Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 42 Physiology)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 42 Physiology)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 42 Physiology)

A few sentences to give you examples of truly quantum therapies.

Evil Pharmacist! Do as I say, not as I do!

The stepfather of a colleague was a pharmacist. When one of his sick contemporaries came to see him, he sold him drugs! But when he was sick himself, he actually took the suitable drug on its shelf … and went up to leave the box on his nightstand! The night passed and he brought down the miracle product back to its shelf untouched. As for him, he was cured!

The version of your servant now: the few times I had a health problem, if anyone around me advised me a product and that it was what I needed, its very name simply made me the corresponding expected effect without the side effects, such as for the pharmacist.

Let´s sing for Hannemann!

In fact you probably know quantum medicines, i.e. which do not use any material ingredient: magnetism, healers, dowsers, fire cutters, and homeopathy.

This last (and others) is ridiculed by hucksters drug dealers, but the fact remains that the pills and drops that contain little, if any product considered active, are effective and may even be dangerous at very high dilutions if the doctor makes a prescription error.

I have not spoken of TCM, the English name of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because according to my Chinese sources it requires for its practice to have spent 7 years in a Taoist monastery, which is no longer done since the Cultural Revolution, and I let its presenters the responsibility for their dreams. The version circulated in the West is only a packet of kitchen recipes applied haphazardly whose effectiveness is well worth the results of allopathy …

But I told you about these two real-life examples to also show how optional it is to resort to methods such as the HFCs (Frequency Healing Call) of Dr. Haddad, since neither my pharmacist nor I have needed his crackling noises to make the drugs that we “used” operate…

The benefit of homeopathy compared to my personal manipulations is that you are not asked to consider (think of) anything. The disadvantage is that the products must be available.

I recall that Jeanne Rousseau made a fabulous demonstration of the quantum nature of homeopathy and I refer you for your documentation to the DVD distributed by the ABE (Association Bio Électronique (Vincent)) elsewhere on the Web.

Quickly! As long as we simply dilute, the pH behaves as expected: it turns to 7, but if we dynamize, the pH value returns to the pH of the initial solution for 7 to 8 dilutions in a row, and then jumps up by one and remains there for another 7 or 8 dilutions! This behavior indicates that there is something really special that escapes conventional physics and that’s why I invoke the influence of the quantum field!

The idea is almost brilliant (it was inspired by the spagyrie, the medicine of alchemy!): if a product causes symptoms, they are the way our body reacts to the poison. If the corresponding symptoms are observed without signs of improvement, ingesting infinitesimal or even virtual doses of the same product we spotted, the body will react to complete getting rid of what caused it.

It’s a bit of a crapshoot, because we do not know if this is really this product that was causing the symptoms, but the body is not reasoning that much, so makes no mistake, and fires what it is invited to fire! This is because, unlike allopathy, the remedy is not supposed to “cure” an abstraction of disease, but to emulate the body to trigger its defenses, so that homeopathic remedies do not use weight amounts but only a kind of information transmitted by the potencies of successive dilutions of the active product, which will actually lead the body to react to this information. And it is this lack of weight of active product which is reminiscent of a “quantum” action, even if no thought is involved.

How to calm an organ annoying you?

But back to our hard-quantum domain! And to answer the question of the subtitle, think back of our approach to calm our naggers… (see episode 17!).

So this time it is a body part that rots your life! For example a dental abscess.

So first forget this abscess despite all its appearance of reality, and get concerned instead by the tooth which is not an abstraction of the medics!

If it smashes your head, you will easily say that “there is nothing worse than having a toothache!” When it was Gustave rotting your life, the process was to imagine “a problem of a scale equivalent to Gustave”, but your tooth is as clean as a hound´s tooth and has nothing against you! Simply, how will you admit that this pain is not the worst problem in the universe? Simply by “imagining something worse than a tooth!” Until the pain evaporates!

And that is the whole process!

My example of the tooth is an example I lived! I spent an afternoon in an armchair to “imagine anything worse than a tooth,” or “a jaw!”

And my patience was well rewarded: I have not suffered from dental abscesses for forty years, without going to a dentist. And without taking care of my teeth either.

An energy healer can achieve the same result, but how do we know if he just considered the healing or has “manufactured” the “energy” to make a repair? Because in both cases there will be nothing visible during the session. But if he used an energy groping rather than a spiritual consideration, it is likely that your problem will reappear, perhaps even faster than with a hypnotic treatment. And it may take as long as my afternoon, even if it involves several sessions…

This is also what healers should know: the “energy” they use is only the manifestation of their considerations, so why not consider directly the desired result? Without trying to imagine what the body might need to repair! The body knows its business: its manifestation has been ordered by the Father and carried out by the Son, and it is made to survive without the intervention of any medicine, as those who have this medicine for sale are trying to convince you!

Do nothing but smartly!”

What could be more appropriate than the leitmotif of my mentor in “Vital Hygiene”, André Passebecq, founder of the “Life & Action” Association in 1961, which gave me the opportunity to give a lecture/thesis “Feedback theory and medicine.”

Indeed, the body should have nothing to do to stay healthy! But look at what that means… Because before staying healthy it should be there already and do what it takes to stay on. So already “do nothing” to screw it up! This is the first version of “smartly”. In other words, avoid tobacco, in particular, which proves especially and immediately how little smart you are, precisely! Stay reasonable with regard to alcohol, processed foods, and everything that is now taken for granted by dieticians.

And if that slips? What does “doing nothing but intelligently” mean? Above all stop doing what you’re doing stupid. And Passebecq was a strong advocate for therapeutic peace that no one dares to practice or advise today… In other words stop your toxic treatments! It is thanks to this peace that my grandmother lived seven years longer than the prognosis of three days announced by our family doctor! But when we are facing someone in a semi coma and threatened by death in three days, we are somewhat ready for anything.

And doing nothing is also “fasting”! How many have I met of cancers cured by fasting during the Congress organized by “Life & Action”!

Fasting allows the body to rest in its efforts to digest and to start its repair servo for which it will have in any case enough energy, for the way we feed ourselves in countries that believe themselves civilized; what no other practice permits!

Our energy stock is 42 days according to the doctors who have no experience of fasting! I did one of 45 days myself, and what decided me to stop is the fact of gaining a kilo a day without eating anything, and I was not too keen on becoming obese without the pleasure of eating like mad…

Passebecq´s books can still be found and issues of the journal of the Association have been recovered by the ABE I mentioned here earlier.

If you think you have allergies, Dr. Sachin Patel´s tricks can help you find out which: here too there is “nothing to do”, but smartly.

Passebecq took into account what he called the “natural factors of health” which everyone has heard of since. Including food, there is exercise and rest, fresh air and reasonable sun exposure as far as physiology is concerned. He also insisted on the quality of drinking water that has to be LITTLE mineralized, which Vincent’s bio-electronics confirms. At worst, drink Volvic, but if possible, turn to the Mont Roucous, Montcalm (French trade marks) or spring water, cheaper than the so-called mineral water and too loaded.

If you have signs of deficiency, have your eating habits checked by a dietician and turn to the “organic”. At worst consider supplements!

If your deficiency is about magnesium, forget the supplements and turn to magnesium chloride. Sachets of 20 grams found in pharmacies correspond to the dose for 1 liter of water. Keep the mixture in the fridge without it being imperative. I knew one guy who loved the taste, but only one! To make it bearable for drink, just do not breathe while drinking. Whether you have or not deficiencies, a chloride treatment at the approach of winter is worth all vaccines in the world and does not depend on the influenza strain of the moment. One liter is drunk in small glasses over a day. An overdose can cause a diarrhea which leads some to use it as a laxative, which I do not recommend as “smart”. Diarrhea is the indication of your body telling you that you have spoofed and you are doing allopathy instead of dietetics!

In fact this chloride has some humor: it is not the prototype of a substance which can be assimilated, but the body needs it so badly, it prefers not to grumble. But too much is too much, and he gets rid of excess through hoses…

This is a miraculous treatment for polio. From my side, I only have had the opportunity to take care of dogs which had distemper and were a bit paralyzed from the rear! Of course the daily liter is the dose for an adult human and we should adjust the quantity for the weight of the dog, as we should adjust the weight for a child or a baby… I once forgot to tell it to the owner of a small dog, but when I saw this master compelling the dog, which had become very soft, to suck the bottle, I had to tell him to stop… It had amply 5 times the dose and it did not face any consequence other than healing!

In fact without really being a panacea, it can help your body in most viral or other diseases, and you will have all the details of its use on the Internet! Its deficiency comes from intensive farming methods and it is the comparison between the magnesium deficiency map and the one of the frequency of polio that led Professor Pierre Delbet and Dr. Auguste Neveu to be interested in chloride …

But the other leitmotif of Passebecq was to let the “natural medicating force” play because if we look at it, it’s THE SOLE THING that can cure a sick body.

The videographers of TheLivingMatrix invoke the Placebo effect as the sole cause of healing. If that were the case, it would therefore suffice to know how to secure the operation of this effect, which they do not indicate any more than when John T’s. recommendations fail…

But let’s leave the physiological range to explore the visualizations of “The Association for Health and Anti-Aging” I told you I made a personal adaptation of…


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