Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 43 Spirit)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 43 Spirit)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 43 Spirit)

Quantum or magic?

Let’s summarize to be sure that you know how to do, because what I am going to speak of, I have not fully tested due to time constraints.

Basically, what I call a quantum therapy is akin to magic or witchcraft: it is to achieve therapeutic results by using thought alone, sometimes with the involuntary complicity of the mental whose bad habits are diverted.

The difference between the spirit and the mind, I would repeat, is that the spirit is able to “be aware”, “ be conscious”; while the mind is just good enough to “perceive”, and again with the help of the body, very often. In other words, the mind is just good to store thoughts, and to retrieve them faster than a search engine because it does not work with “memory addresses”, but directly with the content of its memories (known as “content addressable memories” like the Universe, by the way…). Though it can save your life if its reaction is appropriate, it is only because of its basic programming, the BIOS, as a computer technician would call it! Thus before you were born and in an environment and under conditions expected by its architect.

But for everything the spirit entrusts to the mind, but which the mind does not want to hear about, it’s usually disastrous.

The major, or only difference, between quantum manipulations and black magic or its darker sister, is the use of invocations. My quantum processes do not involve any “specific outside assistance” while a mage or a warlock will call to his aid specialized staff he is supposed to know the features of and has learned to put to his service.

In view of the power involved in the use of these auxiliaries, an error of manipulation can be catastrophic.

I was talking, a long time ago with a mambo (a voodoo priestess) who told me that the most frequent question put to her was whether her “loas” (that which is invoked during ceremonies) were good or evil ? And Mathilda answered: they are like me, if you know how to take me, I’m cute, but if not, I’m a real ringworm, bad and dangerous! (But she was beautiful, whether we knew how to “take” her or not…)

Loas” (or “spirits” or demons) derive their power from the fact of not being trapped in a body, subject to the place and date where the body is. Their voodoo specificity is that they need a body to communicate with us, which they do by borrowing the assistants’ bodies, for the time of a ceremony, if you know how to call them and to send them back to have peace when it’s over. In other words, everything feasible when you “leave the body”, the demons can do. And conversely what demons can do, goes much further than what we can when we get out of our body because of our culture that made us helpless through its absurdities.

Two categories of actions: thoughts to realize and thoughts to clean…

So when it comes to using the spirit alone, we must have “positive” thoughts!

The prototype could be the “flip switch” of our Anthony (I choose to feel good now), except that he might be too cautious in stating that this is a choice, and secondly his goal seems very shy! Why does he not just ask: I’m fine from now on?

Very often the dying go through a phase of “better before the end” during which they feel very good. That’s why I say that the goal of Anthony is not sufficiently ambitious. A junkie is also taking its drug to “feel good!”

It’s like his remarks about the “implicit negativity” of some formulas such as: “I do not want to be sick,” which disadvantages he attributes to his hypothetical Law of Attraction, while it only comes from pure logic: we cannot refuse anything if this thing does not exist.

Logic or the Law of Attraction? Not really an option!!

But if we do not invoke strange spirits, it’s because we do not need to call the Verb to our rescue because He is ALWAYS THERE! Listening to us and ready to help: and Logic is HIS exclusive domain (He is the Logos!).

So if we were to tell him the previous sentence, He will first make what we call the disease exist, even if He knows that it is only a human abstraction, but of which He knows the characteristics, and after having created it, He will ensure that we do not like it!

In fact at the School of Logic, we also learn not to speak in the conditional time since the only time familiar to the Logos is the eternal present! This does not mean we cannot tell Him about a specific date, He obviously knows all those as well, but without such indication, our statement will “float” over time without achieving it any time since, the conditional remains “conditional”!

The joke attributed to barbers who display “shaving is gratis, TOMORROW” has exactly the same inspiration, since until the end of time, there will be a “tomorrow” every day… and barbers don’t care what happens afterwards: “After them the flood!”

The direct obliteration of obstacles!

When an obstacle is not just a record in the mind, as we have seen about alcohol or uric acid, with a simple observation by the spirit, the fact vanishes, since we mention something existing and the Verb then knows to “unmanifest” it the same way He will manifest the thought of what does not exist yet. This two-way “passage” can be interpreted as an opportunity to show the Verb that we trust Him and we know how He works.

Remember that simply making a change means to “unmanifest” a given state of facts to manifest a new one, two obviously simultaneous operations except for us who insist that time flows in nanoseconds.

Since He Himself told us that He was a “double edged sword”: one edge manifesting what is possible, the other edge “returning” an event to its mere possibility… i.e. He just clears the event without touching its possibility which is indestructible by nature.

I talked one day with a guy who saw a mental image in his sick cat’s mind and in which the cat was trapped. How do we see a mental image in someone else? This is not as easy as looking at alcohol in our own body, since it is rather unlikely that we can SEE it, and that’s why we are only called to “look”, but, try to “consider” it (to use the Verb that connects us to the stars!): “I see the image that blocks my cat!” And you’ll see (as a matter of fact!). Because if you saw the picture, the Verb will “unmanifest” it and your cat will be healed, as happened to the cat of the guy I speak…

This first type of “direct” action of the spirit, using a consideration, whether of something that does not exist to manifest it, or something boring to get rid of SHOULD ALWAYS be tried.

If it does not work it is that we are dealing with a prank recorded in the mind, what we are about now.

The false friends from our cowardice or our resignation…

Humility should not be confused with treason! Even if we fell from Paradise because of a morbid curiosity to know the evil that was missing there, we are nevertheless images of God and we should make sure to be worthy of it.

Those who were lucky enough to have out of body experiences, KNOW they are pure spirits, if they have not intellectualized their experience on the basis of what they understood (or thought they understood) while wrongly studying some esotericism.

They should have checked that in this state of pure spirit, their questions, even the most outlandish, were given instant answers (a misleading impression of omniscience because it takes time to ask all those questions…).

They should have checked that in this state they are no longer subject to the laws of “nature” as physicists imagine them, especially those of the physical light (see the protocol of my Experience of the 25 centuries!).

And if they were attentive, they noticed that they saw WHAT THEY WANTED TO SEE and what did not interested them did not appear either.

They also found themselves in the place and date where they could have the answers to their questions, even if they did not know where and when to go to… All echoes of “Ask and it shall be answered” seem to apply…

In other words, they should KNOW that they are images of God, as long as they have a somewhat clear idea of what their model is! All-Knowing and Almighty! Though not having a body to do all what He did.

Our first mistake is to attribute to our body capabilities that we would not have as spirits and believe it necessary to do the action, while it cannot act but like us, that is thanks to the Verb. Do we want to catch a bottle on a shelf with our hand, it is enough to consider it, and since it is possible, because this bottle is there, the Verb will drive the muscles of our arms, without the need to know the details, to catch the damn bottle. But if my girlfriend Nadine wanted to put the bottle on the table, she did not need to get up for the bottle to come to the table by itself, because the Verb always knew that Nadine’s paradigm never expected to have to use a body to move objects…

That’s why I suggest you to check this stuff and try to play with the weather! You will make the Verb implement phenomenal amounts of energy, infinitely beyond what is necessary to get a bottle from a shelf to a table! And if, at first, I was doing this kind of experience with somewhat “special” buddies, I had the opportunity to do it with a lot of skeptics, and I also recently discovered that the game of “manufacturing” parking spaces was far more widespread than the brotherhoods I attended and which they believed was their brand…

I gave an indication of the conditions to find and play these spectacular games, simply read the present series…

Let’s come to our cowardice: If we do not understand that, as God’s images, our duty is not necessarily to run the 100 meters in 9 seconds, but to be aware of everything around us and that we have; not only the opportunity, but the duty of it, for God and his Verb are no traitors, we should not take all the opportunities to become unconscious, because we think we are facing a threat with which we cannot cope!

And our fascination with automation, which do all in our place (the next generation of drivers will not know how to drive into parking slots anymore…), increased through the discovery that our body was fitted with a mind that ensured basic operations (respiration, circulation, digestion, accommodation (autofocus) and adjustment of the exposure for the eyes, etc.). And we quickly discovered that we could use this opportunity to educate automation reflexes of our body even in situations not initially programmed for.

But then, we did not really have the user’s manual, lost in civilization for centuries; and we will have to rediscover it… so let´s start with noticing our confusion first.


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