Valls: the first Prime Minister to send the French population and his Socialist Party shoot marbles…

Valls: the first Prime Minister to send the French population and his Socialist Party shoot marbles…

Valls: the first Prime Minister to send the French population and his Socialist Party shoot marbles…

FABULOUS! Valls dropped his buddies from the PS to go dancing with his Barcelona Spanish mates who were playing soccer in Berlin, air-hitchhiking a plane of the government: a € 15,000 ticket! It is not so much for the dough, which is nothing in an indebted country, as for what it represents for homeless people who would love to eat sometimes… but despising the population so much is quite miserable …

MetaTV concludes that Valls feels himself to be a billionaire thanks to our taxes. But it is what he is indeed: a billionaire! Without ever having done anything to earn that money, except to be named by the other zombie for the right to snatch us from our dough, like the other acquired the right (which we gave him) to kill our soldiers and their enemies… You do not need much to cause an erection to a socialist!

Hollande dared to explain that Valls was invited by Platini because we must save the FIFA!

Ah! No one’s better than the other!!! Looking back when Touraine had the nerve to tell Professor Joyeux he should be ashamed to say that the government was not doing its job about vaccinations, that could be said about how Valls and Holland are despicable and ignoble.

In addition you should have seen how the beautiful Manuel has dodged the meeting of the PS, he looked like a kid just trying to escape school; pitiful but jubilant to have played a good trick! And you should also have seen his boss crying on the FIFA: grotesque.

The French population worries me much more than its government!

Because if they take us for idiots, like Coluche would have said, ithat’s because we give the impression to be! A proof: we continue to vote for guys who despise us! And rightists are no better: do not dream!

Except that these are also leftists, so they pretend despising money, and so they manage to steal ours since they do not know how to earn any by producing tricks or saleable services.

Their hysterical perpetual changes drive us into a motionless agitation, extremely expensive, as they are unable to foresee the consequences of their stupidities… They play musical schools(chairs?), not giving a damn about the desertification it brings for the villages that lose their businesses after having lost their schools, and their villagers at the end.

They make beautiful drawings on the map of France (and draw they can) so that the morons will only have to run 200 miles to find a prefecture.

It seems that we are at the point where Valls is convincing half the population he takes for idiots to vote for him in 2017! Do we need a new Hitler? He has his facial expressions… Or a new Franco? He comes from his country!

French, you really tend to swallow anything.

Busybody Holland does not sell Rafales, he is just a tourist retrieving the order produced by a sling load of engineers and salespeople who indeed do real work. At best, he finds a way to make us pay for the planes because his prospects do not have a dime…

Am I alone in this little world that makes me want to vomit? I’m often feeling so!

We should really harden the reception policy for migrants to avoid importing frustrated prime ministers who only want to go watch their former compatriots play with a balloon…

Especially as, even if it is Platini who called and invited Valls, as the UEFA assures us, how come the French government be the doggie of the billionaires capitalists of soccer? The answer perhaps lies in the fact that the same Platini is accused by Maradona of having “arranged” 187 games, and our very special governmental duo seeks where to take snatching lessons from… scheming with a Lorraine native who was as indignant, as any garden variety of Belkacem, about the carelessness of Blatter and his team !!!

Finally, only 187 matches, I did not know Platini was such a small player!

Sad to say, they have nothing else to do! They could at least pretend. But try preventing pooches of barking…

Valls is a good father, he did it for his two kids!

Was he touching the Macron on TF1 Tuesday night explaining that Valls would never have taken such a big plane all for himself alone! Clearly, Macron begins to get his place in rank for free sightseeing with his smala for a chance to not make them miss any game. Anyway here are two muffins that will struggle to understand that it takes work to have pocket change… But thanks to egalitarianism, in 30 years we will all have our Falcon! And we’ll all be as rich… or all as poor … since the difference will not exist ant more!

All these good people are still of great modesty: we’ve not been told if Valls had to pay for the three seats in the stadium for his family. But I guess that’s not to upset Fabius, the person in charge of international gifts, in case the price would be around € 900 as for the upcoming World championship next year!

And a little game to finish!

Here are synonyms for “pitiful” as indicated by the Web: moving, touching, calamitous, catastrophic, discouraging, disastrous, painful, small, damn, human, pathetic, maudlin, naughty, bad, evil, wretched, contemptible, bad, lousy, miserable, merciful, ugly, sad, poor, pitiful, unfortunate, torturing.

Your job, should you accept it, will be to identify how each adjectives best fits your favorite politicians!

I found myself thinking wistfully of the last of our leaders who had a little standing. I’m speaking of De Gaulle. I guess the best day of his life was when France was liberated. Not like when the other said upon his arrival in Mali with its mini army: “This is the happiest day of my life!” It marked me! Ah, France, it’s not just your coffee which is escaping, since Louis the XVth !


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