Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 37 Quantum)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 37 Quantum)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 37 Quantum)

The episode No. 36 ended with the evocation of an experiment described in TheLivingMatrix and this one will start by the evocation of another experiment from the same video.

There is no point to run, just be the point itself!

Unclear whether this is more feinting, so I pound it as it is, for you to see!

It’s about thirty injured who need muscular rehabilitation. They are parted in two groups and in the first group, they actually DO the exercises, while the others sit in armchairs and instead of doing the exercises they only IMAGINE doing them!

After two weeks, they are all in the same good condition!!!

It’s an interesting experience to illustrate the difference between quantum therapy and hypnosis.

Nobody has been trying to convince the guinea pigs that their thighs were becoming thicker, they were only told to “consider” (and imagine) things their bodies can “understand”, and the proof is that the bodies did so… And nobody tried to make them believe in anything, like during my externalizing seminars, where I was receiving people who had just seen my posters and had never done anything or been brainwashed in any way, which I was careful not to do as well.

For me, quantum therapies involve the spirit in the sense that the experience of random images shows its reality and effectiveness, as well as the tenants of the armchairs in the current example.

You have probably heard of the action of “spirit (not mind) over matter”, but have you noticed that you practice it non-stop, although in a manner generally grossly inefficient. To lift a pen of a few grams, you are moving kilos of meat and bone, when raising your arm! Yet it is your decision (or your consideration combined with the consideration of your intention it be manifested) that brought your arm to move, so the spirit has acted on the matter, indeed!

I had a girlfriend who did not need to use her body or that of others, to move objects, including tossing. But I attended several individuals able to make the body of others do things that their owner had not intended, without speaking to them. And it seems this version of psychokinesis is more common than what we ordinarily think of.

Then back a little to our stacks of manifestations.

We are all magicians!

And let’s speak again of possibilities or let’s say “individual” principles (as this sounds much more the result of our considerations), just as you like!

One consideration, which is to say simply a thought finally, is already the manifestation of its principle. But when you manifested your orange ball, the manifestation itself has become the production of your consideration and corresponds to a new level of manifestation of the principle that your consideration itself was already the manifestation of. You’re still with me? So why limit the manifestation of your considerations to mental images? We have just seen, if you consider that you move any limb, this consideration, or at least its principle, can manifest the movement of which you thought!

And you will notice that you do not have to individually consider each muscle involved, just the end position! Like when you moved your screen: the body has managed.

Let’s see the entire process: You CHOOSE IN THE CLUTTER OF THE PRINCIPLE the consideration you want to manifest, and it begins with manifesting the consideration itself. Then, if what is considered is likely to occur at another level, you will see it … if it takes place!

This is where the rub is! How do I know at the time of making the consideration that it may manifest its consequences in a field other than thought? That’s why our John T. was so careful. And why he called for work and stubbornness to the rescue for that which does not manifest itself immediately, contrary to what he suggests at the beginning of his book.

The real problem to be solved regarding “quantum actions” is what to do if it does not work?

So, what is it that makes all this?

In fact this time we have no idea of what passes a principle to its manifestation at any level whatsoever!

Based on our experiments alone, indeed.

But why not asking the Principle what he thinks?

Especially as He explained it many times, and it was transcribed very clearly, especially by Saint John, the heretofore disciple that Christ loved!

Let’s be simpletons, like a newborn! Jean starts by saying, “In the Principle was the Verb”. Surprise! The newborn must know what are the Principle and the Verb. For the Principle, he did not need to read the 35 episodes to find out what you eventually understand. He just comes directly from It as a spirit!

As for the Verb, it is one single possibility, an “individual” principle within the Principle, and even as we must as well start with what we want to achieve: the very principle that turns a simple possibility into its manifestation! So it is the manufacturer of our newborn!! Who surely knows what It is as well!

Any connection between the Genesis, and where the genius is for St. John?

But let’s continue: “And the Verb was God, and the Verb was with God.” That’s it! John waited too long to write his Gospel, he became senile!!!

Not so sure! If the Verb is the only obvious thing for us, as we are stuck in a manifestation inexplicable otherwise, it must nevertheless take care that this manifestation is not just garbage, it needs to be ordered! But the Verb is “only” the one who will manifest stuff. For the Order, he needs guidance, and therefore God is ALSO, at the same time (and at the same “place”), in the Principle, where neither one is manifested. Then God commands his Verb to manifest itself, which results in the simultaneous manifestation of God. And so the Verb is the only and the Unique Son of God, since all His subsequent children will be very different…

Attention! When talking about “manifestation” at this level, remember that your own spirit is manifested but invisible, and that we only know it because of its effects…

Please note too, because of our language, poorly adapted to these kinds of things, we are speaking of a kind of succession that makes us think of a timeline… But at this stage, time is not yet manifested, and this succession is ONLY LOGIC! Moreover it is the possibility of this logic which “will become” (a logical future!) the principle of time!

In other words, St. John saw very well the three “phases”: first, the finding that the Verb was in THE Principle, then that this “possibility of manifestation” implied the choice of an order, and inseparably, as nothing had been manifested yet, then separating the Verb and consecutively God in the same event, and the distinct manifestation of God, a immediate consequence of that of the Verb itself! Moreover, John stops there, because the “continuation” was already told in the Bible: the first manifestation which God gives the order of, it is that of the Light (intelligible), if only for we can know the reality of the “manifestation” of our two artisans Themselves! And like the speeches of “succession”, this distinction does not imply a separation of a spatial type between the two players, since space either is not yet manifested! It is also just a LOGIC distinction!

Besides the continuation of the verse where John tells us that “the Verb was WITH God” it is because of this separation of “powers” that Jesus will tell that only the Father knows the date and time of the End Times, since it is He alone who gives orders…

But it is the prototype of a CHOICE! Starting with Himself to be able to manifest the rest. It is these choices that will define the function of God itself, those who will bring order, order the jumble of contradictory possibilities, keeping only the “compatible” ones, while the Verb is “satisfied” to achieve which is selected. Looking carefully, this “choice” of the first possibility was not very hard to do, since it was the only one necessary for all others. This does not hold for the jumble of “remaining” possibilities and this time you need something that KNOWS EVERYTHING TO BE ABLE TO CHOOSE. And we know what He has chosen first! Something so that all the manifestations from there on, are “understandable”, “knowable”, what the Hindus call Buddhi, Christians, the Holy Spirit and the Bible, the famous Light of the « Fiat Lux« !

From there, “He” can begin to manifest in bulk! And at the beginning God is alone in this game of choice, we must say that given the results it was not too badly managed! But why doing it alone? Then He will choose the principle of his images and tell his Verb to manifest them, and these will be men. It is only because he had not read or expected Teilhard that he forgot to start by amoebas!!! The main job of these men will be to continue this work of choosing to manifest that God gives their freedom to its images.

And it’s easier to choose when you know everything, like God, than when one is only a flat image with unclear perspective into the third dimension…

And as God is keen to leave the Liberty to His images, He lets them come to this world of duality, not without warning of what awaits them, because He knows it, He is even the one who has ordered this manifestation.

And it’s not easy! But as we have seen, the first event ordained by God was that of the possibility of knowledge, which means for us and for the rest: “The Teacher who will teach us everything we need to know”.

But it is remarkable that today everyone does not care of the Holy Spirit whose “operations” mainly give opportunities to be ironic, like of all the other names he had over the centuries, especially Sophia, Wisdom, the target of philo-sophers therefore claiming to love her but turning their backs to her!

But it’s a shame because the use of that Sophia would make us somehow as wise as God in our choices since we would know all we NEED to know!

And we could be worthy of what one is the image of… by extending His function. And our duty is to choose our considerations in a coherent paradigm that should cover the entire world of possibilities!

In other words: He organizes the world by His choices, and we must do the same in our paradigm, our world, of which we are the gods. So follow his example!

For God as for us, it is enough that a possibility be manifested by a thought, to be taken into account by the Verb, which is guaranteed by the fact that we are images of God and what the Verb confirmed by explaining Peter “He was at our service”. If this consideration is about something that is not manifested but that could be because nothing indicates otherwise, the event will take place!

But we are the gods of our paradigm, so that is where we must look for consistencies or inconsistencies that block us.

Which we will see next time…


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