Third miracle on TF1 on January 15: are the kids less stupid than older morons?

Third miracle on TF1 on January 15: are the kids less stupid than older morons?

Third miracle on TF1 on January 15: are the kids less stupid than older morons?

In the evening news, TF1 did a survey in schools where they wonder whether the last word of secularism would not be that secular show that they know what they are talking about religions. And the study of religions should be in the program of high schools and colleges. The teachers looked great misfits, but kids were rather less bewildered as they are during usual interviews. There’s even one who answered that anyway the teachers know nothing about that, and he did not see what they could teach him!

And that is what the problem: what is the opinion worth of an ignorant and when he lets you practice the religion of your choice, if he himself has no idea what he offers you. Whether in terms of religious dress or ritual customs like the 5 daily prayers to which Muslims are required? Or eating patterns that can only be bullshit to secular believing they should feed with McDonald’s and Coca Colas!

In addition it would probably be good for the teachers to make them aware of what they preach in terms of « religion of science », as introduced by Jules Ferry, or the religion of secularism, the essential dogma of which seems to be believing that the very idea of God is the ultimate silliness, and the true Trinity is the one of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Just by looking at these three words, they would have to make discoveries, especially as this formula is due to a certain Amschel Bauer, founder of the House of Rothschild, which does not imply that this « Trinity » is originally Jewish. And it would also allow them to discover that the true words of republican and secular values are rather intolerance and hatred, of which Charlie is the latest ultimate manifestation, miserably hidden under the hypocrisy of what they call humor. Democracy does only tolerate what she cannot avoid. Besides the idea of tolerance itself would benefit from a crisp examination on the basis of a single question: should we tolerate the truth, or errors? If the answer is the errors, is it a virtue? For mechanical engineers, the virtue is knowing what allows assemblies to function as the machining tolerances are limited, since in any case this universe is the area of imperfection and that we are forced to bear (tolerate, the Latin word) it, and the intelligence is to know the acceptable boundaries so that things can operate properly. Regarding bullshit, for the past few centuries, we are clearly off-track!

However, if we taught the basics of religion in schools, young people could learn what a true jihad is which would teach them that the current « jihadists » are only gangsters and rename them consequently, which would be a much less noble name, much clearer and more appropriate and without the possibility of anti-Islam derives, as imams do not seem to care for.

Interesting in this investigation is that when most adults said they did not trust their political representatives, without acting by not voting any more (reported in the past, as, after the « management » of Charlie’s events “by” Hollande, this confidence just shoot up), kids already seem more skeptical with their manipulators and they are beginning to understand the limits of their incompetence.

Oh, that does not mean that we are facing a generation less credulous or less manipulated and more discerning than the previous because the TF1 miracle collapsed the next day with new interviews with kids, lobotomized as usual this time.

This break was short-lived, but the revelation of the intellectual limitations of their teachers, without malice or hatred, just a bit of weariness and despair, is perhaps something to grow if we want to remain optimistic while everything proves it is an unrealistic and irresponsible attitude.

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