The first Nexus of the year a great perspective for 2016!

The first Nexus of the year a great perspective for 2016!

The first Nexus of the year a great perspective for 2016!

How will we ever thank Nexus for having made us aware of the existence of the too discreet “Article 3”, you do not know it either? Yes? Then you are one of their 140 members or one of the 4400 signatories of their petition!

To get out of this grotesque form of democracy: the hope is the “RIC”!

“Referendum by Citizens’ Initiative”! “Article 3” offers a French version of what is in Switzerland.

According to our holy Constitution, only the head of state can initiate a referendum, a version of tyranny which would not have surprised Plato since according to him, democracy is the last step before the tyranny in question…

Although the term “democracy” is an oxymoron (it is what is governed who governs…!) Could we not, in the Internet era, do a version that makes the governed have a little more the impression of governing than merely going to the polls to be helplessly but legally bamboozled during the following five years …

Though the famous social networks are ready to deal with them, without having to go to the prefecture that just got a little further away with the new regions…

The article does not mention a drawback, because Nexus and “Article 3” should be polite, so I’ll handle it.

Someone useless and incapable may nevertheless find a job and avoid unemployment if he knows how to fool the crowds, if he goes to politics. Obviously he seeks a power he has not, but those who have it will be able to give him, if he can convince the oligarchy he wants to play for them and is effective in livestock handling! Contrary to his hopes (remember that he is not really smart, he just has this impression because he lacks mixing with people who criticize him), his reign will last a relatively limited time, as oligarchs will not let him believe long that he is in command, refer to the waltz and the succession of royals but empty heads (Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande…) As anyway he will need some money for his campaign, recent cases show that he must snatch it when the oligarchs do not want to fund enough. But more often he will depend bound hand and foot to those with the dough. Why such a fragile guy would risk share his power so little with the people who elected him and which he therefore knows that they are not very smart? And of course the hundreds of other elected officials have no more reason to let referendums in the hands of citizens.

In other words, if I am thoroughly supporting “Article 3”, I, however, consider that the road will be tough, although there are already precedents in other countries as we have mentioned. We will still have to take care of it quickly: we already have the 49.3 bypassing representatives votes (Valls’ lewd dream, the great democrat, to make one every week!). The threat of using orders on the pretext of anti-terrorism, and soon the state of emergency as part of the constitution to avoid having to re-extend it on the run…

Stuff to make me want to join Pierre Barbaud (former inventor of algorithmic music) in his party of ADD (Anarchists of Divine Law) of which he was the only member 50 years ago…

In Search of inexhaustible energy

Nexus continues its search. This month the interviewee assesses yields in kW and not in %. Maybe Gekko Energy should find a spokesman with a more digestible scientific discourse.

Two other articles in the field of physical science since Bogdanov are two brothers. I hasten to say that they are not part of my heroes, so I was surprised to read that Grishka was referring to Plato to explain with his words what Plato summarized by “Mathematical beings are ideas of God”! Did he come to realize that 2 + 5 = 7 in all countries, in all languages and all times, making it difficult to assign it another author. So they come more or less to discover metaphysics, do we have to wait long for them to show that they will understand something of it? It’s very clever to put the spirit BEFORE the Big Bang and the universe, except that all metaphysical doctrines agree that the spirit in question is eternal, i.e. it is difficult to talk of time, and thus of a “before” about it.

Moreover metaphysics and the Big Bang do not do very well together. In fact, there is no need to have done endless studies out to know that the guy 3 meters away from you, you see him as he was 10 nanoseconds ago and that he will see you as you are now in 10 nanoseconds in the future. In other words, because of the fact that the speed of light is finite, when you look around, you see the past of the universe, and you are seen from its future.

If, instead of limiting yourself to your immediate contemporaries, you go look at the stars, you can go from 10 nanoseconds to billions of light years away if you have a good view! Always looking at the past and being viewed from the future! It’s the bondage of your body that makes you a tourist who wanders where it is and in its time! If you could experience an OBE (being out of your body), you would discover that you can locate WHERE AND WHEN you want, without the constraints and perceptions of your pounds of meat, and you would instantly be aware of all the universe without further depending on the speed of light. Take a look at the protocol of my experience of the 25 centuries, on this blog!

There never was nor is any Big Bang: the universe is being built instantaneously “now” from its beginning to its end! And assuming that it is expanding, and that this expansion is continuous and homogeneous, the limit of what we see in the universe are the points that are moving away from us at the speed of light, and this limit shrinks constantly!!!

As you see, metaphysics and parapsychology are rather unsettling!

So there is no way to measure if that is the case, nor to know its mass. Do the Bogdanov also know that for a little over a year, the world of physicists lost 95% of its total mass with the dark history of the disappearance of the “black mass”, of which it was found it was a hoax! This is at least the second time that the modern science sinks… Since a decade ago, string theories have been accused of having science loose 40 years. We only needs physicists to realize that the theory of evolution is a hoax as well, like Darwin feared, for us to get rid a little more of this “science” based on mathematical acrobatics, which is from some time based on an axiom (not a hypothesis!), so a certainty… of uncertainty!

A recall of what Descartes (a founder of the actual wading) wrote in his “Metaphysical Meditations”: “The only thing which I am certain of is that I doubt!” This doubt has since become the hallmark of science, which does not prevent them to bludgeon hypocritically their convictions on us when they tell us about their doubts… Nothing new under the sun, just a slight progress…

Funny historical coincidence! The subtitle of the article of Nexus is “The challenge of the spirit” a timely reminder of the skid of another “Great Christian” at the same time as René. But since he died, Blaise Pascal surely had the opportunity to try to justify his stroke of genius to make the Truth the target of a bet!!! Small players, eh!

Besides also, if Bogdanov came to understand why Plato spoke of ideas of God, they could have seen that for several centuries it was no longer the case and modern math in particular is especially more from Human psychotic fantasies!

But what is practical with Nexus, is that within a few pages you’ll know almost everything about the state of mind of the physicists who believe being reconciled with metaphysics without changing their unquestionable shortsighted paradigm.

Organic farming: planted by the political

I like the humor of this article title and it gives an idea unfortunately very clear of just how policies have also missed this shift in agriculture after leaving the fields be polluted and their products being deficient from a few dozen years to worsen the situation with their successive COP, including the last episode which Nexus 102 also reviews.

There is also an article on animal testing and its absurdities that go beyond the big grief you feel when thinking of the suffering of these poor animals. But allopathy, despite its absurd bases, must find many areas of experience outside its test tubes. Which, to the latest news, are all cured without side effects.

A detour by Jean Marc Dupuis who noticed that the poor Portuguese lab that killed a guinea pig is in the process of tackling the global pharmaceutical lobby and is much to young not to suffer from attacks that could explain the accidents occurred recently. It is not enough to be dangerous for those great sentimental, you should expect reactions if you put at risk their daily billions of dollars! It was a parenthesis, and besides Nexus was published before the incident. Still it echoes in their article on chemotherapy where Nexus tells us what labs do not tell us!  »

Wiki ? Whacky!!!

An opportunity to talk about people I particularly do not like and which gives an idea of what could be the RIC democracy we were talking about when we see anyone feeding an encyclopedia… And I would not talk unless they told so many stupidities. They are as bad with Nexus as they are lax with Walsh or Icke. Walsh is the man who speaks with God, a God who does not know more than Walsh on what happens to the religious or the political!!! As for Icke, he would have done better to stay playing football since he passed the age to go to math class to “seek a window” (his own admission!!) when he was given a problem… let him play with his cyber reptilians without reporting he lacks some boxes.

What makes me think of another stuff that Wiki forgot when they talk about Mormons. They forget a little that Brigham Young had found a trick to prevent people to continue to sin: you kill them all, Mormons or not! These massacres, to offer “salvation by death” lasted some time. But for Wikipedia, Mormons are adorable.

Some friends of mine have tried to interest Wikipedia to their software company and were turned down… But they could not hide behind the fact that their elements were “insufficiently documented” (their leitmotiv) SINCE they were coming from the horse’s mouth!!

But as long as it “looks” pretty documented, Wikipedia does not care to show his discernment.

When Wikipedia is not friendly with Nexus, they combined two bullshits. First it appears that they are poorly documented since they are based on another Nexus (Australian), and they just do not realize it. So neither the correct doc, nor discernment, the advantage being that we do not know who we are dealing with so we cannot blame but the stateless Mr Wikipedia.

Considering the concern they make with their critics, I feel more in an ordinary democracy than in a “RIC” one, so do complain, as Nexus asks you, we’ll see if Valls works with them…

And finally: super badger!

This is not an insult, it is the title claimed by Alain Bressy, a retired judge as we would like to meet more! He is talking about a subject serious or severe (You choose the adjective!). He knows how to make a step back to get a perspective view with a devastating humor which forces the laughter even though what he says is not very funny… a bit like Nicolas Canteloup! A breath of hope not to despair. But I will not tell you more, because it will not replace your reading of this famous # 102!


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