Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N° 31 Candor)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N° 31 Candor)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N° 31 Candor)

I’m going to lie: I promise not to bore you any longer with Anthony’s recommendations! We’ll see if it’s a lie…

Well, here we go with suggestion number 8:

Read good books and watch good films!

It is as “good” as our Anthony, and what does that means exactly: reading only his books and watching his videos, is there are any… Anthony was never warned that we were in the area of ​​Good and Bad, and we were free to choose and to make mistakes. Unless some gifted one tells us what is “good”, of course.

Yet morality, again! And not very interesting.

Let’s go to number 9:

Choose your relationships!

So the homeless should attend millionaires and billionaires should mingle with bums to complete their education of billionaires…

Or should we associate only with people who explain the Law of Attraction, choosing even those who agree with Anthony. Admit that in terms of blurring, we are served. Unless I missed his criteria…

But it’s OK, here is his number 10:

Avoid religions based on fear and hatred!!!

Good! We were not far from knowing which he wants to talk about, unless it is all of them… because he studied spirituality! I shall not snob you with the nuance between religions and Traditions, since, despite his vast culture, Anthony probably does not know what they are…

And clearly he understood everything about them, as he emphasizes the “free will”. It’s not that all “religions” don’t talk about it, but what I want to know is which ones insist on it. You know at least one: the Magick of Aleister Crowley, obviously the inspiration of today’s “Manifesting mentors”, as his recurring motto was: “Do what thou wilt is the totality of the Law.” Crowley’s ESP must have been a little down because the end of his term did not really let him do what he wanted. But he had the illusion of it for a long time, even when a British court sentenced him for witchcraft right in the 20th century! Crowley claimed his Satanism, while Anthony is rather quiet about it, but perhaps does he not even know it…

Maybe is this the positioning which one would have thought of from the beginning: we had seen his links with hypnosis, but it was a bit cheesy. Anyway, Satanists are a good school to know what not to do. Especially if you remember we had an opportunity to speak of Hotel California in the last episode: the ode to the glory of the first Satanic center near San Francisco, which recounts the love night between Crowley and 666, The Beast whom he usurped the name, at least when played forward, because backwards, it is a black mass ritual…

But let’s leave these dark stories for something much nobler: suggestion 11:

Give anonymously. Don’t expect anything in return!!!

How noble and smart: that way we will never know if he applies this recommendation to himself since his gifts are anonymous… In any case this ensures that we will receive nothing in return unless we set up at the general delivery under the name… Anonymous!

No ! It means if we get anything back, it is that the Law of Attraction works! Please, follow!

Come we go to 12:

Be thankful for what you are!!!

Cautiously, he does not say to whom?

One can easily imagine that someone who earns his living by giving such expert advice is also grateful to “the one” who gave him that chance, instead of sending him out to collect rubbish in Romania… But I know some around here for whom it will be difficult to do the same.

Or, he thanks the famous American Dream? Do not confuse it with the nightmare of American bums hanging around the streets of all cities, New York, Houston, New Orleans, Detroit, San Francisco, everywhere … That’s a lot of bums with horrible days and nights!

The culmination is number 13:


We do not know whom, but he already suggests we’re doing lots of bad things! Nononono!!! It is for us that bad things are made. I imagine that this forgiving is to get us out of our victim’s role. It’s not quite the view of the Christian Pater, where we forgive others so that the Father forgives us of all that we did wrong, and nothing indicates that it only concerns Him, as if we hurt the least of anyone, we also hurt Him…

But in the Pater, this comes just after the invocation to “our ESP” to constantly give us our “bread of the spirit”! (Something in passing the Pater was given to us from Heaven, so our use as Earthlings is upside down: it is already necessary that we be “delivered from the Evil one” so we can enjoy the rest of His promises…)

Hopefully Anthony’s ESP does the same every time Anthony forgives, as people like me for whom he is not really an idol, for which I should be forgiven…

And the conclusion that brings tears:

Energy is everything!!! Good Vibrations!

As usual we will not know what he means by energy, but once again, it is likely to match the mechanistic notion, unless it is the rather vague mystical and esoteric version behind this kind of environment…

Which is probably the case because the “good vibrations” that nobody knows anything about already passed in the current language!

In any case, one can conclude without fear that the vision of Anthony is nothing “quantum” whatever he pretends because the area in question is well beyond energy stories because it is from there that she is created…

Again think back to the stopping of thunderstorms and the billion joules it implies, or if it makes you scratch buttons, the ability to “create” a car park at your destination, to “dissolve” traffic congestions, to instantly find a pivot tooth lost in a lawn of several hundred square meters, landing a glider under conditions impossible to understand, troubleshooting a car engine without touching it and without even opening the hood, having the guy calling you which you want to talk to and whom you don’t have the number, and I can cite dozens more, including all you can do by being outside your body! And I do not despair of talking of it on the occasion of my “Experience of the 25 centuries”, whose protocol is on this blog (in French).

Anyway, here’s another optimistic statement…

Nothing can deny your desires!

Except maybe an absolute impossibility! Even the Verb will do nothing! Go Anthony: draw a square circle for us!

Ah, la, la! These people who dream and never examine anything! But again, everything comes from their muddy and incomplete paradigms.

OUT OF INFINITY, NO SALVATION! And even, if we limited our paradigm to the Universal Possibility, i.e. Saint John’s Principle, we would tell much less nonsense because we have a basis for assessing our inconsistencies…

And I intend to give you a demonstration in just a moment…

An arrow or a scud, but a bit surprising…

The laws are impersonal: criminals also can succeed!?!

At one time it seemed that the laws are not targeting persons as such… But that seemed to apply to God and His laws. Anthony believes he reassures us by extending its scope.

Maybe you do not know it, but the Bible never said: “Thou shalt not kill!” The verb used in Hebrew implies “something illegal”. So it would be better translated as « Thou shalt not commit murder”! For God was born well before the first rain! He knows we can kill, since as explained by Krishna, the precursor of Christ and like him the “descent” of the Verb, in the Bhagavad Gita: He spends his time acting for birth and death of all He produces, which allows him to explain to Arjuna, the chariot driver, that all the people he is going to kill in the battle, will be killed anyway by the Verb one day or the other, and he has to stick to his duty as a defender, like he is expected by the people of his village…

And “legal murders” relate to soldiers, executioners and judges when they apply the divine laws of society. It should be obvious that forbidding something impossible would not make much sense… So killing is possible and God knows it, but He has established rules to define the legal conditions. And none of these conditions reflects the name of the person who kills or the person who is killed. For human laws, it is a bit like this: it is only after the murder that the questions of persons will be raised.

Our concern in the declaration of Anthony, if we see it closer to Crowley practices, is that it seems that everything we want to achieve is possible and nice since, as just announced: “Nothing can deny our desire!” Still, it is possible that my review of his comments be wrong! This too cannot be denied us, I hope!

A last one for the road:

Say goodbye to your fears!

That’s it, in bulk! Before we say “Goodbye” shouldn’t we have to say “Hello” to find out what they are? But here we talk about what Anthony did not want to hear, as it is the legacy of our past that paralyzes us, and that he assumes we can delete without looking. As he thinks he did with his…

Forget our Anthony for a fraction of eternity, I have a personal message for you…

Excursion in the glaucous suburbs of Logic

Given the fact that I have exhausted the recommendations of Anthony that I intended to review, where’s my lie?

For I have promised not to bore you with that! And this is exactly what will happen…

But before I just told you that I was going to lie to you again!

Well that’s it: the lie: I have not lied to you!

Does it reconciles you with the fact that when you refuse something, you manifest it automatically?

If we cannot laugh any more… then!

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