Foggy New Age (#5 Springmeier)

Foggy New Age (#5 Springmeier)

Foggy New Age (#5 Springmeier)

Since we talked about Fritz Springmeier, let’s make a detour by this pioneer. Obviously he is the inspirer of Icke in ALL regards about “reptilian bloodlines” although Fritz refers only rarely to the reptilians which obsess Icke, and simply most often evokes satanic rites or alleged such, which do not have the advantage of exciting novelty. Fritz began his work before Icke and is not afraid to mention his predecessors in the hunt for the illuminati. He is not shy to report when he is not sure of his data like the Rothschild parentage for Hitler, while Icke tells us years later of a “big secret” he REVEALS in his great goodness! He also managed to get trapped and end up in jail, which may clear him of a possible complicity. Fritz’s basic book “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” (650 pages, one hundred for the index alone!) is available on the internet! We are entitled to a number of organizational lines as well as satanic organizations, since a sketch is better than a long speech, but on the one meant to indicate family ties of 25 U.S. presidents, we only have a little over ten of them… He is mostly much less excited than Icke against all religions, and not afraid to base his considerations on biblical elements without trying to hide his Christianity.

I offer a quotation of a short page (337) of Springmeier to show you that he does not understand much beyond the material, like all uncultivated excited anti-Satanists like Texe Marrs:

“According to occultists, Magic is merely the use of hidden laws to bring about the will. Every person has a spark of divinity, an inner God, also called an angel or Holy Guardian Angel. The Magician is to get in touch with his Angel, his divinity. This is where his knowledge of the Watchtowers is helpful. Enochian Magick claims for itself two unique elements: an original language, and the map of the indivisible worlds. The Indivisible worlds are known as the Magical Universe. The map of this Magical Universe contains 4 Enochian regions called Watchtowers. These are the Watchtower of Fire, the Watchtower of Air, the Watchtower of Water, and the Watchtower of Earth. These 4 regions are often symbolized in ancient esoteric manuscripts. The following are the 7 planes and their regions on the map:

“Occult Planes              Enochian Regions

Divine ……

Spiritual                        Tablet of Union

Causal                           Watchtower of Fire

Mental                          Watchtower of Air

Astral                            Watchtower of Water

Etheric                          Watchtower of Earth

Physical                        (?)….”

“Should all the bodies of the planes (except for the physical) be collectively taken together, the Magician calls this the Body of Light. New Age, Masonic, and Rosicrucian Magicians will then speak in terms of leaving their bodies and entering into the Watchtowers (the Body of Light). To be an advanced magician, you must be able to enter the Watchtowers.”

“It is an established fact that the Illuminati all learn this magic and practice it.”

“An example of how esoteric knowledge then became associated with the royal house of Guise and Lorraine (which is part of the 13th Illuminati bloodline) is that the first edition of Corpus hermeticum (pub. in 1549) was dedicated to Charles de Guise, the Cardinal of Lorraine and brother of Marie de Guise, who married James V of Scotland and who bore Mary Queen of Scots.”

Have you noticed the “k” of Magick? It shows that he found it in Crowley or one of his disciples. In fact this speech is just today the doctrine of the Wicca! Here is an example of this doctrine: “Sylphs, the spirits of the air to invoke the East, Salamanders, the spirits of Fire are invoked to the South, the Tritons, spirits of water, to the west, and Goblins, spirits of the earth, to the north!” But the elements that serve as a pretext come much before the occultist degeneration of recent Satanists since they are found in Plato, in Taoism (and so in Traditional Chinese Medicine), in the Vedas, in alchemy, etc..

The language of which he speaks is the “angelic language” or “Enochian language”!

But Springmeier rebounded to Charles Taze Russell (one of the pillars of Jehovah’s Witnesses) to go back to his sources of “Magick” magic, so just before Crowley.

Descriptions of satanic rites by Springmeier are equally grim: as he has NO idea of what is at stake, so he must be happy reporting the story of what is visible, almost as if he described a mass as a meeting of chitterlings lining up to get a piece of cake on their tongue in the middle of a gym session where participants spend their time to sit, stand and kneel singing stuff… Especially as a Mass provides little tangible effects, while Satanism and magic are instead aimed at obtaining such effects… so Springmeier is unable or unwilling to look. And that’s probably because he never had the opportunity to see the effects of a mass that Springmeier neglects those of the rites he describes!

For Icke and him, it will be very difficult to be taken seriously by Satanists themselves, who know far more than our authors do on these topics, and indeed about the true spirituality itself, our authors are not worth more than any priest from any religion you want!

This is quite a shame that people who believe they can protect us against these misdeeds are as uninformed as they are, turning exclusively to the myriad of anecdotes and details of no real importance, ignoring the basics of what they are talking about and what they attack, with quite inappropriate means…

Let’s return to our Icke. In addition to the miracles of deprogramming the remnants of CIA programs, there is almost an entire chapter where Icke says he has been contacted by an officer of the Agency, at odds with it, and who explained all the shenanigans underway. So, on the one hand, Icke bowls us with a lot of muddy details to show that September 11 was not a “coincidence”, but a well-planned operation, and on the other he wants us to believe that arrival of this deserter was just a coincidence due to his own notoriety? We have seen that the CIA needs us to know -indirectly- its manipulations, to scare us, but the abundance of details provided by Icke and the fact that he is still alive is strongly in favor of him belonging to his reptilians. Maybe even to the NRO, since he does not speak of it, whereas any Emeritus cinema-goer must know that this Office is quoted at the beginning of the movie “Enemy of the State” starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman, a film entirely in his field of expertise. I cannot imagine a CIA agent to go spit in the soup “in secret” and expect not to be identified by his colleagues after the publication of his revelations in any bestseller! I am not suggesting that Icke may enroll on the budget of one of these organizations, he has enough money with his copyrights, but he is certainly the darling of his reptilians, who not even have to pay him for he is busy (unconsciously) doing their promotion under their direction!

The miraculous “syntonisations” ( a term I had not heard since the days of crystal radio sets…) between reptilian and human are quite strange in his world without space or time. In addition, if our bodies are sensitive to a small frequency range (1 octave for the view and 10 for hearing) we are fully aware of all of them because all available ranges have been explored and reptilians have nothing special to do to be visible in their own supposed wave ranges. Besides, if Icke attended the “bio-energy” people instead of just ufologists, he would have a catalog of creatures far more extensive, and he would have more information about their “visibility”. For example, when a bio-energy group member sees a photo taken at a place where there was some “creature” (elf, gnome, fairy… ), he can see the creature in question in the photo itself while this photo has nothing more than what we see normally and that a scanner would discover.

As he regards all traditions as scams, besides his beloved shamans, he prefers to talk about reptilians and their hybrids rather than demons and their possessed victims, yet he evokes them when he is led to speak of Satanism and its strange methods, but without giving the impression that he takes them seriously, for lack of materiality. And yet they are just as “aliens” than his worshiped snakes, and they are oddly seen in the same circumstances (such as the face shifting of a possessed one under certain conditions)! But his reptilian themselves cannot be pure demons, since none of those he cites has lived more than a century.

Why does not he remain in his field of journalistic disinformation where he tells a lot less nonsense, as, in particular, during the hundred pages where he discusses the “September 11” story without too much slippage, or the historical Khazars, though less detailed than the “Seduced” of Gordon Gin. Also when he talks of the criminal shenanigans of the Monsanto networks, of modern “Illuminati” organization of global terrorism, detailing killings in which Clinton was involved, those involving the adorable Bush family, the criminal intrigues of the pharmaceutical industry and the complicity of the medical profession, all areas where he does an interesting attempt to recap what is known. But not necessarily including all his sources of inspiration which might make his competition!

For example, he presents himself as the inventor of what he calls « Tension-Reaction-Solution”, a simple name change of the triad “Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis” of Hegel’s dialectic, as many have noticed out there and traces it to the origins of the “false flags” as September 11, the Kennedy assassination or the taking of the Bastille, and it clearly demonstrates that he knows nothing about the symbolism of Freemasonry by confusing the “angular stone” with the foundation stone of a building!

He might have at least mentioned Eric Hufschmid, one of the first authors to speak of September 11! But in his defense, he shows elsewhere that he is not too stuck because after denouncing the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith as belonging to the reptilian “Merovingian bloodline”, he agrees with Professor Stevens Jones of Brigham Young University, so a Mormon, who discovered the use of thermite which proves that the destruction of the towers was a good “controlled demolition”, and not an accidental collapse due to a plane crash. He also forgets Alex Jones who infiltrated the Bohemian Club with a hidden camera, and released a DVD of its summer ceremony, and yet he is one of his frequent guests to his talk shows!

Some indelicate way, by his manner of describing the episode of the Templars, suggesting that they are the ones who started cheating with usury. But this has always been forbidden by all the religions that he abhors, as he has not the elegance of mentioning. Rather, it is because Templars kept that rule that the Italian usurers did not like the competition and plotted with the Pope and the King of France to get rid of the order of the Temple! The wealth of the Templar was due to the deaths of the pilgrims who went to the Crusades without leaving a name for potential heirs, and to all those who made donations to the Temple to thank them for having defended them against bandits during their pilgrimages.

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