Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N ° 40 Weather)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N ° 40 Weather)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (N ° 40 Weather)

WeatherWell, we saw a trick to clear the hostilities that gives truly miraculous results. Can we take inspiration from it in other areas?

I said that violence was constitutive of this universe of duality. But this is not because we believe to be in it, that, as a spirit, one must contribute to violence, since our “we” is not there. And the proof is suggested by the ability to make violence disappear within us and our adversaries… as shown by the trick of the latest episode.

Let us return to traffic jam stories! I told you that what a 5 year old girl could do, would probably be impossible for you! Because you probably are a lot more than 5 and in your regular travel you have had the opportunity to experience a lot of traffic jams, and that although they look random, you imagined or inferred, lots of things about them, that is, you have made lots of mental images and stored them in your soul, since in fact you know nothing about those jams (unconsciousness). It is the pollution of your paradigm which makes you impotent.

As much as I was sure of myself and categorical about the process to not let you turn your life into a disaster because of someone, as much about this subject I do not offer guarantees for things probably less simple. But this is not a good reason not to try, as much as I told you I saw it working with a number of my contemporaries.

Move along, there are no more cars to see!

So next time you’re stuck, review all the reasons why it seems normal to you to be so. I speak of traffic jam, remember. It can be: “Because people do not drive cleverly”, “Because everyone goes to work right now,” “Because it’s going to rain…”, but do not take my list for anything other than examples to inspire you in your research. Again this is not hypnosis, so I do not “suggest” anything: I ask you to find your own answers, which are reacting because you saved them in your soul, one way or other. And as in the preceding process, take what comes, do not deepen, and find as many as possible instead. AND ABOVE ALL, do NOT look for THE reason you’re stuck. You have no reason to find it, and if you are convinced of a false reason, you may get ill in the coming hours!

If after ten minutes, the traffic jam did not dissolve, forget it. Unlike the previous process where you know what you opposed to, there may be a vehicle in front of you in which a moron needs this jam and you have no way of knowing who he is, and he has no reason to let you move the flock.

For quantum conflicts are no different from others. If you want to sit in the same chair as another, after a while there will be only one of you sitting in the chair in question. Obviously as bodies are involved in this dispute it may be that the heftier wins, and if a quantum conflict, it would be the most “spiritually” powerful but how can we know which?

Especially in the midst of hundreds of cars.

Yet the fact that a kid of 5 succeeded, indicates something important: that nobody that day had really decided to get stuck, and that nobody was opposed to traffic moving either. But this situation is quite banal: once in our cars, whether we can roll, we do not know why, and so everything is possible, because nobody decides anything and all are convinced that nothing can be done about it. That’s why this method often works.

But there is another one which I have often spoken to you and which faces the same difficulties! Weather! Who will believe that we can decide which weather we can get, and how many people are affected within the area of a storm cloud? Yet this is one of my favorite games, acting on rain or storm!

But I was talking about the possibility that another would want something else, well I’ve experienced it. And with Mark, the dad of the traffic unjammer!

By a beautiful Sunday we decided with Marc to have fun with the weather of next week: in turn we will decide the weather each day! Well, I agree it’s not very smart, but you necessarily know of many more stupid games… Everything went well until Saturday. That day, I do not know why, I wanted sunshine, while I was on duty, well sheltered, to take care of the shop of a friend! I opened at 9 am: it’s raining! Good: “It’s fine.” And indeed the sun returns. Then leaves, so I reconsidered: “It is fine!”. The sun returns again and leaves again… Re decision, alternately a number of times during the morning, and around noon, arrival of Mark, furious: “Our thing does not work anymore! I wanted rain to water my salads!” We realizes that neither one nor the other was sure whom it was the day to play, and finally we took a drink and a toast laughing about our game and what it has just shown us on this Saturday, i.e. what happens if another fool thinks he can also play with the weather!!!

Yet on that day, there was no real “fight”, each time we decided when we realized that our consideration was not working…

Then, you will ask me: “Are you done with your pranks?” Ah! We can see these townspeople! And if you were to do a theater play or make an outdoor concert? Would it not be practical to ensure it does not rain? On the other hand no one cares about weather, you are not likely to make enemies since no one will know it was you who whacked the weather…

Needing care?

Apart from what I have told you about avoiding the search for a cause in repetitive processes if you do not want to get sick, you do not risk much!

Next time we will see, examples of considerations to make fun with, considering that they must be manifested, but we can already caution against considerations of the time. If what you want to achieve involves an incompressible mechanical time, do not consider a date for its completion. It is highly unlikely (but not impossible, of course) that you can reduce the time required and therefore, most often, you can only consider an unnecessarily long time.

My most striking example was when starting to Spain with clients in a car carefully maintained by the French firefighters! The trip did not fill me with enthusiasm and I decided that “anyway” we’ll get there at 8 pm! But, when taking gas about Madrid, the car would not restart… We did not find the fault, and, of course, it was a religious holiday, so there was nobody to help us. Then, at once, after one and a half hour, the engine started again… just in time for the 8:00 pm ringing when we arrived at the front porch of our destination! 90 minutes lost for my consideration to be manifested on the right time! Ridiculous!

But it must be a need of mine to predict excessive delays… especially on another day when I had to get a form and I decided around noon that: “Whatever the difficulties, I have this paper at 6 pm!” You’ll notice: I decided to have difficulties AND to set a deadline. So I went to the SACEM as I had been advised. They had not it, and gave me another address. Nothing more… The treasure hunt lasted a while until my appointment with a disc publisher in the late afternoon. The Director: “What brings you to Paris, Mr. Poncet?”. I tell him about the form. “And you did not get it?”. Me, sheepishly, “No!”. “Well here they are!”. And he handed me a package of those damned forms. But he had a clock in his office, and this thing found it funny to ring 6 times!!!

But I told you the value of considering time in the case of outdoor concerts which I mentioned in episode 25. So I had the opportunity to protect it from a persistent rain throughout the department, ensuring the producer no drops would fall during his show! And indeed, it is only after having stored the last piece of equipment that we took a downpour! Smile of the producer, which I returned him, while asking myself why I had not considered that the dry weather would not last a day longer?

I do not tell all that to brag, I have nothing to do with it at all, since in any case it is the Verb that did everything, but to give you confidence in the possibility of making startling experiences… But forget the alleged emotions required by the Yanks… I recommend you seriously doing this just for fun: If it does not work, nothing dramatic! Become aware of the number of people that your considerations can impact and who might not agree with you.

And before moving to other schemes involving health issues, let’s end up with a little more weather!

One day I dropped a colleague at the station, and while starting again, I noticed that my car is not very clean and a little water would do it good. Less than three meters away, the rain started to fall! Arriving near the office, I noticed that I did not want to soak myself between my parking place and my door. And by the time I parked my vehicle, the rain stopped. That’s how it should work if you do it for fun! But a tornado may take thirty seconds to cool down as it happened to me twice! Not a reason to throw the baby!

So, like I said, we will now take care of your dear health!


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