Foggy New Age (#6 Icke)

Foggy New Age (#6 Icke)

Foggy New Age (#6 Icke)

Nevertheless, despite the avalanche of details he gives after his “investigations”, he just forgot that he had, as everyone (you too!?) the evidence that the crash of Flight 175 of United Airlines, which crushed down the second tower was a bogus. This crash, which everyone has seen repeatedly on TV, was not that of a United Airlines plane! At that time, United aircrafts had a dark blue belly, and what you saw on your screen was an all gray belly! Type “Flight 175” on the Internet and you’ll have all the proper documentation. Our “expert”, has he seen all the colors? In fact, he should have had the record of a commentary from a TV reporter (Fox News) being near the Twin Towers, who said at the time of the crash of flight 175, the plane had no windows, and wore a blue circular logo on the front, an aircraft of a type he had never seen in an airport. A comment which of course has never been reissued by the station but copies of which are available on DVDs. This confirms that the best hiding place is to put what you want to hide in plain sight, since no one knows anymore about seeing!

This is what is so touching with Icke. He is quite able to notice that the characteristic of a successful “mental programming” is that the victim has the impression of thinking for himself. But for his part, he clearly feels to be free of his thoughts, while he manifests himself as a product of the scientism of the ‘50s! Or as an innocuous intellectual self-made man with his typical childish fascination for “news”, even when he begins to wonder if new stuff still correspond to some “progress”. He has many inclination to trace the beginnings of the scientific mental development programming to electronic and computer technologies, which seems a bit late. The western school is deemed to be born under Charlemagne whom Icke identified as belonging to one of his lines. Moronization of Christians during the following eight centuries sufficiently shows the effectiveness of those teaching methods: new absurdities meant to come from the Gospels are not lacking, which disfigure the teaching of Christ. The French Revolution, with the deification of teachers, also played an important role. But the real “scientific takeoff” of mass moronization goes back to the combination of Wundt and Pavlov, whose theories have spread all over the planet at lightning speed. If Icke had any practice of deprogramming, he would know how it is long and difficult. Noticing his mania to indefinitely seek details while missing the “big picture” (as in the case of September 11), because he thinks he can restore it from the details in question, he could doubt that he would need to get himself deprogrammed. This persuasion that analysis allows a synthesis is central to the materialistic hypnosis as Descartes formulated it. But while no one has read Descartes, everyone is “Cartesian”! Where is the scheming?

As part of his intellectual clutter, for example, he did not really notice that chemistry is cousin to electronics, since the molecules are composed of atoms which electrons are either exchanged or pooled in reactions to produce these molecules, and so he considers the two techniques independently. As long as he´ll think that the manipulations are caused by physical or psychological factors from the “hyper modern” or “alien” technologies, he will not improve much, and will remain a privileged spokespersons for his reptilians. But he has so much to clean that his masters do not risk losing him any time soon! I’m not saying that these manipulations have no effects, but they can only lead to psychological destruction, that is to say, to make zombies, and manipulators need suggestions to cause much more positive effects, as they have done for centuries, without sophisticated equipment and yet very effective results. They recently quit the idea of making fools through tobacco because their victims are too loony to be really useful.

An excellent example of how Icke is fooled is provided by his considerations about vaccines. Like everyone else, he rebels against the additives. Thence to think that if they are removed, vaccines are safe… How about the vaccines themselves (living microbes, attenuated or extracts of killed microbes)? The obvious syndrome of the Cartesian guy who lost sight of the subject of his studies to get lost in the perks. And what were the “reptilian bloodlines” of Jenner and Pasteur?

Icke is himself an excellent example of the ubiquity of manipulation: whichever way one turns, as he is INSIDE the trap, he will not see THAT trap. We must first GET OUT to see! But it is not with his collections of hypnotic suggestions that he stands a chance. Obviously, the output goes through the gain of “freedom of thought”, but I must admit that at this point, he is an excellent counter example! His conceptions of “freedom”, and of “thought” are significant disabilities for him not to get there one day.

If we would need proofs of his mathematical and physical disability we could use his interpretations of a vertically naive readings of temperature curves which he uses to criticize global warming: “in November 2008, the average temperature dropped due to low solar cycle activity”, he writes, and he deduces from this instant value (we do not know on what basis is calculated this “average”) that global warming is a scam! The curves he shows are broken lines with segments going alternately up and down, which proves nothing! If the curves were smoothed on longer term, over a century for example, we might be able to deduct something from the slope of the graph, because I dare not speak of the derivative curves issue of which Icke probably knows nothing about! But when Icke has something to show he is also as bad faith as the  scientists he laughs about. Not that I am a staunch supporter of global warming, but even if it was caused by the sun, the common experience shows that going from the countryside into a big city we gain a few degrees! I remember coming from around New York to the Big Apple and seeing the temperature rise by 16° F! From the suburbs to Paris I regularly win 8° F! That human activities are not affecting temperature shows a tiresome bias. It is clear that global warming is not due to CO2 alone, since cities use more electricity for lighting, heating, air conditioning, electronics, all of which are important sources of heat, without providing any CO2, but I do not say that’s enough to warm the planet either. The safest would be to simply say that we have some indications that we have entered a phase of warming which we do not know much about. Who said that in everything we needed to “keep our minds right”?

I invite you to consider what the following sentence means: “I believe personally that the stars are actually interdimensional airlocks through which energies are adjustable from another dimension to ours.” Or simply whether it means anything at all? And even by discerning the mental meanderings of Mr. Icke, what does this bring forth? Is he so jealous of the inventiveness of scientists, when it comes to imagine their assumptions, that he feels compelled to engage in a contest of stupidity?

Another charming side: in his great supposed breadth of vision, Icke ACCEPTS all religions (to which he does not in fact give a shit, he has his own little Credo Mutwa…), provided that their supporters do not seek to impose their point of view! But what does Icke with his own “religion”? Indeed impose it while boasting about the progress of its diffusion. Obviously, Icke’s ideas are not a “belief”, but Truth itself! So he has not to defend it aggressively, it will impose by itself! Do we know the story of the speck and the log in England?

Wouldn´t it be nice if he showed that he knows at least a little about these religions on which he spits (except the Zulus!), as he carefully avoids going into details so as not to be even more ridiculous than with his mishmash of scientific puzzle. He does not fear to refer to the “old alchemical traditions”, widespread around the world at a “certain time”, according to him, but does not seem to know that he touches there, under that name, to something specific to Christianity and Islam – in fact, he may not know it –, though this incursions do not save the rest of his “philosophy”. Curiously, these alchemists whose tradition dates back to “the gods” are miraculously not part of his reptilians! Icke should open a travel agency for morons: the “reptilian” Disney has already done it successfully with his amusement parks…

Regarding the chapter on symbolism, it reads as a text from Texe Marrs, an enlightened who is a reference to symbolism for Americans immersed in the famous “theoretical” conspiracies, and sees satanic symbols everywhere even when there is none, because he cannot see into what he shows… For him, all numbers, all figures and geometric volumes are satanic! Why would he not campaign to ban math in school?

Guy Berthault, a former student of the French polytechnic High School of which Icke has not heard of, did experiments that suggest that geological dating are completely wacky. Unfortunately for him, he has been snatched by traditional Catholic and Protestant creationists, which hampers his image a lot. In fact, he has turned into a target for the right-thinking Web. But Icke-I-know-everything-from-billions-years has such a tendency to swallow what his chosen scientists say on the sole basis of how well it feeds his whims, he takes all their assumptions cash and believes everything they accepted, the others being just vile manipulators! Pouring loose sands of different granularity in a Pyrex bowl, Berthault discovered that these formed layered strata similar to those geologists believe have taken billions of years to settle! Following this discovery that challenges all dating archaeologists and geologists, we were fortuitously taught of the existence of vertically fossilized whales whose muzzle was a few million years older than the tail, the existence of gigantic fossilized pines, also vertically, all things clearly known for some time, but never confessed, to not disturb the faithful of the hypothetical geological science, and amidst them the inevitable Icke! Guy Berthault is vice president of the CEP, the Prospective Study and Centre for Science, a title that should wriggle our Icke, unless he has discovered some reptilian hybrid roots for the CEP! For your information, take a look at « Evolution: Science or belief? » on the website…

But his “point 28” explicitly confirms what we suspected for a while: the “miracle” of his infinite Perception is explained when he confesses: The information came to me following my intuition which led me on behalf of an incredible synchronicity…”. Indeed, it is incredible, it’s worth winning the lotto on a day without draw! But Icke was kind enough to acknowledge the source of his immense knowledge, though somewhat poetic and delirious, of math and physics: “The only thing I retained from algebra is that x = find me a window.” And people trust THAT stuff?! Obviously, all this is subject to the discovery of the “ultradian” cycle, i.e. a “biological or physiological rhythm less than 24 hours”! Another snob word (and what does “ultra” mean here?) nobody needs to know except the ones who would have read: “Dr. Laurie Nadel in her book entitled “A sixth sense: how to unleash the best of your mental power””. An echo of the “experience of the grandest” of Neale! And Icke quotes for us a long excerpt from that prose, completely hypnotic, which FULLY explains the contents of his own book! Thanks for the trick, we no longer need to read you!

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