Will « wise men » be guilty of illegal practice of medicine by prescribing mandatory vaccines?

Will « wise men » be guilty of illegal practice of medicine by prescribing mandatory vaccines?

Will « wise men » be guilty of illegal practice of medicine by prescribing mandatory vaccines?

We call them wise men! Who is “we”? And how wise are they? What do they know in medicine? And why are they going to deal with it now as mandatory vaccination undergo since 1853 on the other side of the Channel? The conscience clause in England dates back to 1897 and 1907, and it’s totally liberal in Great Britain since 1948! They are a bit apathetic, our wise! Do labs need money? Would we discover a vaccine against stupidity?

Constitutional freedom to attack mandatory vaccination.

Contrary to what vain people think, immunization by vaccines is far (very far) from being unanimous. Moreover it seems that France is the only with Italy to further impose vaccines.

If you want details, especially on the countless scientific scams, and other of our divine Louis Pasteur, read the fabulous book by Marc Menant “Medicine regimes: the terrifying deception” by Editions du Rocher! If there is one area where the manipulation has flooded the people it is that of health and the alleged prevention… It’s like Charlie! Is not known but everyone jumps on it! Especially since about vaccines, the manipulators pass for scientists while they are but hucksters.

It seems that one million Canadian dollars await the first that can prove that a vaccine has prevented, someone to catch the same disease. An offer that will not ruin its author: think three seconds: how to prove it?

And everyone pollutes his kids because assholes said they protect the assholes!

Just in my environment, I heard a surprising number of vaccine accidents, deaths and extremely serious encephalitis. I met a laboratory worker whose daughter had died following vaccination and who had received a bonus from his employer not to disclose the accident. The daughter of one of my colleagues lived in a padded and hung cage after a smallpox had made her crazy. In the family of my wife, tuberculosis vaccine caused it every time.

The statistics keep track of a catastrophic epidemic in Liverpool after the first mass vaccination. In my youth, after three cases of mild polio due to drinking water polluted by a manure pit, vaccination triggered 200 steel lungs, the first victims were the doctor who had reported the problem and his nurse. German statistics, fifty years ago indicated a death per 300 smallpox! One encephalomyelitis for every 300 others.

The “wise” should belch their verdict on March 20! We’ll see if their wisdom is compatible with the Hippocratic oath, since they must be medics, otherwise there are guilty of illegal practice of medicine. Namely the oath is: “First do no harm”.

A “principle” » that goes beyond mere precaution and should be applied to our political councilors at once…

Merry-go-round healing is to prescribe medicine without diagnosis. It is forbidden by law in France. So, to prescribe a vaccine to a child because he is 2 years old, means that having two years old is a disease. Unless it is the doctor who is sick! Or the “wise”?

How much damage did the compulsory vaccinations required by the assholes who think and believe themselves wise for a century? Review my page on “Freedom, the serial killer,” to see that “legislators” have plenty to be sentenced to life imprisonment, given the number of their victims and premeditation (not premedication…).

Once again these « brave » chitterlings have the impression of being logical, so you would do well to learn what logic is with my little book “Let’s be logical! … in God’s name”, if only to stop making you be manipulated and throw you on the issue in 1178 of Charlie at a snap of fingers or rush for a vaccine as soon as a shit makes you think they are on to something else than to finance the labs, which you will not see because of French social security!

And do not think that rationalism has anything to do with logic, it is its opposite… And this is not your teachers who could have told you. It is not because the irrational is dangerous than the rational hysteria is a blessing.

Finally, for many years, the League for Freedom of Vaccinations (www.infovaccin.fr) tries to warn the common people, without much success, and it is not me who will be able to do more than them… which does not preclude participation!

For some time the emphasis is on the trail of aluminum and other shit to make you believe that they are responsible for vaccine injuries. That’s perfectly idiotic. This is not trivial either, but the real responsible is the vaccine itself.

When the Salk polio was released in the US, the book from Professor Lépine where he announced that his research on all types of vaccines (live virus, killed, attenuated or extracts of virus) had proved that the disease was not immunizing was withdrawn from the sale. In parallel, the press echoed accidents with the Salk vaccine and Lépine promised the release of his vaccine safe and EFFECTIVE! The money from the Pasteur Institute does wonders.

But back to the logic! What do you think of the argument to back up the widespread use of vaccines: unvaccinated are hazards for the vaccinated! So how useful is vaccination if vaccinated are still in danger? Thus when shall we get the vaccine against the illogical (or bullshit, it’s the same), so that you stop to be lead by the end of the funk?

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