Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 46 Layers)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 46 Layers)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 46 Layers)

Here we are to demonstrate that I am as stupid as a standard product of Education… and rationalist geniuses as idolized by my contemporaries… except that you will not take me for an idol, or it would be an inexplicable blunder…

There is no more room for hallucinations

What will make the link with hardline imagination: imagine a hippo in your office. It will have all the appearances of a pervasive volume but will not shake or move any chair. And so, like all the things apparently “psychic” that you see localized in this physical space, they are no more localized in it than reflections in your mirrors.

This does not mean that it is that simple. People who see dwarfs or fairies will also see them “in” the photos that are taken from the place of observation and they will again be the only ones to see them. That obviously applies also to the “bodies” of Blavatsky. Therefore we do not have to be surprised of being able to move their arms and legs.

And the physical manifestations of the Kirlian effect or movies recorded by GDV are the response of tit for tat: Why could we see what cannot be seen without conversely what is not seen may materialize in special cases?

In this regard there are the curious experiments by Stéphane Cardinaux (www.geniedulieu.ch), one of those who see fairies and organizes seminars on the subject, and more generally about Geobiology. He explained in one of his books a brutal way to convince skeptics. If he spots a “magic pipe” not too long, these tubes which, according to Stéphane, are human fabrications, are invisible tubes whose interior no longer exists so that what can be observed from one end is what is happening at the other as if you were there, even kilometers away. They are found making the connection between “sacred places”.

He asked one of his trainees to go down the invisible magic tube and he gave a big blow on the end where he stayed, granting the trainee a hit in the stomach and even making him fall.

It seems that the trainee and the spectators were convinced by the experiment…

Important detail, if all these psychic entities starting within your mental images occupy no more “space” than the reflections of mirrors, it is because we create our illusion of a mental space so we can “locate” them by superimposing them on the physical space. Which raises in particular the problem of communication with said entities.

In the physical space, communicating with someone is possible because we have their address or physical location coordinates. But in a null space or area with no dimension? Well! Think of your mobile phones and the Internet, two gifts from Lucifer for which it unwillingly revealed the solution of magical practices, theurgy, theophanies, remotely healers’ actions… Having no coordinate system, IDENTIFIERS are used because your “IP address” is not so much an address as such, but an address disguised because we write their names with figures. Your cellular has also a digital number, but you will receive your phone calls wherever you are, as long as there is a nearby network. Unlike landlines numbers which in principle correspond to a geographic location, but which can be easily “re-routed”, including on mobiles. Healers do not act differently: they ask the name and date of birth, which is a reliable identifier. But they can also be satisfied with a photograph (ID or not!). Because, as we have seen, there is much more than just the visible picture in a material image. For sorcerers and magicians, all they need to have is the name of what they target. But the identifiers used by healers can of course also be used by sorcerers, and the mania of selfies posted on the Internet is the perfect tool of damnation if these good people want to use it, and why would they not: it’s a gift! Free!

We shuffle the cards before distributing

Let’s get busy now and finish our paradigm with the manifestations of the possibilities that we have collected.

The easiest way is to take a few examples and you’ll generalize yourselves, or it may take a while.

Consider the possibility of an “Idea of God,” such as a circle (the locus of points of the plane at the same distance from a central point). The first substance that can allow it to manifest it is precisely the math, in other words “Ideas of God” themselves.

Then it can manifest as a human idea with the substance of that field. Then as a mental image. It’s still human (men-tal comes from man, but it is no longer a simple emanation (just considered) from a spirit) because the spirit can “see” it! It’ll also be the first time it will betray its definition since to be a “visible” mental image, the outline of the circle must have a thickness, while geometric lines have none, not any more than geometrical points have size… This is the inevitable consequence of manifestations: the constraints of substantial considerations…

It’ll get worse to the next level: drawing the circle on a piece of paper. Again we are forced to draw a visible line regardless of the care given to the size of the compass mine. And neither the compass nor paper are perfectly rigid, so that our circle has neither a zero thickness nor a constant radius!

Yet all who see this circle will recognize it! It is the magic of archetypes (= Ideas of God). Plato noted: We all have the reminiscence of what we knew before incarnating, or the Christian version: the Holy Spirit is there to teach us that all the circles that we see are circles, even if we only see actually ellipses, and even with one eye, because the mixture of the visions of both eyes operated by our mind, remains a mysterious process, such as the return of the sense of depth of which we are conscious when outside the body, thus having a single point of view instead of two.

I have only chosen a few levels of manifestation, so consider that it is only my consideration of my choice of considerations, and that there are necessarily an indefiniteness of them that I have no names to give to…

Would tolerance be some shit in a silk stocking, as Talleyrand the guy from Perigord?

“Shit in a silk stocking” was the nickname Napoleon had given to Prince Talleyrand, and the childish alliteration is due to my succumbing to the temptation to it…

A final example for the road: the possibility of a house! Fear not, there are as many as you want.

Assuming that we do not consider it as an idea of God (!?), our first level of manifestation will be as a human individual idea! Quickly followed by a mental image or a package of mental images.

You can bring your buddies to make the images in question for themselves by describing your house. Another manifestation level: the description of the house!

The simplest may be to manifest your ideas by drawing your design on paper (the old way). Or by a more modern way to entrust your ideas to a computer which will make us an avalanche of manifestation levels from software, in terms of data and programs, their “materialization” in a memory (central and/or mass) , its expression by the display on a screen or the printing on printers. Then we arrive on the building ground where it is probable that it will first manifest as a path that can only be laser rays, and finally, the construction itself, which will lead to the use and the manifestation of all phases of the possibilities of its construction! And we will be obliged to take into account that no wall is right, no right angle is really perpendicular, none of the measures indicated on the plan will be to the exact micron… The price to take to account for the constraints of mechanic in our physical space.

This universe imposes indeed that in it, “points” that can show are not dimensionless, by virtue of which we cannot adjust exactly anything since it will always be half a “point” near, like our measures for which this is the ideal or ultimate precision. And besides, these “points” are vibrating since the universe is the place of movement. If the “geometric” point is perfectly zero size, once manifested in the universe it will have a pretty small size, but some size indeed, to make up lines, surfaces or volumes. This characteristic imperfection of our universe, like of all that is not the Infinite itself (only the Infinite is “perfect” in the etymological sense = which lacks nothing!), poses a constraint to our manifestations in this area, this constraint being bypassed by the possibility of “tolerance”, which is not the virtue that our politicians want us to believe, but a simple consequence of the imperfection of what is not infinite, like our universe. Yet it seems so gigantic! True virtue lies in the limitation of this tolerance so that manifestations can rub their inevitable imperfection and still work… A topic that mechanical engineers know to the tip of their files with the normalization of their adjustments which ensure the machining of the parts to assemble!

We cannot tolerate the truth, only errors or mistakes, and therefore if tolerance is unlimited, the whole thing is just a mess!!!

So, up to you to see how to move from a mere possibility of the Principle to all the manifestations of which it is capable.

Because for myself, I withdraw into my stable until the next episode…

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