The (inter) national hypocrisy party: a roaring business!

The (inter) national hypocrisy party: a roaring business!

I‘m emotionned! All these people unitised to honor the values of the republic. The union of all French parties (except the FN, of course, those illegal immigrants, and myself, who cannot even writen in English anymore!).

To honor (because the unconscious provocateurs have become respectable...) a handful of victims of anti libertarian fanatics.

They were indeed representative of Republican values, racist and anticlerical! Look closely: national democratic values at drop the mask!

Speaking of the FN, I appreciated the position taken by Jean-Marie (their former chairman), the only one I have heard that he was notCharlie” (the omnipresent running gag here), who has not taken umbrage of the scandals his words, at least as provocateurs, had caused among Hollande’s precursors and their teams, while those of Charlie are the object of praise.

But the FN voters consider as they will vote for presidential elections that they must become naturalized…

Do not assume that I am an enthusiastic supporter of their new formula: Marine (the daughter of Jean-Marie and the present chairman) might be hated by the politicos of all backgrounds, she has nevertheless a mindset quite politically correct, I mean ‘compliant’, and I do not expect any revolution in the discerning…

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