Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N° 36 Experiments)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N° 36 Experiments)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N° 36 Experiments)

Good! So is it coming that quantum stuff?

It’s close, and I’ll start by describing some experiences that undoubtedly prepare the highlight.

But unlike previous episodes, I’m going to talk about experiences not within the reach of everyone.

I’ll be even starting with a rehash of the episode # 15!

You’re not forced to choose your viewpoint behind your forehead!

Whether or not you remember it, the No. 15 was about OBEs (Out of Body Experience)!

And I’m sorry, but if it does not happen to you spontaneously, I do not have a trick to help you individually. I had the opportunity to host several seminars on the subject, and I must say that it is much easier to get twenty people out of their bodies than only one, if only because, if participants are aware of the same scene, it encourages them to think they are not currently imagining it.

I said that to see from the bridge of the nose led us to believe that it was the location of our consciousness while that it is only the “viewpoint” it uses, and one must be quite materialistic to conclude that this “point” is a part of the body under the pretext that, apparently, it does not move.

This is perfectly wrong, but it represents such a reversal compared to the popular paradigm that without direct experience you will need a lot of imagination to conceive this possibility.

A strange Reverend Father: Teilhard de Chardin!

There must be a curse related to the Jesuits… Rethink of Adam Weishaupt and his “illuminati”! Teilhard, on his side jumped in with both feet on the theory of evolution to imagine that the ultimate goal of this hypothetical evolution was to make bodies of animals more complex to the point where they produce a spirit in man!

Already the fact to swallow this incredible theory is not a good sign of discernment (remember the eye, Darwin’s nightmare!); but for a Father to forget biblical revelation you need at least to be a Jesuit! That millions of Catholics, including popes, have followed indicates their ability to betray their founder and Lord, which will only surprise those who did not notice it before!

So for the discoverer of the Sinanthropus (actually a monkey hid in lime by the Chinese to make fun of the Father who “spent his time stirring up dust”), it is the Universe which “creates the spirit”!

And without having read him, almost everyone believes this nonsense! But no one has read Descartes either and everyone is Cartesian! Cartesians are generally fanatical and claimant…

So, it is ultimately the Teilhardian paradigm that we’ll have to get rid of…

Understanding how one can get “out of his body” is not as easy as understanding how humans can descend from monkeys because there is often little difference… and it sounds much more likely!

The first difficulty is that when we speak of being “outside” we are considering only the case when one is aware of his environment (the only truly demonstrable case…), and he nevertheless remains aware of the environment of his body. The ideal is that when getting out is accompanied by a near death experience (well ideal, so to speak!), usually the eyes (and brain) are then closed and the two images are not superimposed. But another similar situation is experienced by people who “see with eyes closed”. They keep their viewpoint in their heads, but are aware of the environment directly from inside their bodies, and their experiences of direct consciousness is absolutely comparable to that of individuals who act out… I knew such a person who used its direct consciousness when it was too dark: he closed his eyes “to see better”, an easy ability to check… without having to turn off the light as this “direct awareness” does not depend on physical light, of course! Too bad for Teilhard and his friends! Now; if you exteriorize, why don’t you close your eyes if you body is in a safe place?

So most of the time, someone out of his body and conscious has actually two viewpoints, both invisible to spectators, unless he takes a fancy to show appearances of bodies as demonstrations of “bilocation” by Padre Pio!

But I also strongly emphasized the independence of the spirit from the specific spatial and temporal conditions of this universe. And to be prepared for the description of the following experiment, you must understand that this “externalization” does not allow ONLY traveling IN SPACE, but also IN TIME. And it may surprise you, as if it were still possible; to travel IN THE FUTURE, which, for once, I can testify. Do not worry if you have to deal with someone who has been out of his body, your view as a living/prisoner in this flesh CANNOT interest him ANY MORE. He KNOWS HE IS NOT HIS BODY, and usually he has concluded that death is only an opportunity to realize how carefully and thoroughly the memories accumulated during life are futile because they will be useless for a spirit freed from his vehicle, as the Hindus and others say, who have also understood this!

I should point out again that getting out of the body is very common, but rarely accompanied by an awareness of where the spirit wanders.

Indeed, just take any drugs, alcohol, tobacco or medicine, and you exteriorize, but generally the product inhibits your ability to be conscious and this exteriorization will not help you since you do not even know it! So how do we know? By the testimony of those who have made OBEs after a life of debauchery, but you get an easy indication of stopping drunkenness using the process described in the episode # 16, which is basically to convince the spirit to be content with his usual viewpoint in his little boozer head.

That said, would we move to the damn experience?

The reverse causality!

A “discovery” of Olivier Costa de Beauregard, a guy so dampened by the modern paradigm as to consider that it is the universe that is walking upside down and it is not our view of it which is upside down! Have we not seen that we were free of our considerations? Completely free: they have no need to match anything else but themselves. Thus the lies and imaginary residues are perfectly “considerable”!

I also talked about the choice, regarding our considerations: we will have to select those that are consistent if we want our world (our paradigm) to stand up as much as the physical environment in which we are tenants. Remember the number of possibilities that we can consider, and you will see that even a Googol (10100) which is already well above the estimated number of atoms in the universe, is ridiculously shy next to our Principle!

I already talked about this experience in my book “Let’s be Logical” and it is itself described in the last sequence of “TheLivingMatrix”, a video that has been making kids and is even available in French from Corzeame.fr now!

The interpretation I give does not necessarily have the imprimatur of producers.

So: we bring together a team of guinea pigs equipped with an electro encephalogram (EEG) and an electro cardiogram (ECG) and we put everyone in front of a computer screen. We project a series of “positive” images, flowers, or handsome guys or beautiful girls, and we note the reactions of the EEG and the ECG. Then we move to less pleasant images such as bloody accidents or corpses, and we record the reactions again. Software tips extract typical signatures for each type of image and each guinea pig.

Then we warn the guinea pigs they will see images on their screens with random delays!

Shortly before the appearance of images, the EGC records something that we will check matches the expected signature for the image in question, then it is the turn of the EEG to react, and finally the image is posted!

The times involved are only fractions of a second, but they are enough to highlight this reverse causality! Finally, so it seems!

I offer you the considerations from my viewpoint.

First, when warning the guinea pigs they will see images, that is enough that they (the spirit) move slightly in the future. Sportsmen often do that when they compete for a match and they anticipate the play of the opponent by moving to the side where the blow will come even before it is launched and material elements provide visible indications…

But while the spirit that has just taken a view in the “future” it is also bound in the “present” to the “heart” of his body, which makes the ECG react in this same present. By the time the nervous and other body systems transmit the indication to the “brain” it is fast enough for the EEG to react before the appearance of the image cause of all the fuss…

That’s why your daughter is dumb!!! (a famous leitmotif from one of Molière’s play!). From amazement, of course!

We are left to describe some other experiments that will especially show the difference between quantum therapy and hypnosis! Which will give us the opportunity to speak of a component of the human being that I have carefully retracted…

Until next time for new discoveries!


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