He really has problems with religions or cults, as if it was enough to be interested in a system of thought to come to ignore it is day time when the sun rises. Even Jehovah’s Witnesses have a smart attitude toward blood transfusions. And one does not need to swallow all of Steiner’s mythologies to enjoy the products of its biodynamic agriculture…

One of the main benefits of fasting is its cost! So why send people into “specialized” clinics where you’ll pay an arm and a leg for unnecessary infusions.

It should also be clear that after fasting has successfully healed you, the most intelligent is not to take the same food that made you sick before… Reference: “And especially, for autoimmune diseases, fasting does not provide a long term cure without a fundamental change in eating habits, particularly the removal of gluten cereals and dairy products.” It’s a shame to fall back into the funfair dietetics by giving generic dietary tricks that may not be universal… Especially as there are more subtle ways to know if you are truly gluten intolerant before wasting your money to buy “gluten free” products, and condemning you to eat tasteless stuff for the rest of your days… Same for dairy products except I have no pun at hand…

The indications against fasting he mentioned are also somewhat unexpected, and he does not mention obese people who have better practice “rhythmic” fasting (one day a week, for example) rather than stopping suddenly for weeks. The people in question will burn their excess fats that contain loads of toxins packages, which, passing in the blood can cause enormous damage or worse. And it is especially during the first days (the most unpleasant, because after three days the body understands what you want it to do and begins to repair itself, rather than trying to find energy from its reserves). If you want to know more, better read André Passebecq, his books have survived him… and he, at least, speaks from experience!

As for me I was able to verify that the “official” information was false. I should have died after 41 days of fasting (the fateful period according to the “experts”), and in fact I stopped after 45 days, because I was gaining a kilo a day without eating – even without drinking – and because these erroneous data angered me, and the taste of water is not particularly overexciting. Then I thought of Therese Neumann and her inedia (= she stopped eating for years) whose photos do not show someone starving, unlike Marthe Robin, and I did not feel like dying swollen like a Sumo chick, so I loosely stopped. The other urban legend about fasting is that if one has fasted D days he must gradually resume to “normal” food over D days as well, before returning to a normal diet! Under the pretext that our digestive tract would have become that of a new born! Allopaths are not the only ones smoking unorthodox stuff…

Challenging for fitness!

Let us agree with Jean-Marc Dupuis: “It is therefore particularly regrettable that the fasting track is not followed with more interest by the majority of doctors.”

But there is even more regrettable: why should we continue to trust the people who constantly prove their good results are only due to luck, and thanks to the fact that living organisms have all they need to repair by themselves. The “Natural Medicating Force” of our dear Dr. Passebecq!

Which is also mentioned by our good Dupuis: “First of all, note that this therapeutic approach is desperately opposed by the medical system, stuck in its bubble “a disease, a drug,” and still not counting on the natural abilities of the body to recover.

But beyond how lucky they are that the body survives medical abuse, the symptom of their ignorance is shown by their use of probabilities. As meteorologists with their 50% probability of rain (in the US) or a “confidence index” we know nothing about (in France). Those of you who read my books know my mantra about the gift of probability that we owe to the Great Christian Blaise Pascal: “an attempt to evaluate our ignorance!”. Cf. my stats teacher at SUPMECA! Seen from home, an ignoramus can do all evaluation attempts he wants, he cannot afford to get any valid assessment of his ignorance, which by the way, is an oxymoron. All our bodies are different and include a quantity of servo parameters that defies any meaningful statistical analysis. Moreover, they never talk of things like variance, standard deviation, or the type of “distribution”. They only mention averages. But if the mechanical and electronic industries are successfully using probabilities, it is partly because they have far fewer variables to consider, and much higher numbers of items to count. This allows avoiding being systematically under “Poisson’s Law”, but rather under “Gauss’s Law” which allows for significantly more reliable predictions, showing a much more relative ignorance, up to measurement of results showing “0 defects”, a way of saying that we have reached the 100% probability, which is certainty.

What is lacking so dramatically in medicine and dietetics (“Your food is your best medicine”, said Hippocrates) is an indication of the measurement conditions that would reduce the dispersion of measures and avoid announcing things like, “You must drink a liter and a half of water a day!” Not saying which water nor whom this advice concerns…

The funfair medicine is banned in France, but even medical journals practice it constantly hypocritically, not without indicating that everything they write does not exempt a visit to the doctor, and so we can wonder why they write all this because, in the end they do not encourage self-medication, and which is all the best. So it must be to help you to look smart and suggest to your doctor that you know the subject as well as himself, which is unfortunately also likely to be the case!

Why don’t you go take a look at “” from whom I borrow a quote from the Passebecq I constantly mention: “Millions of people are killed each year by therapeutic that were supposed to cure. And no, or almost no one is moved. Common sense and critical thinking being overwhelmed by the psychological conditioning of modern life.” Dr. A. Passebecq!

But also the famous phrase of Jean Rostand “Medicine cultivates the disease, the tare. The species is deteriorating automatically; biological harm is increasing, is growing; the health situation gets worse. The therapy is a provider of defects; it creates men who need to use it.” Passebecq used this quote as highlight on issues of his review Vie (Life) & Action!

But as the announces, a few of their quotes should make you think, do it. In addition, when they speak only of “some” quotes, you’ll actually find so many that I stopped counting when falling on that of Coluche: “It would be enough that people stop buying so that it would not sell”. This troublemaker gave our politicians a grand lesson of efficiency with his ‘restaurants of the heart’, and we often forget the lucidity which he has displayed. At the end, the citations come from B. Christopher, the author and are not all as happy, but the first pages are very enlightening. A must read, paraphrasing Alex Jones (another guy to follow and…)!

Well, we are far from fasting, you’ll tell me, but not that much: this practice is known to many animals who use it to heal themselves, but is so foreign to the fabulous addicts to our “culture”, so convinced of its progress that it is necessary to give testimonies (and as much as we can!) that other paths are possible, and it must be understood that the obsession of power junkies is to make the people they manipulate as stupid as possible, an objective clearly achieved by the effective education methods on the planet, at least since Wundt, or Descartes, or even long before as the seed was sown by Aristotle!


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