Scoop: one can be a journalist and awake! The proof: Nexus No. 100

Scoop: one can be a journalist and awake! The proof: Nexus No. 100

Scoop: one can be a journalist and awake! The proof: Nexus No. 100

The apparent pun in my title is because I belonged to this corporation for 15 years, part of which as a chief editor, and I want to stay true to my style “slightly off” as my readers told me…

But it is true that journalists are often biased by their obsession of finding what might interest the crowd and which often limits their openness!

The assiduous of my “fan club” know that to me understanding is not to be indefinitely drawing conclusions from assumptions that we have usually not verified the validity of, but rather to discern the differences that allow to choose, knowingly, which stands… Hence the importance of the extent of our paradigm! This has nothing to do with that of our culture.

So what about Nexus No. 100?

Obviously the article by which I feel most concerned is “Succeeding in life without school”! But this is far from the only one. Such as “The Banking Wear” or “the End of Cash”.

But I will not tell you everything, why don’t you just read it!

The fun about school is that a book by Adeline Baldacchino “La Ferme des énarques” has just been published on September 3 which addresses the same subject, but the author (an énarque) (énarque= product of the National School of Administration) does not seem to realize she demonstrates what she denounces. She is very sad because we do not like énarques! But they should already be less stupid, less arrogant, or both. My own interpretation for “ENA” is the National School of Arrogance! And because she comes out of this Cowshed, she thinks we should be complacent in admiration before her? You will find in my Resume on this blog the reasons that made me refuse to enter Polytechnique high school and choose SUPMECA instead. And it is because of my peculiar course of education that the Nexus article brings back so many memories.

Is it due to the successive hysterical and awkward reforms in France, but it seems that education is on the hot seat right now…

Just after becoming a bachelor, I systematized truant. I have not left school because I claimed I was to have an engineering degree to thank my parents for their financial efforts and show them that I deserved it. In fact, which suited me much more was not going to work 40 hours a week (yes, it was not 35 at the time!). While I was in high school, I was compelled only 2 times 4 hours for written interrogations in class (math and physics) and 2 times half an hour for oral interrogations on the same materials by outside teachers . My math teachers had inferred that I should not be asked questions about matters taught in class, since I attended them not! And outside teachers had been warned and played the game. Hence excellent grades, going to study (not learn) and understand (not learn) “elsewhere”! In fact, with a “Sufi”, as I explain on my Resume!

But I would especially like to greet the author of the aforementioned article, Baffot Edward, whom I’d like to meet. Because, either he is himself a self-made man, and what he says can be explained, or he is a product of Education, and what he says is a miracle!

Because what he says is simply unacceptable for those who ruined their youth by making efforts to have good grades and be highly ranked: this was useless!

As demonstrated by the survey by Baffot!

In other words our author has managed to escape from the “mold” which manufactures well stuffed skulls!

I just regret he suggests that replacing the school by the City of Science, the Palais de la Découverte or the Internet can change the bottom line, as these bodies are also vehicles of the fabulous single thought, disseminated in schools, the only difference being that one is not constrained to schedules (well, on the Internet, for others there are days and hours of operation!), but we’re going there only if we want!

About thirty years ago, I had the opportunity to spread a fabulous method of making firsts of classes. Parents would come to see me because their “golden head” redoubled, or worse. I had them do my magic, and the next quarter, the “waste” was first in ALL subjects! To the delight of parents!! The quarter after, he was skipping school, claiming that the school was a waste of time, to the despair of those same parents!!! I had several opportunities to muster the two generations to ask junior if he promised to pass his exams, even without going to school. This he accepted, which allowed me to tell his old to trust him and leave him alone! And all my little students passed their exams as scheduled!?! This scenario was absolutely routine!

I stopped when I realized that becoming the first of a class made faster guys (thus with an improved IQ), but not smarter, i.e. more capable of discernment. And it was thanks to the curriculum content. So studying in a prison or a vacancy resort really does not change the result, just the sense of freedom that you can draw.

Besides, at this distant time, the Freinet, Montessori, and Summerhill schools, checked the third grade (in France) shriveled their miracles and their kids were not as bright as they had been before. My diagnosis was that the debut of the “essaying” period (antithesis, thesis, who-care-sis) instilled nihilism among darlings and annihilated them… But has not God created the world from nothing? So we only have to do the same. And theologians are showing us that we did not need the school to be secular to produce morons!

I was also surprised to be told by Nexus that more and more parents tend to despise school. Could it be that the methods inherited from Wundt and Pavlov are no longer effective or that their practitioners don’t know any more to apply them? So that parents themselves produced by their schools are no more confident?

Anyway I’ll take that as good news.

By the way if you want to get an idea of how school programs are a source of stupidity, I send you to the first part of my book “Let’s be logical! for God sake !” Which will provide you some examples… I have plenty more on my blog but they are more scattered.

Because, despite my hooky schools started well before the period I mentioned, I have also been a tourist in everybody’s curriculum until graduation, I’m quite aware of what is said, and I had the opportunity to stay connected with people who took it all very seriously. And I can testify disasters. Most are absolutely unable to get out of their hypnosis and to see anything outside the suggestions they received.

This is what makes me fear that the Internet is a false good solution: the Web is a “free space”, unless you want to advocate terrorism, but it leaves people to be free, which they will believe, while they are not free to think themselves! So we do not really need to censor, marginal will never get in the first Google answers, unless they have sponsors who have decided to promote their delusions, which are perhaps not so delusional that they believe.

For example, back to another article in Nexus No. 100, « ”The End of Cash”. Do you know that it demonstrates an aspect that may make the Conspiracy Theory is not simply a theory. Its proponents have been telling us for 100 years that this disappearance was planned by those managing the planet. Obviously, at that time there were only checks to replace notes and coins, and one never imagined we could pay with a phone, which could even replace the identification by fingerprints…

But back in 1789, it was already well before the current school were in operation that people have accepted that a special form of government could guarantee Freedom, while the job of the government, whatsoever, is to impose limits to ensure the possibility of life in society. And who saw it then? And college products since?

There is therefore a necessity to correct our paradigm to begin to understand instead of babbling endlessly… and that is apparently what Adeline has not hit: she can trash all she has learned, from kindergarten to ENA. It’s worthless! And if what she says is true of the ENA, she is the most poorly placed to propose reforms, but she cannot even notice it!!! And it does not affect only history classes where teachers talk about what they have never been the witness of, or lessons of morality so dear to a president who has never been able to engage with a bride to start a family and nevertheless wants us to trust him, and who hired a bunch of Cahuzac known or not yet known in his governments, but also all that is considered as indisputable, such as science, or even worse, math!… which nevertheless have been skidding for centuries… And those we take for our “intellectual elites” were not able to notice.

School or life?

The question is really worth to be asked because the bankruptcy of education is evident worldwide. The downside is that school is the place where one learns to speak, even if failing to learn to say intelligent things, and that self-made men will still for a while face an inferiority complex in front of these brilliant talkative parrots through clumsy from the baggage they drag.

And they will be tempted to catch with that pitiful culture that is so impressive.

But I loosely refer you to that Nexus number 100, in case, in addition, it would make you want to read more…

And you will discover that if my style seems special, I’m not the only one to have noticed what I mean, but I’m afraid we are not many in this case, and I am a little afraid that this is not enough to fix anything on time!

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