Foggy New Age (#4 Anxiety)

Foggy New Age (#4 Anxiety)

Foggy New Age (#4 Anxiety)


Following, during the last few years, the irresistible rise of the New Age, I find that if the themes change very little, presentation tips are more convincing and damn better.

I’ll give you a rather long quote of Volume 3, quite representative of the literary swamp of our two Neales (Neale-God speaking):

“There are neither victims nor executioners. You cannot understand that with your limited perspective, but believe me it is this way. There is only one purpose to be, to make or have anything – this is to make a direct statement of who you are. If who you are as an individual or as a company, is what you choose to be and who you want to be, you have no reason to change anything. If, on the contrary, you feel a grander experience is waiting to be experienced – an expression of divinity even greater than that which currently manifests – then move to this truth. As we are all in a co-creation, it can be useful to do our best to show others the way that some parts of us want to take. You can lead the way in demonstrating the life you want to create and inviting others to follow your example. You can even say, “I am the way and the life . Follow me”. But be careful. Some people were crucified for having made such claims”.

References to Jesus, who is never called Christ throughout the book, are quite clear, but since there are “neither victims nor executioners,” to what can His Incarnation have been useful (that of Christ because Jesus is the name of the incarnation itself…)?

I also really like the term “certain parts of us!”

As for the fiddler leitmotiv “the grandest experience”, I sent you back to La Fontaine and his Fox and Crow! Especially as a “high expression of divinity is already evident now”!

The fundamental difference between their gibberish and metaphysics stems from the second confusion we mentioned. All that is said in this dialogue would be true at the metaphysical level, if it was this level. But the simple fact of the inversion of the divine level is sufficient for ALL TO BE WRONG.

The idea that God needed men to “improve” his “creation”, too, is far from new! And like about forgetting Crowley, I am surprised that Neale-God did not quote Teilhard de Chardin, who gave the name of “Omega point” to the time when God decides he has achieved a perfect result with all his human alter ego, which has greatly fueled the Second Vatican Council, as Neal-man does not seem to know! Neale God either, but he knows nothing more than Neale-Man, anyway!

Authentic metaphysics deals with everything that is discussed in the Conversations with much more discernment. While at the spiritual level “evil” does not exist, the possibility does exist, for evil itself exists at lower levels (physical and mental) as a relative variety of good. On the other hand the Neale-God misunderstands original sin by saying that the Bible presents man as fundamentally wrong.

The word “original” applies only to the fact that this is the first sin, not the fact that it is a curse due to the nature of man. This sin also comes well “after” the creation of Adam, since God “had time” to make a companion to whom He had “created male and female”. And secondly , God DOES NOT PROHIBIT its productions to assimilate the fruits of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, He only warns of the consequences: they will experience death, suffering, work, feeding, childbirth in pain, etc. . And God knows it all because He speaks of it as if it already existed, and therefore not in any way accuses the man and the woman. He only puts labels on their use. The idea that man has to experience all this is not entirely false, but it is of man, not of God, because He knew everything before it started and that He did nothing in “experiencing” by Himself as Neale insists.

The three Tomes are an ode to irresponsibility, but we cannot blame our Neales since they are not responsible for themselves. If you want to have a different story, this time from a new ager who fiercely opposed the New World Order, throw yourself on the “David Icke´s Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to stop it)”. He wades as widely as regards spirituality: What Neale called the “Self”, a term so common among orientalists, that Neale does not bother too much trying to define it correctly, Icke calls it the “infinite Perception”! Now whenever you see a “something” AND “qualified”, you can conclude that your writer does not know what the Infinite is, because by “definition”, or rather etymology, the Infinite may not be limited by either a noun of which it would be the adjective or by an attribute that tries to determine it. The mathematicians have accustomed us to qualify many infinites (countable, continuous), as otherwise it is not only the priests and New Agers who fool us! So if his perception is a perception and only that, it cannot be “infinite”, since it excludes at least already “what” perceives “what” is perceived, and of course everything which is not “perception”! Neither Icke nor Neale have ANY idea of the spiritual realm, which does not prevent one from going to war against the global conspiracy of New Agers, and the other two to call their vows in achieving its goal!

As Icke says that language is the most effective means of manipulation, one might ask why Icke reads so much, and why he writes so much too: his “Guide” alone is already 750 pages! And why he also understands so little… His logorrhea is to retrieve scientific terms he shows no understanding of: If the universe is as holographic as he says, why be surprised at the similarities between the “lives” of Horus and Jesus? Does he really believe that changing the language to talk about things will change our perception of them? Big fan of movies in the Matrix line, he wallows (in every sense of the word… ) in computing, and believes to show us that our body is in fact a “cyber-body” (that changes everything!) whose DNA is a “program in version 2 that has not been compiled on earth”! All at his jargon, he does not make much difference between what computer scientists call “objects” and “methods” or, more prosaically between “data” and “programs”. As for the idea of what is a compiler??? As for Neale, Time does not exist for Icke, and neither Space, all these things are true, but outside of our physical universe, which unfortunately serves as a basis for his hyper-physical metaphors, based no less unfortunately on spatio-temporal characteristics.

The strangest is that Icke frequently cites Orwell’s 1984 where it is stated in particular that the basis of the manipulation is to change the meaning of words and play (cheat) with vocabulary! Why, then, why does he do the same? This is a sport that has been practiced for at least 25 centuries…

Another source of his logorrhea is unlikely mythologies which he strikes us with endless lists of names of deities and equating to each other whenever it suits him. And he is not afraid to give us the transliteration in English and French of names of deities, recovered in languages that no one has spoken for thousands of years with the blessing of some university lit that claim to understand and know how to pronounce them! When we look at what is understood by Westerners in oriental philosophies where the languages are still practiced (China, India) or countries that are supposed to be the precursors of our culture like Greece, there is no reason to believe all these dreams are true. And of course, for Icke, the God Horus really existed while Jesus is only a scam of the Christian Church!

Icke should also stop taking his opponents for idiots. When he (or Springmeier, the discoverer of the “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”) miraculously retrieves a specimen escaped from a mind control program of the CIA, like MKULTRA or Montauk , and believes he can decode and cancel the programming, he should consider why the CIA would be so messy to vent people it has manipulated for years with such expensive programs, or if , on the contrary, it would not be done on purpose to make the world aware of what they want us to know or fear, allowing them to both propagate the manipulation and control the distribution, while possibly claiming that the “revelations” of their fugitives are rumors. Hunters and manipulators are then manipulated to do the marketing of what they are fighting! There is further evidence that secrets can remain even if thousands of people are involved, as the Japanese were not aware of the “Manhattan Project” until they received the fireworks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and which was only decrypted at its declassification by the U.S.. This project involved tens of thousands of employees for years. Another example: decoding the German secret codes by the English has also been revealed only several years after the Second World War. Besides, how could manipulators scare us if we did not have the slightest idea of their shenanigans? They NEED spokespersons, and they do not kill them all because Icke is still alive! On the other hand if these operations involve the manufacture of multiple personalities, how can we know that they were ALL deleted? And that we did not stop on what the manipulators had planned? A simple hypnosis is enough to create such people, and for all we know, the methods of the CIA are much more elaborate than this kind of process and involve physical and electrical torture as well.

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