The West sick of Allopath!

The West sick of Allopath!

The West sick of Allopath!

This contagious disease has spread to the entire planet! This post was inspired by an article in the issue 103 of the Nexus magazine on the excessive diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. It includes elements of the post I dedicated to this issue!

Allopath is not a therapeutic system, it is a psychotic thinking that caused much damage and many deaths…

It goes back to Aristotle and his addiction to categories. Take a packet of things a little incongruous, and break it into sub-packages, generally arbitrary, and give names to them!

In medicine, it applies to making lists of symptoms together in thoughtful (or not) assemblies, and which are given a disease name. Depending on what, the doctor will ‘treat DISEASES’ (actually fight the ‘disease’ that he has just invented!) While ALL OTHER therapeutic systems (Hippocratic, Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese, spagyrie, homeopathy, dianetics, anthroposophy, etc.) will take care of somebody SICK…

If, when consulting texts of these practices you come across names of diseases or organs, you will know that they were written by Westerners or by debris intoxicated by Westerners. Because the allopathic psychosis also touches the need to consider organs as if they were independent, much like the pieces of meat from the butcher, though they are not very alive! An inspired allopathic (René Leriche) even declared that “Health is the silence of the organs!”. The dead also are silent, but it seems that this quote was amputated … the original would be: “Health is life in the silence of the organs”! I struggle to see how this is smarter! As if a living organ was silent!!! Unless it is the doctor who is deaf!

But the Aristotelian categories are mere views of the spirit as illustrated by the prodigious platypus! It’s a bird as it has a duckbill and it lays eggs, it is also a mammal because it has fur, and it gives milk to its young, and it’s a joker as it fishes with its eyes closed “looking” with its beak! And it is a poison since it is toxic!

Even in cases where it might be thought we have a REAL grouping criterion, such as with the alphabetical list of authors in a library, it does not work. When Miss Anorexic becomes Mrs. Zombi, where does one class her books? And when a book is written by a college, who is the author whose name will be used for ranking?

It is only since the search engines of computers that we don’t care to classify books and how these engines are doing it, however, using algorithms and “fuzzy” logic, instead as ranking.

I love to remind that Korzybski thought he “demonstrated” that diseases were abstractions and that the word covered nothing palpable, while the word “sick” perfectly described the not ideal condition, of the individual concerned. But what we remember from that Earl, is that “The map is not the territory!” Which nobody cares of… except pilots flying “on sight” and knowing that it is better to rely on what they see of the campaign to identify the designs of their maps, and not the reverse.

But the main message, and completely missed, from our Alfred is, that it is essential to have the “consciousness of abstracting”. Whereas he should have examined a little more carefully that simply giving a name to a thing is already an abstraction, and it is especially that one that he should have cared enough to help us. Instead, he pointed out we do not take “THE train”, but “A train”! And his followers, practitioners of his General Semantics, are reduced to the puns by which they are fascinated! Such as when they point to a French veteran of the Great War which holds that “Colours of France are Blue, White and Red” this is not the case with “Aerial views”. Playing on the ambiguity of a context, that we do not even give, is pitifully childish and allows those to whom they want to show that they are idiots, to be persuaded that it is the semantician who should stop his toxic dietary practices…

Allopathy, the search for the little beast!

A big boost was given to Aristotle by the allopathic René Descartes with his suggestion that the “big picture” is too complicated and should be studied by looking at its ‘components’ (which implies that it may have such things as if a living body was comparable to the removable gear of a pendulum!). In practice if you want to study something, start by dismantling (that is to say, destroy!) it! And examine the debris! What a great method!! Kill the sick and heal him with the autopsy. The proof of his healing: he does not complain… anymore!

And when someone is sick, sometimes we find bacteria, viruses or mycelia tinkering in his body,. And the allopathic exults: he will be able to take care of fighting these naggers and does not need to take care of the complex patient itself.

You were taught in school that the white blood cells harbored (ate) bacteria and other microbes! This is perfectly wrong. They ARE THE FORM IN WHICH BACTERIA ARE in a medium with a pH (acidity/alkalinity) at 7.2 and a rH2 (oxidation) around 28, corresponding to a healthy human blood, as verified by Louis-Claude Vincent and some others. But allopathic stuffing your skull will not explain it is enough to return the coordinates of the blood to normal values to get rid of the enemies they believe they have to fight. What they call the phagocytosis of white blood cells is actually a cytogenesis!

In fact, when we speak of “skullstuffing” or “brainwashing” we use allopathic vocabulary! It would be better to talk about a mind (mental) jammed with putrid waste, because the brain does not have much to do with it! And if it was the mind that was washed, we would be in excellent health, not only psychologically but spiritually and physically, which is not often observable. The other therapeutic methods mentioned above know that a living human body is THE APPEARANCE OF A COMBINATION of a body, a soul (mind) and a spirit. But their practitioners do not care about such details, because they know that, with their practices, they take care of everything at once! As for us, we have the medics for the body, psys for the soul, and priests and politicians for the rest…

Allopathic psychosis also prevailed in psychology! Where we will again seek for “diseases”! So forget the “complexes”, “neuroses”, “psychosis” (including allopathy which is ultimately just one more word…) If you put yourself in the hands of a psychologist or a psychoanalyst, once turned into an apathetic vegetable, you’d probably believe you are healed because you have reached the famous “silence of the organs” (in your soul), and it’s true that you will not have any more problems… but to regain your life … A dead also suffers no more!

But one cannot speak of allopath, whether as a therapeutic doctrine or as a state of mental disorder, without mentioning that other idol, both a crook and an allopathic: Louis Pasteur! As if that was necessary for an allopathic, gone west by nature, to add anything, he spent his life cheating with his experiences and plagiarizing his colleagues, such as Antoine Bechamp. On his deathbed, Louis confessed, “It’s Béchamp who’s right, the microbe is nothing: it is the terrain that’s everything!” Meanwhile the allopathic of his time could not understand the work of Bechamp, and thanks to allopathic broadcasters of secondary schools, we are now all suffering from allopath.

Look what I show you: you will not see me anymore!

This is the story of the wise man pointing to the moon and the idiot looking at his finger, but in reverse: if your “wise man” is an allopathic, what he shows you is to distract you! Distraction is “drawing out of the way”, diverting… That is why they are so strong and so appealing!

But beyond the semantic aspects that show the inanity of classifications, allopath is a much more serious problem, and which “saves” it, strangely! It polarizes on what does not work to give it fancy names.

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