Foggy New Age (#3 Moral)

Foggy New Age (#3 Moral)

Foggy New Age (#3 Moral)

The ugly Catholics

So Neale-God who “judges” no one still gets Catholics up his nose. He did not dare to say it frankly because he only speaks of “religion”, but it is clear that it is Catholicism that is covered (besides Neale-Man obviously does not know any other!).

And this time, we must say that the list he makes of the “curiosities” of the Church of Rome is quite accurate, even if there are some omissions and some exaggeration, probably to comfort his Neale-Man lost in his anti-clericalism, in part due to his sexual frustrations which resolution occupies many pages that we’ll discuss later.

I do not really have the courage to add to the slippage of what he missed to those he spotted, not to add to his determination and obtain new approvals from Neale-Man, who has probably done well to become anthroposophic and leave Rome. In fact, all these speeches are typically anthroposophic, and I am surprised to find no mention of the name of Aleister Crowley from the references of Neale-Man and his clone. A disciple of Steiner cannot however ignore the great Crowley, “Master Therion”, “666” and whose motto perfectly sums up the book of the Neales:


But Crowley claimed to be inspired not by “God”, on the contrary, since the number of the antichrist, 666, was his “signature” after a “night of love” with the Beast of the Revelation in his mansion in Sussex, this night being told in the song Hotel California of the Eagles, remember? “Such a lovely place”, and “You can’t kill the Beast”!

Crowley’s connection with Rock’n Roll is not limited to Eagles. He has his picture on the cover of the album “Sergeant Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by the Beatles, the fifth guy on the top left. And the example of the Beatles and the Eagles is significant of “cool” Satanists appearance, which does not prevent the Stones, Madonna or the lovely Iggy Pop to claim being inspired by him. John Lennon himself was a big fan of Crowley. The “Stones”, meanwhile are “rolling”, as opposed to the rock of Christ, meant to serve as a solid foundation for the religion He founded, which is enough to know that if the Christian religion now claims Peter out, it must not be the good one, unless we suppose that Christ could lie, which I let you judge… in the same chapter, the KISS band claims that their name are the initials of “Knights In Satan’s Service”

The Neales are very “soft”! But we understand why they do not want to talk about individuals so sulfurous…

Jesus revisited

While there, we can enjoy a characteristic distortion by omission, as much from catholic than from new agers!

Neale God insists that Jesus was one of the Masters sent by Him for our education while “our life is not meant to be taught”, but do we care about one more contradiction?

So according to him, Jesus told us, among other things, not to judge, and we get a special demonstration.

The Neales have forgotten that the same Jesus spent some time calling Pharisees hypocrites, and even “whited sepulchers”, but it probably was not “judgments”. Nor when he braid a whip of cords and he kicked the moneychangers out of the Temple, although this time He leaves the impression that he tried, convicted and punished!

Poor Neale-Man! This is the trap of those who want to destroy the Traditions (which religions are just a wee bit of!): To make “religious” believe they must be soft lambs, tolerant and non-violent. Blavatsky used it in her time against Hindus, and succeeded in making them swallow their sacred texts advocated nonviolence, while their basic text, the Bhagavad Gita (the Lord’s song) depicts Arjuna at the head of his army and Krishna (an avatar of Vishnu whose name evokes that of Christ and was His predecessor…) persuading Arjuna by all possible arguments he must attack the enemy… After manipulation by Theosophists the British no longer had to fight: Hindus would lie down before the guns.

For now, there are only Muslims who defend the nobility of their Allah, albeit with jihad akbar aspects which are questionable to say the least, they become the target of all the “teachers of tolerance” who are there to explain that THEY WILL NOT TOLERATE INTOLERANT RELIGIOUS and Christians have often been caught, forgetting that it is only in case of personal attack they must tender the left cheek, but that they must react in front of blasphemies, as with the merchants who transformed the temple into a den of thieves.

On the other hand, since neither evil nor death exist, Neale has no problem accepting murder, abortion, the Holocaust, so the religious will be able to take the bull by the horns!

Human dichotomy and sex

Since both Neales are just one, I guess Neale-Man also benefits from this fabulous “divine” dichotomy. In any case, at the human level, Neale-God made great efforts to reassure him regarding sex. As it is difficult to think that God is a sex maniac, the corresponding speech from Neale-God are inevitably turned to comfort Neale-Man. Already, it is clear that Neale-Man is always looking for his mate, this term indicates a single individual or something of a more collective nature, but we’ll see it about his findings about marriage.

The other thing that bugs is that it seems that Neale-Man has big regrets for not being able to continually masturbate when he was a kid, and he would have liked to see his parents living naked and making love before him. One of my former colleagues practiced what Neale-Man considers the sexual ideal: he had two kids with his wife of marital status, and they spent all their time on orgies with an awesome number of partners of the “four sexes”, as he said. Entering their home, you had to walk over various active couples. And of course they did it all in front of their own kids! Well, the kids did not seem too fulfilled, the boy was even severely autistic. I imagined while reading the “Conversations” that his father had not been thinking to let him touch and feel his testicles so he could experience when they were emptying, so that the kid had a vague idea of what it all could serve for… My impression at the time, is that the poor 8 year old kid had every reason to be frustrated by seeing adults have fun with something that was not yet functional for him! Like what, precursors of Neale-Man also did not think of everything!

The problem of universal nudity also offers Neale-God the opportunity to forget that he is not simply Neale-Man since he speaks of “ »OUR” bodies that WE hide in “fear” » and while WE should exhibit “love”! Unless Neal-God is so much the same as Neale-Man that he also has a body… A God who slips, is it reasonable?

Marriage for freedom stronger than marriage for all

One of the highlights of Volume 3 is the version of the marriage contract invented by Neale-Man to marry his wife. With a big bug, though, as the seemingly Catholic Neale-Man did not know that the sacrament of marriage was done “by the spouses themselves”, since he presents it as a novelty. And Neale-God did not know it either!?!

This is a perfectly common trait for a typical simplistic American, to talk with great confidence about something one ignores. In the same field, if the problem of masturbation preoccupied him so much , why did he not ask his priest to show him the Bible passages that mention this kind of “sexual immorality”? His pastor would have well been embarrassed, and it might have had the effect of loosen him too. He might have discovered that St. Thomas identifies this practice with being effeminate, which prevents females to be guilty… or what would he do when recalled of the story of Onan (hence the word onanism) who dared a coitus interruptus while the Jewish law required him to seed his dead brother´s wife? But if we must now find a partner to masturbate, it really complicates the operation without any need for a renowned solitary pleasure… Anyway, Neale-Man could have spent his days shaking his penis without having to confess… in fact if Neale-Man is frustrated, he has only to blame himself, because he has been cheated by church “authorities”. And we cannot even invoke a morally “green” waste of sperm , since even unprotected, heterosexual intercourse is not “effective” at 100 % and when it is, for a single spermatozoid that produces an egg , how many million end in the toilet or the washing machine? Gametes are NOT human beings: they do not have the correct number of chromosomes! Abortion only occurs when the egg has been fertilized. That does not mean that chastity has no interest on a spiritual level, as it means deciding to play the game “hierarchically” with the spirit in control of his body, but it is not a requirement, and certainly not a moral imperative: it is only a personal choice of asceticism! Incidentally, as psychologists tell us that according to their customers, everyone masturbates, I let you appreciate the power of such shameful manipulation for the priests to make all children feel guilty about a practice as common (natural?), and leave you to imagine how many Neales developed a big resentment against their priests…

What is new, however, is the contract that guarantees reciprocal freedom. I know it would have been unexpected that our Neales have any amount of a clear idea of what Liberty is, but it is Neale-God who encourages him not to engage in a relationship, a commitment he will be “forced” to perjure, since he cannot know the future! And this time, it is Neale-God who is entranced by the imagination of his human alter ego! We have in this Volume 3 the entire wedding rite invented by Neale-Man, and if there was only one grotesque thing, this would be bad enough. But he is proud of it, and so is Neale-God!

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