Values hard to swallow: Freedom is a Serial Killer and Tolerance is its accomplice!

Values hard to swallow: Freedom is a Serial Killer and Tolerance is its accomplice!

Values hard to swallow: Freedom is a Serial Killer and Tolerance is its accomplice!

In just a few days have we heard enough nonsense since January 7? One of the most common: « One cannot kill people for mere drawings! » Surprised, young girl? And for what we can therefore kill people? Is it so hard to imagine that a candidate killer who wants to kill knows that he has no right to do so and doesn’t care about moral or infantile excuses? Well finally we heard on radios, TVs, newspapers, in the streets, in bars, and perhaps also in offices and workshops, but I’m not very up-to-date about those as I am retired, fabulous stories about the Principles and Values of civilization, especially those of the republic? As the French schools are intending to teach them to the coming generations, starting next September. I would feel bad not to make my contribution to this important work, even if I feel I will not agree with the official version that will prevail…

It’s going to be a hit (up in smoke)!

How many millions of non-smokers died after the torture of a long and painful cancer, for having attended smokers?

And since when do we know that smoking tobacco kills non-smokers too?

Who, among legislators or politicians did not have the balls to ban this weapon and stop the massacre?

Under the pretext of not restricting Freedom?

At most, what legislators or politicians did was to think to post on packages « Smoking Kills! » What a scoop, smokers did not know it! And it did not prevent them from becoming intoxicated and killing their contemporaries in the process…

If they really wanted to make suicidal addicts responsible, legislators or politicians could have displayed « Smoking Kills Others… ».

Hare not they thought of it, or have other parameters intervened like unpopularity, given the number of murderers who ran the streets or, more sordid, did not legislators or politicians want to deprive the windfall taxes paid by these politically correct junkies? Because the initial reactions of legislators or politicians to “stop” the plague were to increase taxes on the poison, as if a smoker would not prefer to let go a piece of ham and keep his cigarette. In addition our legislators and politicians clearly do not have very clear ideas in psychology either…

Because a cancer of the sponges or of the hose is much more painful and takes longer than a bullet of AK-47, and even in the Middle Ages, no torture lasted for months. Which shows the progress made by our dear civilization, where everyone has now the right to be an executioner.

If legislators or politicians were not aware of the carnage done by smoking on non-smokers, maybe they should read the press! But if they were aware of it, it means that legislators or politicians are guilty of premeditated massacres against humanity!

In the name of Freedom!

Is it because they were vaguely aware of it that legislators or politicians have repealed the death penalty to avoid undergoing that themselves?

Should we think that if no one noticed, it is because tobacco is a stupidity-producing drug that it would be wrong to deprive peoples? Perhaps also legislators or politicians have benefited of it?

Can we also see a link to the popular enthusiasm for honoring the suicidal Charlie team (in France), who had, too, collateral glitches, and so it was essential not to make the connection with a government (World) holocaust that lasted for years and whose victims will not benefit from remembrance ceremonies such as those who have had the « luck » of having their ordeal offered by the Nazis? Which Nazis are soundly defeated in relation of the number of deaths!

If smokers want to kill themselves, it is up to them, but they only smoke because they have the Freedom of doing so, and they are not the ones who assigned that Freedom.

That is, if, before singing loudly the glory of freedom, one could just look at what we are talking about, because in the few centuries that we have been boasting Freedom, nobody seems to have considered the impact. Where is the « precautionary principle » that we still do not apply to fire the politicians who goof?

The promoter of the French national motto (Freedom, Equality, Fraternity) had explained to his co-conspirators (see my text on people who do not believe they can be manipulated) that the coolest goyim of his time would be too stupid to realize the scams in the meeting of the three words. Well it seems that the situation has not improved…

We cannot do much with legislators and politicians as they owe their job to our votes, but why wonder that we enjoys such a quality of government like ours, if it is elected by a lobotomized crowd?

Yet there are other interesting evidence of the genius of legislators and politicians.

Not so fast…

There is an area where legislators and politicians do not care about Freedom because they understood the danger of leaving people do anything… unless it’s because this time it is not the freedom which is tax related, but its limitations: I mean the traffic laws.

In the land of Freedom, one has only to walk in the street, to see how this Freedom is providential bullied: prohibitions are everywhere: no parking, speed limits, restricted lanes, stop signs, and some more…

Why did not we let people free to travel at any speed and how did we believed that a panel was enough to intimidate aspiring rally drivers?

Because this time, the dead were seen, not like the poor cancer patients in the background of their beds…

I think the cops or gendarmes who have field experience intervened to explain to legislators or politicians snoring in their pleroma, to teach them that for a speed to be respected, it should be that the instruments that measure it in vehicles have a convincing accuracy. This « detail » explains why, when one is verbalized, we are told of the « measured » speed and the « retained » speed, meanings that the difference between the two speeds is to be discovered when the Ticket is issued since nothing indicates the tolerance of which we benefit…

Legislators or politicians have therefore discovered (which does not mean understood!), that this universe has more subtle aspects than a mere signature at the bottom of a decree. This tolerance story they did not think of is an indication of the remaining number of their neurons (Sarkozy simply claims to have two left!…), while the subject is ubiquitous in the industry! But let us remember that legislators or politicians are only idlers, they will most often happen to hinder actual producers, which these are beginning to realize…

In mechanics for example, it has long been known that for a shaft to rotate in its bearings, although the nominal dimensions are the same for both elements, the shaft should be machined slightly thinner and offset of the bearing be slightly larger, but not anyhow. And we had for decades, international standards to define the dimensions of the adjustments according to their need, i.e. be rotating, sliding or fixed.

What guarantees any operation is the limitation of some tolerance which is a necessity linked to this imperfect world, or at least one in which we can measure elements only imperfectly. There is no reason to introduce tolerance all over the place (which would simply proclaim Freedom by removing the damn tolerance), as a value of civilization, since that is its limitation which is necessary and that means the knowledge of its TRUE value as well.

To say that we can drive as fast as we would, will be to talk about infinite tolerance, i.e. to remove the limitation of speed. But it is still necessary that the limit which is fixed goes along with a tolerance that has a practical sense. And the famous « zero tolerance » they have their mouthful of is another bullshit that would require to have a cop for every inch so that all offenses are ascertainable, because unfortunately after having passed a law, it is still necessary to give the ways to apply! Regarding the speed limit would also require the meters of cars to have a diabolical precision and some audible or visual trick to alert the driver, or to impose limiters. But legislators or politicians – are they not the God of the Secular Religion of which I have spoken?

I do not want to give more than that my views on these fundamental values of Freedom or Tolerance, and I am at the disposal of anyone who wants to show me my mistakes without beating me up or putting me in jail, such would be inappropriate in such a democratic country of which they are the core values.

In the meantime, I maintain that for nearly three centuries we have political systems whose bases are to produce fools and the proof of its success is given by successive governments of our legislators and our politicians, supposed to be the intellectual elite trained in their moron-making factories. The average individual of today is very far from the idea that I have of an intelligent man, that is to say, someone able to examine things in depth, and not one who has an IQ of 200 because he can do disheveled combinatorial elements of which he understands nothing.

And I want to thank the crafty guy met last Sunday that gave me the idea for this text, by advocating the liberalization of cannabis to avoid riots in the suburbs!

So, look calmly at the other « values » and « principles » of our democracies, avoiding to do it with teachers around, and decide BY YOURSELF, for once, what you think! This is your opportunity to discover that most of your opinions are based on your credulity, not tests, even botched. But do not be afraid to go far back into the past of our « culture », I propose even 25 centuries, and I wrote « Let’s be logical! … for God’s name! » To help you do just that.

As a starter, leave the « analyses » to Descartes and turn to the « examinations » that St. Paul stole from the Bible. According to Decartes, to analyze something you must disassemble it into elements deemed to be more « simple », so from the beginning of your « analysis », you screw what you analyze (in biology, lysis is the destruction of the cell membrane…).

An examination on the contrary is to « get out » the meaning of an observation, the prefix « ex- » referring to the completion of the action. « Ex-amination » is strongly connoted to accurate weighing which clearly implies no disassembly.

I had the opportunity to boost many grade repeaters students by having them examine common words like « one », « be »… and within fifteen minutes of this process my customers became uniformly the first in all subjects in the following quarter. So being aware of all the nonsense we swallowed is not a waste of time and it is a good way to show our manipulators their shenanigans don’t stand much…

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