The ecology of alternating traffic looks rather smoky: Royal vs Hidalgo: complete zero-zero tie!

The ecology of alternating traffic looks rather smoky: Royal vs Hidalgo: complete zero-zero tie!

The ecology of alternating traffic looks rather smoky: Royal vs Hidalgo: complete zero-zero tie!

Yes the game was pitiful, but there was still a loser: the provincial guy who has to come to Paris. Alternating traffic, yet an idea worthy of a polytechnician or a technocrat…!

It is still the common people who pays for 300 years of political irresponsibility, as if the alternating traffic could solve pollution.

Preventing half the cars to roll on a given day may impact less than ten percent of the pollution: nothing enough to get out of the trap in which our politicians have locked us for 3 centuries… And not just ours, since it appears that the bulk of our particles come from Eastern and North Europe, but it is us who have to pay our European referees if we do not take action !!!

Whether the capitalists who did not want to lose money or communists who did not want slaves to lose their jobs, no one dared to curb the irresponsible moronic development of industry and agriculture, and now the entire planet pays to have let the fools govern it for at least three centuries.

The easiest course is to piss off the lambda drivers, even if it is the wrong target. Politicians brainwashed by science and technology have allowed the situation to become unmanageable. And this is not the (debatable) genius of Madame Royale that will get us out of trouble.

Teethless will have to buy their dental prosthesis

Especially the brilliant idea to impose older diesel vehicles scrapped will be able to reduce pollution by one per thousand or less, annoying down and outs who kept their wreck because they cannot afford a new car. The nth Gift from the leftist guys to their favorite electorate still not likely to understand how their self-proclaimed defenders do not care about them at all!

But rest assured that “others” will not defend them either, as they do not even pretend to…

According to the figures recorded, the last “alternate operations” have reduced traffic by 13%, it’s not that that will split pollution by half! Especially as it is not coming mostly from the traffic.

In this area as in many others, we are at a dead end, thanks to all those geniuses (philosophers such as Descartes, “scientific” as Pasteur, Newton and Einstein, psychologists like Freud, politicians like Ferry), we’ve taken as our idols… But once again, I say more about this in my book “Be logical! … for God’s name!”. Continue to believe that the solution comes from a mode of government. The leader may be a King, a President or an Emperor, if he is a moron, then he is just a tyrant or a dictator, and all the democracies or republics of the world will not change anything.

Dumbing down plans that began 25 centuries ago went overdrive at the time of the French Revolution, and the (few) little awake guys warning the people did not have much echo. So keep hope in some providential guy… There’s one planned: YOU are going to plebiscite the Antichrist, whether you may believe yourself Christian or not…

Modern religions (Science, Democracy, Secularism) are rather worse than the previous!

But you don’t care, do you? Otherwise it would be noticeable. Then accuse politicians to be guilty of it, forgetting that it’s been three centuries since you choose them…

Not only the industrial and technological boom became unmanageable, even if we have now to force you to accept the conditions in which we can monitor your cellular and your mails since you do not complain and that you even ask for more. But it seems that earth itself avenges what we made it undergo: Severe earth tremors, tsunamis and tornadoes have increased in 2014, and meteorite too fall in larger numbers, all things that “Global summits on ecology” cannot do anything to stop.

And we are dreaming of sending guys on Mars. I imagine the faces of the trio when they see that their home planet will have disappeared without waiting for their return…

Desperate situations will be no less desperate if people charged (by whom?) to manage them are perfect morons. And for the time being who do we know who has shown any sign of discernment?

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