Review of the magazine « Complots » – February-March 2015 Special Issue

Review of the magazine « Complots » – February-March 2015 Special Issue

Global warming: What a chill!

I have already spoken of the magazine Complots (« conspiracies ») and its February-March 2015 Special Issue. But they have an interesting article about the end of the world that reviews the warming nonsense that so boiled the brains of Marion Cotillard, Francois Hollande´s new stooge, just a few days before Women´s Day.

The only day of the year where parity will not be respected: Hollande announced!

So I encourage Marion to read this issue of Complots before making another of her pathetic speech on global warming like the one she did in Manila. In fact, it has long been known that the famous greenhouse gases of which they are trying to make us guilty, have more to do with incentives to change our way of life – so that governments can pretend to care for temperature – than to be a real cause of a supposed warming. But Complots looks at a whole lot of other phenomena that do not seem to lead to a warming, far from it!

In fact, since the beginning of the myth, the weather obviously freaks out: one day we beat the record cold and the next day we beat the record warmth. And these records are over decades. And all this, of course, has nothing to do with the fact that the production and use of electricity inevitably gets losses as heat! And that our society has a tendency to use electricity everywhere… And like every time we are under threat, fear makes us accumulate crap. German hysterically stop the nuclear factories which however do not produce much CO2 in favor of fossil fuels that make much more « smoke ». As the available quantity of those is relatively limited, we may no longer need to ask this question in a century or two. But who cares? As our grandfathers who played with fertilizers that make us cough today, even in places where we never used them, like in the middle of the oceans. To paraphrase Crowley: « After me the flood, is the totality of the Law! »

Warm ahead: vaccines!

Speaking about rotten gifts from our ancestors, Complots also speaks of vaccines, reviewed here by Dr. Suzanne Humphries whose speech is quite surprising. After announcing a bunch of new very interesting data giving a new vision of the sea serpent since its “invention”, Suzon has not the courage to advise to stop the shots! As long as we are protected by this kind of individuals, Complots will keep its business explaining what’s wrong…

Microbiologists: a risky business

But not only for the population… They keep getting killed. Since the crash of Mount Sainte Odile and to account for so many deaths, they must be hijacking the planes they take without their pilot licenses. Before boarding a plane, always ask for the passenger list and check that there are no microbiologists going to any seminar: the probability of a crash is greater than the risk of Hollande having a smart idea. The details in this issue of Complots.

Still on the little critters, Complots studies the correlations between US labs and Ebola. The discovery, which dates a little, that magnesium chloride gets rid of this virus as well as the others does not seem to have become mainstream, in any case even Complots does not talk about it. It’s true that good news is not their specialty…

Stephen Hawkins projects his health on humanity!

The incorrigible optimist with the wheelchair comes to doubt: he would see AI mark the end of humanity! Soon enough! Seen from home (me), human intelligence has become artificial 25 centuries ago, long before the arrival of IT, which could make up the end of the actual humanity and intelligence back to this date. Which would explain why Steph is only noticing that now…

The husband of modern ISIS would be NATO

The Egyptian Isis has been running after the pieces of her Osiris, but her modern incarnation may stop running. It seems that NATO takes care of everything. This is usually completely forgotten in the list of speculations about the funding of Isis. Complots fills this gap and adds an interesting article on how WW3 is afoot! Remember that this third world war, predicted by Albert Pike in 1871 is still pending. Only Bush junior (Obama?) is not Churchill! And it looks like the Illuminati are rather wading lately. The great imperialist saga of the Rothschild appears to have competition… This does not affect the overall strategy but the tactic has a messy look. It should not be taken as good news, their ability to harm is globally intact, and Sun Tzu reminds us that a cornered enemy is what is the most dangerous because he is ready for anything!

You can put it in connection with a long article about « Capitalism of disaster » and its « Shock Doctrine », a slight leftist color hinders objectivity somewhat, but the factual information is useful and interesting.

Back to cosmology: Meteorite, Earthquakes and local Cosmos

To put a little pepper on the cake of the supposed global warming, Complots keeps track of many things that this warming tends to obscure. Meteorite falls are not as calm as what NASA makes us think, and are certainly not about to calm down… Our planet makes increasingly strong hiccups all around and you’ll have their description. But, in more direct connection with the general climate issues, you will also have information about the discoveries that suggest that our image of the solar system is not nearly as innocent as what our physics teachers told us. Especially the famous “black sun” mentioned by several traditions, may well be this thing to the fringes of the system in question that disturbs what’s in there, including our beloved Earth … the bad side is that with all these news, one no longer knows how to predict the near future since apparently our “scientific” model has flaws! If you want to have a little recoil about the manipulation of our scientific elite, I would recommend my “Let’s be logical! … in God’s name!” Which is the subject of the first half of the book!

Casually I have reviewed the entire number of Complots! I hope they will not mind…


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