Anthology of global world scam…

The following quotes are normally in the public domain and copyright free, in fact I knew them, but their list was retrieved on Ordo-ab-Chao.fr who compiled them, a site that I recommend if you are brave (very) and you do not feel too “Charlie”! Starting with someone at home (France), a very old one: Honoré… Read More

Are we all Charlie or Charlots?

Are we all Charlie or Charlots? I never bought Charlie Hebdo as reading it was driving me sorry, Wolinsky in particular. In other words, I left the silly Charb and his friends to the morons. Their childish way to make free provocations did not plugged me in, frankly… But we live in a great time.… Read More

The author

The pupil and the student without notes or ranking. My parents were actors and spent their time touring. I was raised by my grandmother who ran a private school. I felt frustrated because the other kids abandoned me to continue to “play” in their classrooms, so I asked grandmother to allow me to go “play”… Read More

How to Put Order in the Paradigm

Maybe you noticed that when scientists are disrupted by quantum phenomena they try to find dimensions beyond the three observable, while our Infinity gives us as many as we want, except that there is nothing geometric in them since, apart from the material (or “bodily”) universe, everything is by nature the “same spot”! Looking at… Read More


Good! So, where do we start? Since my blurb, I came across a quote from Descartes which seems to me entirely appropriate: “We must, once in our life, get rid of all the opinions that have been received and rebuild again, and from the foundation, the system knowledge.” If you are not careful, you might… Read More


All references to the Socratic midwifery (birth of the spirits) is appropriate… You have a paradigm: everyone has one! This is your “world view”. But which “world” are you speaking of? Take the short test below: Is your paradigm aware of the existence of two daily tides with only one moon to attract them? Does… Read More

A paradigm change, about Africa Centre

A paradigm change, about Africa Centre The base of the myopic paradigm of the NOW is that removing the independent nations will avoid wars! Watch Out! There is no question of removing the armed… In fact, in their wisdom, the promoters of the NWO know that we can have wars without nations (they have sufficiently… Read More