Foggy New Age (#2 Confusions)

Foggy New Age (#2 Confusions)

Foggy New Age (#2 Confusions)

Confusion # 3: Energy and the unmoved mover

We just talked about this unmoved mover, but it is here to discuss a new sleight of hand on the considerations of Neale-God on the fact that time does not exist.

In Volume 2, we learn that (I quote): “life (you might as well call it God) is pure energy. This energy is always in constant vibration. It moves in waves”. Therefore God himself vibrates! But how is He to vibrate if time does not exist? Even in eternity, because that is where God is? It is precisely the “period” that characterizes a vibration. I.e. the amount of time between two passages of a movement at similar positions.

The disadvantage here is that the very issue of energy is completely confused since the ancient Greeks, and not only for our Neale. E-energy means the source from where a movement comes. Modern scientists consider two forms of energy called “potential” energy and really “physical” (i.e. “real”) energy. The potential energy owes its existence to the need to balance the equations. I.e. when something falls off your table, equations show the kinetic energy must come from some potential energy due to the difference in height between the table and the floor. This is a generalization of Lavoisier: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”. And this potential energy is supposed to highlight a “gravitational field” proportional to the mass of the object and inversely proportional to the square of its distance from the center of the earth! All these fascinating fields are supposed to be the source of various energies when they are allowed to demonstrate themselves. And they have the good taste to make believe that something may well come from “nothing”. However, these fields are only the structuring of space and are therefore expressing that the immobile space can itself be a source of movement, which is reminiscent of Aristotle.

Except that the reality of psychokinesis, demonstrated in particular by healers and “cutters of fire” acting even remotely who are (very) discreetly employed by hospitals, suggests that Aristotle had another option for his “unmoved mover”: the possibility that its nature belongs to eternity, where we have a guarantee of immobility.

And this is where the actors in “quantum medicine” continue to paddle and use the world for their development, while the definition of the quantum field is that it does not obey the “laws” identified as those of matter like the so-called law of “causality”. In this area the effects can precede the causes! And many other amazing things. Because, of course, it is the Universe who cheats, not us who understand it upside down.

Recent “advances” in quantum medicine mention new types of “energy”, which, according to scientists are “localized” in “dimensions” beyond our usual three or four dimensions. The trouble is that, for them, it would explain the ability to heal at a distance which we just talked of, as if adding dimensions (thus increasing distances) could facilitate the operation. In fact the energy of healers is what Aristotle evoked with his “unmoved mover” and it is the “Principle of Energy” itself and not one of its physical manifestations, or of any “potential” energy because it has the bad taste to escape the mathematization of physics.

Any energy that is manifested by a wave is of the domain of the universe, has nothing immobile with it, and the “generalization” of physicists resembles the expression of a “energy of despair”!

Experimentally, psychokinesis can generate considerable energy, unrelated to that a human body could mechanically deploy, and it is unfortunate that none of our Neale is more aware of this than the working population watered by scientists who have for a long time thought psychokinesis was quackery.

Metaphysics that they ignore certifies that the spiritual and psychological areas are intended to act in the “material” level, and it is unfortunate that Neale-God does not know more!

Confusion # 4: confusion of confusion

Someone confused is someone who does not know where he is.

Can one be more confused than that?

Yes! If one does not even know he’s confused!

This is the “confusion of the confusion”.

The simple act of showing an evidence of a confusion to someone in confusion brings him out of his “confusion of his confusion”, which relieves him considerably, and explains why so often Neale-Man exclaims: “No one has ever explained it so well!” Or “It is that simple!” That does not mean he understands now what it is about, but just that he knows that he is in a confusion. I had many opportunities to help people out of their confusion and the reactions of Neale-Man are all typical to the relief obtained by doing that!

The three confusions we have reviewed all revolve around a variation of the question: How can something exist there along with its opposite? And the solution of Neale-God is simply to say that all things are as their opposite, which confirms the confusion of Neale-Man and relieves it. Yet Neale-God rambling about the fact that we create what we refuse, which is perfectly logical, even if it is often not immediate to grasp… How can you deny something if that does not exist, right? If you want to be healthy to prevent disease, you will be sick. If you do not want to be poor, that is what will happen to you… and you will not like to be so… because you do not want to! In such sentences, the engine verb is not “be” (sick or rich), but “want”, and that is what is executed, it only respects your opinion (refusal)…

An elementary semantic analysis of the Conversations will show you all this evidence!

We will return to this topic when examining the “flashes” of David Icke…

Divine dichotomy

This is the basic leitmotiv of Neale God, that is to say that God is the “place of contradictions”, which is completely new to speaking about God, but very practical. It provides the greatest concerns about the mental health of Neale-God or suggests that He is VERY smart but with a VERY bad faith! In both cases He looks too much like a human creation with all its limitations, to the point of wandering again if His identification with Neale-Man, is not simply the fact that He is only his puppet!

I had heard of “divine ambiguity” by a somewhat tired Protestant, but the choice of the word dichotomy is a much better indication of schizophrenia than a simple ambiguity!

On the other hand, true metaphysics insists that the apparent opposites are just complementary and that their apparent opposition is resolved at the level of their common principle, a notion conspicuously absent in the exchange of the Neale. So that, if there is an area where the dichotomy is absent, it is the divine domain indeed!

Clearly, if Justice is the common abstract principle of what is right and what is wrong (in the concrete), injustice itself has no principle, but as Neal-God yet explained well “they” (… well, men…) do not know what Justice is as long as they have not experienced the “right things” and “unjust things”, and according to him, even God cannot, and cannot know it! Curious approach to Omniscience! The phrase given to the Muslims is “I was a hidden treasure and I wanted to be known”, not “And I wanted to know myself”. In other words, there is nothing wrong with being “God”, as long as we are not so stupid as “Him”!

So Neale God is schizophrenic, which avoids attributing this psychosis to Neale-Man and that is something saved.

This dichotomy is also omnipresent since it persists when Neale-God talks about the fact that the purpose of Neale-Man is to unite “with” everything. Because the word “with” implies the existence of two separate things. This is a caricature of the Muslim concept of “Supreme Identity” where the two elements are NO MORE distinct. The Hindu Moksha has the same meaning, as well as the Perfection for Taoist or Orthodox Christians. Again the cultural deficiencies of Neale God are surprising for someone (or something…) that is supposed to know EVERYTHING! Neale-Man should have been concerned to put Neale-God informed!

This “Supreme Identity” does not mean the spirit of a man is ONE with God as this would be considered an “association”, the ultimate sin for the Qur’an , the equivalent of a blasphemy against the Spirit among Christians. In fact it is the real death of individuality, not the dream of Neale which concerns only the death of the physical body, far from freeing us of something other than the body, while the being is dead to realize his individuality in this state that he is Allah himself, and this state is known to all the major traditions as the true end of human evolution, a condition which can be obtained after death, but also before: the being then being a “liberated alive” for the Hindus , a “Jivan Mukta” and a true “Sufi  » for a Muslim. And if the being and Allah are ONE, it is because the being disappeared and there is no more than Allah. Remember: “Allah is the only Allah”! Neale’s designs are only pitiful caricatures from the pride of an ignorant or his unconsciousness or both! I’ll see Neale-Man in the role of the ignorant, and Neale-God in the unconscious!

Hitler: the victim of naughty Germans

The whole idea here is to explain that hell does not exist and therefore that Hitler is not in hell. It is announced in Volume 1 and detailed in Volume 2 where we learn that Hitler was “forced” by his people to create Nazism.

The basic principle here is that when a people of fools elect its President, this one, who is necessarily already a fool, must surpass himself so that his constituents are not disappointed. The idea is also not so stupid if we consider recent history!

What is wrong in this case, is the notion that hell is a place, just because we say “go to hell” or “being in hell”. We also say “being in anger” and so anger must be a particularly crowded place! Elementary metaphysics teaches that “places” outside the physical universe, are in fact symbols of states of being, and therefore that hell does not exist AS A PLACE, but we can perfectly be in hell as we might be angry. Even right now!

To the glory of the American dream and the New World Order

Closer to us, we are then entitled to a praise of Daddy Bush, Clinton and Carter, and even Gorbachev on the occasion of an encouraging and even enthusiastic review of the system of government of the United States, so that Neale-God suggests that it should inspire the government of New World Order.

Because Americans are clearly the chosen people of Neale-God, which allows him to indirectly flatter his American Neale-Man. He speaks incidentally, but only towards the end of Volume 3, of the fact that perfect people nevertheless owes its establishment to the genocide of natives of the place, but having a good reason for this: these Indian idiots would have prevented the cowboys (some say Americans yet as descendants of convicts and prostitutes…) pollute the atmosphere and rivers, which would have disabled them to develop their industry! This does not preclude Neal-God also to blow the horn to the glory of environmentalists who are trying to stop the damage.

Bizarre still, they forgot to mention that it is thanks to multinationals that we are doomed to ecology at a global level, these multinationals being the draft of the New World Order which the Neales are so fond of!

Regardless of whether the justification of the massacre of Indians is quite surprising unless that should be one of the many attempts of offbeat humor from Neal-Man, there is not a word about the black African, half of whom died during their “trip” to America, and so “avoided” at least to become the slaves of the “chosen people” of Neal-God. But I forgot to mention that if hell does not exist, it is because, according to Neale-God, evil does not exist, and we will return to this…

What they fail to say is that the advent of the New World Order must occur with the same methods as the one of the United States, except that there are no more Indians or Negroes to vaporize, and the projects of the establishment of the NWO plan to kill 85% of the world population (about 6 billion bodies) to address management issues.

Besides, this NWO is not an invention of Bush announced on 11 September 1991 (10 years before another September 11th of which it was the anniversary…), since it is mentioned on the U.S. seal since 1782 and printed on the back of dollar bills since 1925, in Latin: “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, supplemented by the Luciferian motto “Annuit Coeptis” (He will promote our businesses), on the “Great Seal of the United States,” which includes some other more graphic messages.

And the U.S. presidents cited by Neale-God belong specifically to the group preparing this coming (and Gorbachev is on it too).

But it is difficult for our Neale to discuss the membership of their heroes at the Bilderberg group without seeming to be aware of the “conspiracy”, not so theoretical at all, whatever your favorite reporters at the NWO base think.

As for Steiner whose Neale-Man is as a disciple of, he left Theosophy founded by Helena Blavatsky, when leaders had become a little too gay at its discretion, to establish his own anthroposophy, passing so from the “divine wisdom” (theo-sophy) to (anthropo-sophy) “human wisdom”, which is not really a revolution because, for him, it is man who is God, as our Neale explain with insistence and enthusiasm!

But Steiner developed anthroposophic medicine and biodynamic farming, both very effective, prompting Neale God to advertise for Waldorf schools, also from the cult, whose methods are actually much smarter than ordinary education (which is not hard!). Always the inextricable mix of true and false!

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