God is not Charlie, as Charlie is now God: it’s not getting any better…

God is not Charlie, as Charlie is now God: it’s not getting any better…

At the time of « Hara-Kiri, the stupid and nasty newspaper, » (the precursor magazine of Charlie) I threw glances at my buddies’ copies, and I already found not funny at all the pages entitled « The Stupid games of Professor Choron. » My thing at the time was more Gotlib (another cartoonist) whose sense of self-deprecating and humor reflected a true intelligence. His real name Marcel Mordechaï, allows me, evoking him with sympathy, to escape anti-Semitism suspicion. But that was not my purpose!

So let’s look at the cover of the new Charlie with some (I heard 1, 3, 4 and even 5) million copies in circulation and translated into (I heard 6 and 14) languages. Still this ineffable precision that we have suffered the last eight days … The ubiquity is no longer reserved for mystics!

On the cover page we see the Prophet crying, and I have no trouble imagining it is on human stupidity.

That reminds me of an old joke where Christ is coming back and sees a poor wretch crying, sitting on the edge of the road. “What’s wrong?” “I am Christian and leftist! » And Christ sits down next to him and cries with him…

Back to Charlie. The cartoon shows a celestial phylactery, probably attributed to God, saying, « All is forgiven. » Charlie-God is still much more lax than the Father of Jesus Who was asked by His Son: « Forgive them for they know not what they do! »

To remain consistent, Charlie-God’s meekness leads to believe that Charb did not know that he was dragging his 11 buddies or visitors to his suicide, and that’s why he would be forgiven. But as he was rather proud to risk his life, since it did not hide it, it’s just the fact of leading his « friends » in his suicide, that he would not have understood. Concerning the « terrorists » if Charlie-God forgives them, is it not an invitation to them to continue?

Because the attitude that I found unpleasant with Hara-Kiri was its contempt for others, and all the others … obviously all idiots in the eyes of the geniuses of Charlie’s troop! « Others » do not exist in the awareness of these intellectuals. And the massacre is the proof of it. Speaking of « collaterals, » let’s note that Michel Renaud (a guest killed in the premises) can and will no longer thank his friend Cabu (another of Charlie’s heroes) for his invitation last Wednesday…

Who said « God keep me from my friends. As for my enemies, I am in charge … « ? Our buddy Voltaire (the writer of Candid), who hid his contempt behind his feigned innocence… « I am ready to die for you to have the freedom to criticize me! ». How magnanimous this François-Marie! Nevertheless, when he asked for extreme unction, the crowd made no mistake and prevented the priest from entering. Therefore he did not die in a state of grace, a state which he had mocked his whole life before being requested to « meet his Creator »!

Contemporary bullshit has advantageously replaced the hypocrisy of Arouet (birth name of Voltaire), but the substance remains the same. If your religion has a God, you’re a jerk. The only intelligent religions in the eyes of those who have understood this topic better than anyone, and therefore ACCEPTABLE, are those who have no God, like science, politics and Buddhism.

From Voltaire to Charlie we see the same superior attitude of contempt on the part of people who know everything better than the toothless (an expression standing, for the poor ones, attributed to Hollande by his former girlfriend) intellectuals!

So Charlie became overnight the spokesman for God, an impressive promotion!!!

In recent years, there must be have been an identity crisis in the humans race, since we hear things like « I’m steak, » or « I’m Sushi » or « I’m pretty cognac… ». Well, the identity crisis is healed: the indefinite identity is resolved, everyone is now Charlie!

Although … Oh surprise, TF1 (French TV station) on January 12 did a reportage about the people who do not want to be Charlie! Obviously not in the Palais Bourbon (chamber of representatives), where EVERYONE IS CHARLIE, but the attentive reader already knew it!… What have right and left in common?

And, for that matter, if the jihadists are not too stupid, they should take care of Christians since, unlike the Jews and the Muslims, their schools and churches are not under protection, a sobering protection given its effectiveness last week. This is obviously not a suggestion, or I would even me more stupid than Charlie, but I’m getting the style! Charlie may be contagious like stupidity, probably…

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