Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 13 Sankhya)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 13 Sankhya)

Will 21st century therapy be quantum, metaphysical or simply logic? (No. 13 Sankhya)

As planned, we will be guided by another consideration of our Principle, namely the Hindu Sankhya. In case this is not clear, there is no question of seeking a “competitor” to the biblical account. We are only selecting, from many points of view, those who are most likely to bring us answers, i.e. acceptable considerations relevant to our everyday experiences. But the considerations of Sankhya relate directly to our nature as human beings.

Should we cross out on Logic?

It would be a good idea since the cross is its symbol and it is even on this cross that She completed her Incarnation.

In other words: this subtitle hides a joke! Shame on me!

Not really, because we have to “prove all things”, and therefore we will not give up the cross without having looked in some detail!

In fact we have already discussed it without much mention. Its “vertical axis” is the one that we used from top to bottom since we considered that the principle was “on top” of what it entails, and spoke of his “horizontal axis” in reference to the logic of temporal succession; i.e. chronological succession.

We can consider that the vertical axis goes through an indefiniteness of horizontal planes, the lowest of which would the physical world and where the causal logical relations result in temporality. And in this regard, specifically, we are speaking of chrono-logy… We will see that in the other horizontal planes one can also have a kind of “horizontal” logic between successive elements! It is our prison in time that obliges us to speak in terms of “before” and “after” in areas where time does not exist (we even have a word to talk about it, it is e-ternity, out of time) as, for example, when Genesis tells of successive days. I often compare it to a housewife who writes a shopping list when she is at home, and careless that the order of the list does not necessarily correspond to the order of her shopping… But anyway, all is ready even if in bulk! Elohim is wiser…

In summarizing the considerations of the Bible we have been able to identify: the consideration of a principle called Elohim or the Spirit of God (that is also the name that Muslims give to the Word by bringing this spirit to Allah), then a 7 day preparatory area to gather all the principles that will manifest in Paradise, a word derived from the Sanskrit Paradesha which prepares our link with the Sankhya. Later in the Bible there will be details on the fact that man is created in the image of God and that there is stuff below Paradise, one where there are disadvantages such as illness, death and politicians, and another even lower, Hell, and maybe is it also in the midst of these demons that we find the politicians in question…

In fact, it should be clear that these places we’re talking about, like Logic, are in reference to our human experience embodied in a space, and are merely ways of speaking of different states corresponding to the same horizontal plane of our Cross of Logic.

Travelers to Sankhya, last call before boarding…

As said, the biblical account concerns cosmology, and to understand the details of our constitution we will call the Sankhya for help.

This text explains how we are equipped with a soul and a body without worrying about what the Word must do, so that what the Sankhya describes is available. In particular, it considers that the physical already exists for we have bodies and that plants and animals are there to be our food.

We will nonetheless also start from our first divine “function”, the possibility of universal knowledge that the Hindus call Buddhi. Which we identified as the third “function” of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Considering that Buddhi may be the principle of our individual spirits, of our consciences, these need a “universal substance,” prakriti, the productive aspect of the Word, which will be able to generate such spirits. The only ability of those spirits is to provide considerations, even considerations of things that do not yet exist and that consciences will ask the Word to realize, which is foreign to the point of view of Sankhya. Which considers the human reality to be independent of the existence of a horizontal “plane” corresponding to the psyche where our consciences will be equipped with tanmatras (five faculties of perception for sound, touch, sight, taste, smell) and five faculties of action (which we will soon see with which bodily organs they match), and another horizontal plane corresponding to the physical universe and where our minds will be equipped with five sensing organs of perception for the body, bhutas (hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell, in the same order as the psychic faculties) and five organs of action (excretion, generation, grasping, walking, speech) and connected to the corresponding psychic faculties which we have just been talking of. Note in passing that the list starts with excretion, an example that the industry would do well to learn to become more ecological… Consciousness is called Ahankara for Hindus, but there is another psychic ability, characteristic of man which the Hindus call manas, this root man was recovered by most modern languages since it is even the name of the man in English, and we have hu-man-ity in French. This faculty is meant to be central, and it is unique to our species, or to the incarnation of ahankaras in this universe. We’ll speak of it as our “mind” to keep the memory of the root… You will find lots of ways to count all these, following considerations which they are subject to, but the details do not matter for what we have in mind here. In the worst case, refer to “Man and His Becoming according to the Vedanta” from René Guénon (published by Sophia Perennis in English), as the “experts” of the Web do not seem to have Hindu sources of the quality of our French author ! In addition, if you read his book, you will see that one can tell things much more complicated than me, and it is precisely because it has been done that I did not need to start again…

Schematically, the constitution of the human being according to the Sankhya is seen to be redistributed at a “spiritual” level with Ahankara, a psychic level with the soul, the mind and its faculties of perception and action and a third level with its physical organs that we know the details of. The last is the only benefiting of the spatial and temporal conditions of our universe. So neither the spirit nor the mind need, nor do they have, this space and this time. It is through the bodies that are attached to them that we can identify dates in such fields without time (i.e. eternal).

Left to themselves, Ahankaras feed on the Universal Buddhi and it is their own domain. All that and below will be expressed in a more individualized way and it is mainly the difference between the universal and the individual that will characterize the nuances between the spiritual and the psychic. Manas is not only our reasoning faculty, it is also concerned with the imagination, the memory, feelings or emotions. The proximity of the psychic and physical elements may show interactions between the first and the second as the possibility of telepathy, psychokinesis (poltergeist), perception of independent entities, kinds of “animals” of psychic nature as fairies, dwarves, all the little people of the forests of the Middle Ages, that some are still able to perceive today. Emotions are easily perceivable with a little training and even at considerable distances.

Other interactions even impact directly the physical realm such as the Kirlian effect, and there are now “GDV Cameras” filming and recording on computers the Kirlian “aura” to allow therapists to be guided on the treatments they advocate. GDV means Gas Discharge Visualization, but for more information, I am sending you cowardly on the Web.

If such machines presented as quantum can actually physically show interactions with the realities of a different order, the opposite possibility, that is to say a physical action, such as a mere sound, which would be meant to impact the quantum field, borders on the scam. The “chain of causation” presented by Sankhya drops from the Principle to the physical and may give the illusion to work backwards if something forgotten from the psychic or the spiritual responds to material events and gives the impression that these events have spiritual or other consequences.

There are usually a lot of things stored in our minds that can be revived by electrical impulses in the brain and can awaken images, some of which being able to give convincing impressions of reality.

Because basically that “mind” is nothing other than our “soul,” which animates our bodies so that we do not have to worry about our bloodstream, not too much our breathing and our digestion, nor details of most of our actions, such as walking or running (few people care to know which muscles to contract to go forward). The souls of animals are also capable of strange things as we can see at the circus, without the need of a spirit to control.

The problem begins when you start to use carelessly the automation faculties of your mind, which introduces us right into the field of Anthony…

At last!

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