Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 38 Locks)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 38 Locks)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 38 Locks)

Do I have any reason to doubt that you come out of the previous episode without understanding why the Greek name of the Verb, logos, gave us the one of LOGIC? If so, read it again and do not miss the stairs!

As mentioned, a principle can often manifest itself in different ways depending on the areas concerned. Then let’s examine what this logic and this logos are!

Basically the logos is what connects, links a possibility with its manifestation. Insofar as this possibility is considered (we talked about considerations, not so long ago), as pre-paring its manifestations, one of the manifestations of the logos is the time, as we have seen, where events succeed chrono-logically.

This does not mean that all relationships are the manifestation of the sole logos! For example, time has nothing to do with the fact that a principle manifests its effect: it does not need time for that. And there was also no time “before” time itself was manifested. That’s why the febrile search of timely causes by scientists is so futile, as shown by the conclusion of Costa de Beauregard about his “reverse causality”!

Human reason also is considered a manifestation of the logos. And it’s true that it computes relations, but from what? Between our considerations, which we saw could carry on anything. Again, it is far from a precise cause and effect relationship.

Anyway, the causes we identify, or we think we identify, are only what we consider as such, and the effects are also our considerations. It seemed to me that we have seen it prudent to ask the lights of the Holy Spirit to be able to assess the validity of our consideration! But as I pointed out, if there is one thing that everyone cares very little of, it is this “Holy Spirit”! So should we be surprised that we are drowned in an ocean of absurdities, the most visible of which are the political and legal doctrines, and the less visible concern science and math, because no one bothers to look at those…

The reality of our “divine images” makes them appear very blurry and overexposed: they are very bright but cannot show anything!

And then: what about these locks?

Let’s start again from our stunning experience of moving our screen. We saw that it meant to return its current location to its potential level so as to get where we wanted to place it.

If you do not know how to return the original position of the screen in a potential state, the screen which will be at the final place will be another screen! And if each movement involves the manifestation of a new thing… it is traders who will be overwhelmed!

Now this “disappearance” and this new occurrence are simultaneous, and on the other hand, these two events concern the relationship between the potential and the actual which is the domain of the Verb itself! So if one is blocked to move the screen, it is that he did not “ask” the Verb to “un-manifest” it! Hindus consider these two aspects under different names: Vishnu, the manifester and Shiva for the “possibilizer” (the destructor, if you want to speak like everyone else!) I have no information to provide to explain this difference in point of view indicated by their Buddhi! Except perhaps, a new indication of the freedom which we enjoy for our considerations!

In practice, if something is blocking a change, it’s because we did not cancel the current location!

Joking aside, this is an indication that Anthony and his pals are not ready to have and which significantly hampers their efficiency, especially as they put too much emphasis on the fact that one should not care of past locks and we even have to neglect them, which is unlikely to erase them since they do not even mention the possibility of considering to be free of them in a form that the Verb can take into account.

Because the Verb is incredibly accurate: you know the double-edged sword that came to bring a sword, not peace… (Mat. 10:34)

The screen you want to move is at the exact place where it is, and it is precisely THAT ONE you want to change the location of.

You’ll easily find it very difficult to move a screen from a location where it is not!

We may persist (particularly through hypnosis) to want things to be not where they are, but experience shows that when one is convinced so, the “harsh reality” takes him out of his dream, such as customers of nineteenth century hypnotists who saw their warts come back if they did not die fast enough!

Good, but it is not a stuck screen that makes me sick

This is not to say, but I feel you are a little grumpy today!

Should I also doubt that you have not hit that quantum practices concern the game with all those considerations freshly made from your mind. If this is the case, review the episodes in reverse order, until you are sure you understand that!

To recap for those who still follow…

When we consider a thing by imagining that it is “real”, that is to say along with the intention that it manifests itself, it is enough that this event be possible so that the logos obeys. And from that moment, which was just considered will manifest for real. It may be very gradual, you will not snatch a cancer in stage 12 with the first cigarette! But the decision to smoke, will manifest itself at each new cigarette you see until the cancer that you were mocking takes your guts!!

So you can cure your cancer by canceling the contempt you have for it?

Oh, if it were that simple…

The screen you want to move is at a specific position, and as long as you do not exactly know where, you cannot move it because the Verb will not know what you mean! But the position of solid objects is fairly easy to spot, that’s why we can move so much.

But your contempt for cancer, was it: “Ah! I’m not afraid!” “Only morons are sick!” “Anyway I’m not from a cancer family…!” “If I had to deny everything!” “The biggest problem for the chest is when a bus hits…” “Medicine will cure it next week!” “If we have to believe everything the journalists tell…”

So is your account in the above statements?

And then what if your cancer just may be the consequences of your consideration to smoke! “I want to do like George!” “If I do not smoke, I’ll look like a dumb!”, “Let’s go, I’ll smoke a cigarette!” Please note that this last consideration speaking of “A” cigarette does not mean “the one” cigarette that you see in front of you! For every cigarette you see will be A cigarette to your consideration! And this consideration will last until your die! Because for all we know the corpses are non smoking… except during incineration!

The guy from which you read the prose is a repented smoker, so for once (!), I know what I’m talking about. One day I found that my tobacco budget prevented me from doing many other things and I asked myself: “Why do I smoke?” Answer: “Because I’m bored …!”! New consideration: “I am not bored any more” and it had to be the right answer, because I turned off the cigarette I had, and gave the rest of my pack to a friend… and that was it! I am even sure of not being “concerned” by smoking anymore, because I’m not disgusted either: it happened to me in 60 years to smoke at least 8 cigars…!

But I can tell you that I had much chance of getting the solution right the first time! 15 years later, I had the opportunity to practice the same exercise to a bunch of others and they all had to search a while! Attribute it to beginner’s luck, especially since I had not known what I’m talking about now until years later, as I said!

The most amazing is that there are ways to get rid of the considerations that block us without knowing them! Despite my advice of “accuracy”, and thanks to the itinerant curse that we will study next time!

You will notice that after its title this episode concerns the obstacles, not the solution… I really had you? That’s what I said, you are grumpy!

Until now you know enough about what is blocking you and you have up to number 39 to find how to loosen yourself… including of your sulking!


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